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The great Salvation. 1 SALVATION! O the joyful sound!

'Tis pleasure to our ears; .
A sov'reign balm for ev'ry wound,

A cordial for our fears.
2 Buried in sorrow and in sin,

At hell's dark door we lay;
But we arise by grace divine

To see a heav'nly day.
3 Salvation ! let the echo fly

The spacious earth around, While all the armies of the sky

Conspire to raise the sound..

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1 SALVATION! O the pow'r and love

That here triumphant reign, .
To raise the soul from death and hell

To life and GOD again!
2 Salvation! may it's sov'reign pow'r

Each stubborn soul subdue,
And tụne our tongues to loftier strains

Than ever mortals knew. 3 Salvation ! 0 Thou bleeding LAMB!

To Thee the praise belongs : Salvation shall inspire our hearts, .

And dwell upon our tongues.


i Blow ye the trumpet, blow

The gladly solemn sound !
Let all the nations know,

To earth's remotest bound,
The year of jubilee is come;

Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
2 Exalt the LAMB of God,
. The sin-atoning LAMB;
Redemption by His blood

Through all the lands proclaim : The year of jubilee is come;

Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 3 Ye slaves of sin and hell,

Your liberty receive ;
And safe in Jesus dwell,

And blest in Jesus live:?
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
4 The Gospel-trumpet hear,

The news of pard'ning grace :
Ye happy souls, draw near,
• Behold your SAVIOUR's face:
The year of jubilee is come;

Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home... 5 Jesus our great High Priest

Has full atonement made:
Ye weary:spirits, rest;

Ye mournful souls, be glad !
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.

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i Now.begin the heav'nly theme, Sing aloud the SAVIOUR's Name: Ye, who JESU's kindness prove, Triumph in-Redeeming Love.

2 Ye, who see the FATHER's grace

Beaming in IMMANUEL's face,
As to Canaan on ye move,
Praise and bless-Redeeming Love.

3 Mourning souls, dry up your tears,

Banish all your guilty fears ;
See your guilt and sin remove,
Cancell'd by-Redeeming Love..

4 Ye, alas ! who long have been

Willing slaves of death and sin,
Now from bliss no longer rove,

Stop and taste-Redeeming Love. 5 Welcome, all by sin opprest,

Welcome to His sacred rest;
Come, and all the sweetness prove
Of our Lord's— Redeeming Love,

6 Hither all your music bring,

Strike aloud the cheerful string;
Come, and join the hosts above,
Shouting loud-Redeeming Love.

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1 PLUNG'D in a gulf of dark despair

We wretched sinners lay,
Without one cheerful beam of hope,

Or spark of glimm'ring day.
2 With pitying eyes the Prince of Peace

Beheld our helpless grief ; He saw, and (O amazing love !)

He ran to our relief.

3 Down from the shining seats above

With joyful haste He fled, Entered the grave in mortal flesh,

And dwelt among the dead.

4 He spoild the pow'rs of darkness thus,

And brake our iron chains : JESUS has freed our captive souls

From everlasting pains.

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5 O for this love let rocks and hills

Their lasting silence break, And all harmonious human tongues , The SAVIOUR's praises speak!

6 Yes, we will praise Thee, dearest LORD;

Our souls are all on flame: Hosanna round the spacious earth

To Thine adored Name..... ...

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i THERE is a fountain fill'd with blood

Drawn from IMMANUEL's veins;
And sinners, plung'd beneath that flood,

Lose all their guilty stains.

2 Dear dying LAMB, Thy precious blood

Shall never lose it's pow'r,
Till all the ransom'd church of GOD

Be say'd to sin no more.

3 E’er since, by faith, I saw the stream

Thy flowing wounds supply, Redeeming love has been my theme,

And shall be till I die. ..

* Then in a nobler, sweeter song

I'll sing Thy pow'r to save, When this poor lisping stamm’ring tongue

Lies silent in the grave.

5 LORD, I believe Thou hast prepar'd

(Unworthy though I be) For me a blood-bought free reward,

A golden harp for me!

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6 'Tis strung, and tun'd, for endless years,

And form’d by pow'r divine,
To sound in God the FATHER'S ears

No other Name but Thine.

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