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Christ ihe Pearl of great Price.

1 YE glittring toys of earth, adieu; .

A nobler choice be mine:
A real prize attracts my view,

A treasure all divine.

2 Be gone, unworthy of my cares,

Ye specious baits of 'sense;-
Inestimable worth appears,

The Pearl of Price immense!...

3 JESUS, to multitudes unknown,

O Name divinely sweet!
JESUS, in Thee, in Thee alone,

Wealth, honour, pleasure, meet.

4. Should both the Indies, at my call,

Their boasted stores resign;
With joy I would renounce them all,

For leave to call Thee mine.

5 Should earth's vain treasures all depart;

Of this dear gift possess'd, !
I'd clasp it to my joyful heart,

And be for ever bless'd. .

6 Dear Sov’reign of my soul's desires,

Thy love is bliss divine;
Accept the wish that love inspires,

And bid me call Thee mine.

Christ our Physician.

i DEEP are the wounds which sin has made;

Where shall the sinner find a cure ? In vain, alas! is nature's aid;

The work exceeds all nature's pow'r.

2 Sin, like a raging fever, reigns

With fatal strength in ev'ry part;
The dire contagion fills the veins,

And spreads it's poison to the heart.

3 And can no sov'reign balm be found?

And is no kind physician nigh
To ease the pain, and heal the wound,

Ere life and hope for ever fly?

4 There is a great Physician near;

Look up, O faiņting soul, and live; See, in His heav'nly smiles appear

Such ease as nature cannot give!

5 See in the SAVIOUR's dying blood

Life, health, and bliss, abundant flow! "Tis only this dear sacred flood

Can ease thy pain, and heal thy woe. 6 Sin throws in vain it's pointed dart; - For here a sov'reign cure is found, A cordial for the fainting heart,

A balm for every painful wound.,

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1 HAIL, sov'reign Love, that first began

The scheme to rescue fall'n man;
Hail, matchless, free, eternal Grace,

That gave my soul a hiding-place.
2 Against the God who rules the sky,

I fought with hands uplifted high;
Despis'd the mention of His grace,
Too proud to seek a hiding-place.

3 'Ere long the Gospel voice I heard,
Where mercy dwells in ev'ry word:
The FATHER led me by His grace
To Jesus as my hiding-place.

4. Should storms of seven-fold thunder roll,

And shake the globe from pole to pole, No flaming bolt could daunt my face, For Jesus is my hiding-place.

5 On Him Almighty vengeance fell;

Thus must have sunk a world to hell:
He bare it for His chosen race,
And thus became their hiding-place.

6 A few more rolling suns at most,

Will land me on fair Canaan's coast, Where I shall sing the song of grace, .. And see my glorious hiding-place!

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i "I AM,” saith Christ our glorious Head,

(May we attention give,)
“The RESURRECTION of the dead,

The Life of all that live.

2 " By faith in Me, the soul receives

New life, though dead before ;
And he that in My Name believes

Shall live, to die no more,”

3 Fulfil Thy promise, gracious LORD,

On us assembled here ;
Put forth Thy SPIRIT, with the Word,

And cause the dead to hear.

4 Preserve the power of faith alive

In those who love Thy Name; For sin and Satan daily strive

To quench the sacred flame.

5 Thy power and mercy first prevail'd,

From death to set us free;
And, often since, our life had faild,

If not renew'd by Thee..

6 To Thee we look, to Thee we bow,

To Thee for help we call;, .
Our Life and RESURRECTION Thou,

Our Hope, our Joy, our All,

Hymn. Christ our Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and

1 BURIED in shadows of the night,

We lie till CHRIST restores the light;
Wisdom descends to heal the blind,

And chase the darkness of the mind. 2 Our guilty souls are drown'd in tears

Till His atoning blood appears;
Then we awake from deep distress,
And sing the LORD our righteousness.

3 Our very frame is mix'd with sin;

His Spirit makes our natures clean;
Such virtues from His sufferings flow,
At once to cleanse and pardon too.

4 JESUS beholds where Satan reigns,

Binding his slaves in heavy chains;
He sets the prisoners free, and breaks
The iron bondage from our necks.

5 Poor helpless worms in Thee possess
Grace, wisdom, power, and righteousness;
Thou art our mighty all, and we
Give our whole selves, O LORD, to Thee,

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