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Sin's Diseases lamented.

i O GOD! to whom in flesh reveal'd

The helpless all for succour came;
The sick to be reliev'd and heald,

And found salvation in Thy Name.

2 Thou seest me helpless and distress'd,

Feeble, and faint, and blind, and poor: Weary, I come to Thee for rest;

And, sick of sin, implore a cure.

3 My sin's incurable disease

Thou, JESUS, Thou alone canst heal: Inspire me with Thy pow'r and peace,

And pardon on my conscience seal. 4 A touch, a word, a look from Thee,

Can turn my heart, and make it clean ; Purge this foul inbred leprosy,

And save me from my bosom-sin.

5 LORD, if Thou wilt, I do believe,

Thou canst the saving grace impart; Thou canst this instant now forgive,

And stamp Thine image on my heart.

6 Be it according to Thy Word;

Accomplish now Thy work in me; And let my soul, to health restor'd,

Devote it's little all to Thee.

Sin's Diseases confessed.

I JESU, Thy far extended fame

My drooping soul exults to hear; Thy Name, Thy all-restoring Name, .

Is music in a sinner's ear.
2 Sinners of old Thou didst receive,

With comfortable words and kind;
Their sorrows cheer, their wants relieve,

Heal the diseas'd, and cure the blind.

3 And art Thou not the SAVIOUR still,

In ev'ry place and age the same?
Hast Thou forgot Thy gracious skill,

Or lost the virtue of Thy Name?
4 Faith in Thy changeless Name I have:

The good, the kind Physician, Thou
Art able now our souls to save,

Art willing to restore them now.

5 All my disease,' my ev'ry sir,

To Thee, O JESUS! I confess:
In pardon, LORD, my cure begin,

And perfect it in holiness.

6 That token of Thy utmost good,

Now, SAVIOUR, now on me bestow,
And purgę my conscience with Thy blood, :

And wash my nature white as 'snow,

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i HERE at Bethesda's pool, the poor,

The wither'd, halt, and blind,
With waiting hearts expect a cure,

And free admittance find.

2 Here streams of wondrous virtue flow,

To heal a sin-sick soul;
To wash the filthy white as snow,

And make the wounded whole.

3 The dumb break forth in songs of praise,

The blind their sight receive,
The cripple runs in wisdom's ways,

The dead revive and live!

4 Restrain'd to no, one ease, or time,

These waters always move;
Sinners in ev'ry age and clime

Their vital influence prove.

5 Yet numbers daily near them lie,

Who meet with no relief;
With life in view they pine and die

In hopeless unbelief.

6 Do Thou, dear SAVIOUR, interpose,

Their stubborn wills constrain; Or else to them the water flows, ! And grace is preach'd in vain.

A Multitude that do Evil.

1 DESTRUCTION'S dang'rous road

What multitudes pursue! While that which leads the soul to God, ..

Is known or sought by few. 2 Believers enter in

By CHRIST, the living gate;
But they who will not leave their sin,

Complain it is too strait. 3 If self must be denied,

And sin forsaken quite;
They rather choose the way that's wide,

And strive to think it right. 4 Encompass'd by a throng,

On numbers they depend;
So many surely can't be wrong,

And miss a happy end. 5 But numbers are no mark

That men will right be found :
A few were sav'd in Noah's ark,

For many millions drown'd.
6 . Obey the Gospel call,

And enter while you may;
The flock of CHRIST is always small,

And none are safe but they.
7 LORD!-open sinners' eyes,

Their awful state to see;
And make them, ere the storm arise,

To Thee for safety flee.


Sin the cause of Christ's Death.
1 AND now the scales have left mine eyes,

Now I begin to see;
Oh the curs'd deeds my sins have done!

What murderous things they be!
2 Were these the traitors, dearest LORD!

That Thy fair body tore?
Monsters, that stain'd those heav'nly limbs

With floods of purple gore!
3 Was it for crimes that I had done

My dearest LORD was slain,
Wben justice seiz'd God's only Son,

And put His soul to pain?
4 Forgive my guilt, O Prince of Peace,

I'll wound my God no more:
Hence from my heart, ye sins, be gone,

For Jesus I adore.
5 Furnish me, LORD, with heav'nly arms :

The work I'll now begin;
I'll now proclaim eternal war

With ev'ry darling sin. .

Sin's Diseases cured. Bethesda.

1 How long, Thou faithful God, shall I ..

Here in Thy ways forgotten lie?
When shall the means of healing be.
The channels of Thy grace to me?

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