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Psalm 1.

Character and end of the righteous and wicked-evil com.

pany-reading the Scriptures.

1 BLEST is the man resolv'd to stand

Aloof where impious men repair; Who shrinks to take the Atheist's hand,

And views with dread the scorner's chair 2 Far other joy his heart retains ;

Thy law's his mind's divinest store: What truths his day's perusal gains,

By night he sweetly ponders o'er 3 He, like the tree, where streamlet flows;

Beneath his timely fruit shall bend ;. Unfading foliage grace his boughs,

And blessings all his steps attend.. 4 But oh! the dread reverse of those

Thy law who'neither love nor fear! Dispers’d, like chaff the whirlwind blows,

In judgment where shall they appear?

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5 But-all His saints the SAVIOUR knows:

Their path to life eternal tends;
While the broad road the sinner goes

In fierce destruction always ends.
6 Write in our hearts Thy gracious Word;

With ev'ry fruit adorn us here;
And in heav'n's congregation, Lord !
May we with all Thy saints appear.

Psalm II. Vanity of opposition to Messiah's kingdom. 1 THE schemes and rage of men-how vain

Against the LORD's anointed King!
How rash, to say, 'We'll break His chain,

And all His cords we'll from us fling ! 2 When Heav'n's dread Majesty looks down,

He scorns to view their vain array ; JEHOVAH's look-tremendous frown

Sweeps all their powerless ranks away. 3 Hear My decree, ye sons of earth!

• I've set my King on Zion's hill; • This day He's mine, by royal birth,

. And all my counsels shall fulfil. 4 'He asks dominion at my hands,

Nor shall my Son, in vain, implore;
My CHRisT shall reign o'er ev'ry land,

His kingdom reach to ev'ry shore.' 5 With kings and princes of the earth,

May we our timely homage pay, Serve now.with fear and holy mirth,

Lest we be lost by dread delay.

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