Human physiology, statical and dynamical, or, The conditions and course of the life of man

Harper, 1858 - 649 Seiten
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Seite 417 - made during the experiment. I endeavored to recall the ideas ; they were feeble and indistinct. One recollection of terms, however, presented itself, and with the most intense belief and prophetic manner I exclaimed to Dr. Kinglake, ' Nothing exists but thoughts ; the universe is composed of impressions, ideas, pleasures, and pains.'
Seite 411 - of never-ending stories, that to my feelings were as sad and solemn as if they were stories drawn from times before CEdipus or Priam, before Tyre, before Memphis ; and, at the same time, a corresponding change took place in my dreams ; a theatre seemed suddenly opened
Seite 111 - grammes of solid residue, which corresponds to 1980 grammes of blood; consequently, the body contained 7520 grammes of blood (5540 escaping in the act of decapitation, and 1980 remaining in the body) ; hence the weight of the whole blood was to that of the body nearly in the ratio of one to eight. The
Seite 417 - sublime, and for a moment I walked round the room perfectly regardless of what was said to me. As I recovered my former state of mind, I felt an inclination to communicate the discoveries I
Seite 370 - forehead a sense of pressure, which continued increasing during some minutes. I did not, however, experience any pain in the ears, but my companion suffered so much that we were obliged to stop our descent for a short time. To remedy that inconvenience, the workmen instructed us, after having closed our nostrils and mouth, to
Seite 423 - form from them the idea of a square and a disk until he perceived a sensation of what he saw in the points of his fingers as if he really touched the objects. When he took the sphere, cube, and pyramid into his hand, he was astonished that he had not recognized them as such by sight, being well acquainted with them by touch.

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