Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Band 7

Phenological report contained in vols. 3-71, issued as a supplement to vols. 73-74, missing from vols. 56-58, 60-62.

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Seite 203 - From a discussion of the foregoing experiments, it seems to me that the following conclusions may be drawn : — 1. That, at least for high winds, the method of obtaining the factor for an anemometer, which consists in whirling the instrument in the open air is capable, with proper precautions, of yielding very good results. 2. That the factor varies materially with the pattern of the anemometer. Among those tried, the anemometers with the larger cups registered the most wind, or in other words...
Seite 203 - Annual Report and Transactions of the Plymouth Institution and Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society (Plymouth).
Seite 72 - Newton, by the unassisted workings of his solitary mind, may discover the secrets of the weavers, and form a new system of astronomy. A Davy in his lonely meditations on the crags of Cornwall, or in his solitary laboratory, might discover the most sublime mysteries of nature, and trace out the most intricate combinations of her elements. But the meteorologist is impotent if alone; his observations are useless ; for they are made upon a point, while the speculations to be derived from them must be...
Seite 156 - It was proposed by Mr. EATON, seconded by the Rev. TA PRESTON, and resolved : — " That the thanks of the Society be given to the Officers and other Members of the Council for their services during the year.
Seite 252 - Wight, as deduced from forty years' consecutive Meteorological Observations. By JL WHITEHEAD, MD Royal 8vo, 5s. The Riviera: Sketches of the Health-Resorts of the North Mediterranean Coast of France and Italy, from Hyeres to Spezia ; with Chapters on the General Meteorology of the District, its Medical Aspect and Value, &c.
Seite 65 - Pickering, FRS, who read before the Royal Society a paper entitled " Scheme of a Diary of the Weather, together with Drafts and Descriptions of Machines subservient thereunto.
Seite 126 - Franklin's Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the years 1819-22.
Seite 155 - It was proposed by Mr. STOEES, seconded by Mr. EDMONDS, and resolved : — " That the thanks of the Society be given to the Standing Committees, and to the Auditors, and that the Committees be requested to continue their duties till the next Council Meeting.
Seite 72 - ... over the globe, so that it may be able to know, at any given instant, the state of the atmosphere at every point on its surface. Let it not be supposed that this is a chimerical imagination, — the vain dream of a few philosophical enthusiasts. It is co-operation which we now come forward to request, in full confidence, that if our efforts are met with a zeal worthy of the cause, our associates will be astonished, individually, by the result of their labours in a body. Let none be discouraged...
Seite 201 - YEAR 1881, as observed at more than 2,000 stations in Great Britain and Ireland, with articles upon various branches of Rainfall Work. Compiled by GJ SYMONS, FRS 256 pp.

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