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As this book is designed for a kind of introduction to fabulous history, the notes give a more full account of the subjects connected with the matter immediately under consideration, than might otherwise seem expedient. And this is the more necessary from the circumstance, that boys are not usually intrusted with a Classical Dictionary at so early an age as this book will probably be given to them. For this reason very little reference has been made to Lempriere.

The Questions are designed to direct the student's attention to the subjects of the notes, as well as to those of the text; for a knowledge of the characters here introduced will greatly facilitate a proper understanding of all subsequent studies in Latin and Greek. The text is Burmann's. The selection from the Metamorphoses is the same with that published in England by Mr. Bradley, with some slight expurgation. The remaining portion was selected and expurgated for the occasion.

In preparing thtë ndtes, the editions of Burmann, Schrevelius, Minellius, Banier,:ard :the Delphin edition, have been consulted ; and the notes of Mr. Bradley have been used, whereveř they conformed to the plan of this work.

B. A. GOULD. Boston, April, 1827.

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Proæmium et Mundi Creatio
Quatuor Mundi Ætates
Lycāon in Lupum mutatus
Deucalion et Pyrrha
Daphne in Laurum mutata
Iö et Argus

Phaëthontis Mors
Heliades in Arbores mutatæ
Invidiæ Domus

Homines e Dentibus Serpentinis orti
Actæon in Cervum mutatus
Nautæ in Delphinos mutati

Pyrami et Thisbes Mors
Ino et Melicerta in Deos mutati
Cadmus et Hermione in Serpentes mutati
Atlas in Montem mutatus
Perseos et Andromeda Nuptiæ

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PAĠ. Phineus et Socii in Saxa mutati

58 Proserpina a Plutone rapta

64 LIBER VI. Niobe in Statuam mutata

71 Tereus, Procne, Philomela in Aves mutati

76 LIBER VII. Jason et Medea

78 Formicæ in Homines mutatæ

82 LIBER VIII. Icari Mors

86 Philemon et Baucis

89 LIBER IX. Herculis Mors

92 LIBER X. Orpheus et Eurydice

96 Hyacinthus in Florem mutatus

99 LIBER:XI: Midas

101 Ceyx et Halcyone in Aves mutati:

104 LTBER XIJ. Famæ Domus

113 LIBER XIII. Certamen inter Ajacem et Ulyssem de Achillis Armis 115 Hecuba in Canem mutata

127 Memnonis Cineres in Aves mutati

133 LIBER XIV. Æneas et Reges Albani

135 LIBER XV. Pythagoræ Sermo

141 is Cæsar in Cometen mutatus

148 itio


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