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Whom does the poet invoke ?
Who was Rhea Silvia ?
Who was Amulius, and what had

he done? Who were Romŭlus and Remus ? What did Amulius do with Rhea

and her infant children ? How were Romulus and Remus

preserved ? From whom did the Tiber derive

its name? What were the Palilia ? Over what did Pales preside?

What did Rhea Silvia dream ?
Who was Numitor ?
How was Numitor reinstated in

his kingdom ? In what way did Romŭlus and Re

mus determine which should give a name to their city ? Who was Celer, and what orders

did he receive from Romŭlus ? Who slew Remus, and why? How was Romŭlus affected by

the death of his brother?



Of what injustice from its owner

does the walnut tree plain ? What marks does the walnut tree Olympic games crowned, and

OF what does the walnut tree

complain ? Why does the walnut tree com

pare itself to Clytemnestra ? What connexion has the fate of

Polydorus with that of the wal.

nut tree? What is the story of Amphiarāüs

and Eriphyle? Who were the Hesperides, and what.treasure did they possess ?

leave on those who commit depredations upon it? What compliment is paid to Cæ


How is the tree compared to a



WHERE was Ovid born, and how

long before the Christian era ? Where is Sulmo ? Of what rank was Ovid's fami:

ly? What were the Quinquatria, and

in what manner was that festi

val kept? When did this festival como

mence ? What was the clavus, and by

whom worn ?

with what? Was Ovid married more than

once ? Did his wife go with him into

exile ? To what place was Ovid banish

ed ? What does Óvid predict of hím

To wbat rank in office did Ovid

rise ? Who was Macer, and of what

did he write ? Who were Ponticus and Bas

sus? When did Tibullus die ? What was the cause of Ovid's

banishment ? Where were the victors at the



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