Information Relative to New Zealand: Compiled for the Use of Colonists

John W. Parker, 1840 - 168 Seiten

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Seite 118 - Above all, you will be especially careful that all the owners of any tract of land which you may purchase shall be approving parties to the bargain, and that each of them receives his due share of the purchase money.
Seite 168 - All dealings with the aborigines for their lands must be conducted on the same principles of sincerity, justice, and good faith, as must govern your transactions with them for the recognition of her Majesty's sovereignty in the islands. Nor is this all : they must not be permitted to enter into any contracts in which they might be the ignorant and unintentional authors of injuries to themselves...
Seite 159 - ... arrival of the emigrants in the colony, they will be received by an officer who will supply their immediate wants, assist them in reaching the place of their destination, be ready to advise with them in case of difficulty, and at all times give them employment at reduced wages on the government works, if from any cause they should be unable to obtain it elsewhere.
Seite 81 - All this is very surprising, when it is considered that five years ago nothing but the fern flourished here. Moreover, native workmanship, taught by the missionaries, has effected this change ; — the lesson of the missionary is the enchanter's wand.
Seite 65 - Zealand, at least the part of it I visited, are of a very superior order, both in point of personal appearance and intellectual endowments. The men are usually from five feet eight inches to six feet in height; well proportioned, and exhibit evident marks of great strength. The colour of the natives, taken as a mean, resembles that of an European gipsy; but there is considerable difference in the shades, varying between a dark chesnut and the light agreeable tinge of an English brunette.
Seite 141 - There is to be found the bone of our bone, and the flesh of our flesh. There are to be found the true descendants of the Anglo-Saxon race ; there the people, who, already imbued with our tastes, our habits, our artificial wants, must be chained for centuries to agricultural or pastoral employments, and can only obtain from the mother-country the immense amount of manufactured produce which their growing wealth and numbers must require.
Seite 52 - It is so restless in its disposition, as to seem incapable of remaining in one situation, or unemployed, for a single moment. There is not a note of any bird of the woods but what it exactly imitates ; and, when confined in a cage, it learns with great ease and correctness to speak long sentences. It imitates dogs, cats, turkeys, geese, and, in fact, every sound which is repeated a few times in its hearing. Its size is that of the thrush; and its plumage, a beautiful glossy black, with a few very...
Seite 166 - ... system, with some degree of responsibility, subject to some conditions and recorded for general information. But in the case of purchases from the natives, even these securities against abuse must be omitted; and none could be substituted for them. You will, therefore, immediately on your arrival, announce, by a proclamation addressed to all the Queen's subjects in New Zealand, that Her Majesty will not acknowledge as valid any title to land which either has been, or shall hereafter be acquired,...
Seite 52 - Sound), and in the morning we were awakened by the singing of the birds ; the number was incredible, and they seemed to strain their throats in emulation of each other. This wild melody was infinitely superior to any that we had ever heard of the same kind; it seemed to be like small bells most exquisitely tuned; and perhaps the distance, and the water between, might be no small advantage to the sound.
Seite 128 - Ib., p. 128. But this is a mere trifle in the dealings of this active agent. He goes into Cook's Strait ; gets on board his ship, which is immediately crowded with a whole concourse of chiefs and their rabble followers ; his decks thronged with natives, male and female.

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