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Paul earnestly entreateth PHILEMON. the forgiveness of Onesimus. as Paul the aged, and now also 18 If he hath wronged thee, a prisoner of Jesus Christ. or oweth thee aught, put that on

10 I beseech thee for my son mine account ; Onesimus, whom I have begotten 19 I Paul have written it with in my bonds :

mine own hånd, I will repay it : 11 Which in time past was to albeit I do not say to thee how thee unprofitable, but now pro- thou owest unto me even thine

12 Whom I have sent again : 20 Yea, brother, let me have thou therefore receive him, that joy of thee in the Lord : refresh is, mine own bowels :

my bowels in the Lord. 13 Whom I would have re- 21 Having confidence in thy tained with me, that in thy stead obedience I wrote unto thee, he might have ministered unto knowing that thou wilt also do me in the bonds of the gospel : more than I say.

14 But without thy mind 22 But withal prepare me would I do nothing; that thy also a lodging: for I trust that benefit should not be as it were through your prayers I shall be of necessity, but willingly. given unto you.

15 For perhaps he therefore 23 There salute thee Epadeparted for a season, that thou phras, my fellow-prisoner in shouldest receive him for ever; Christ Jesus;

16 Not now as a servant, but 24 Marcus, Aristarchus, Deabove a servant, a brother be- mas, Lucas, my fellow-labourers. loved, especially to me, but how 25 The grace of our Lord much more unto thee, both in Jesus Christ be with your spirit. the flesh, and in the Lord ? Amen.

17 If thou count me therefore 1 Written from Rome to Phia partner, receive him as my- lemon, by Onesimus a ser



I The Epistle of PAUL, the Apostle, to the HEBREWS.


he hath appointed heir of all Christ far above angels. things, by whom also he made NYOD, who at sundry times the worlds ;

J and in divers manners 3 Who being the brightness spake in time past unto the of his glory, and the express fathers by the prophets, image of his person, and up

2 Hath in these last days holding all things by the word spoken unto us by his Son, whomlof his power, when he had by

Christ far above all angels. HEBREWS, The necessity of Christ's himself purged our sins, sat said he at any time, Sit on my down on the right hand of the right hand, until I make thine Majesty on high;

enemies thy footstool ? 4 Being made so much better 14 Are they not all ministerthan the angels, as he hath by ing spirits, sent forth to minister inheritance obtained a more for them who shall be heirs of excellent name than they salvation ? 5 For unto which of the an

CHAP. II. gels said he at any time, Thou Obedience due to Christ. art my Son, this day have I be- THEREFORE we ought to gotten thee? And again, I will I give the more earnest heed be to him a Father, and he shall to the things which we have be to me a Son ?

heard, lest at any time we should 6 And again, when he bring- let them slip. eth in the first-begotten into the 2 For if the word spoken by world, he saith, And let all the angels was steadfast, and every angels of God worship him. transgression and disobedience

9 And of the angels he saith, received a just recompense of Who maketh bis angels spirits, reward; and his ministers a flame of fire. 3 How shall we escape, if

8 But unto the Son, he saith, we neglect so great salvation; Thy throne, O God, is for ever which at the first began to be and ever: a sceptre of right-spoken by the Lord, and was eousness is the sceptre of thy confirmed unto us by them that kingdom;

heard him ; 9 Thou hast loved righteous- 4 God also bearing them wit. ness, and hated iniquity; there-ness, both with signs and wonfore God, even thy God, hath ders, and with divers miracles, anointed thee with the oil of and gifts of the Holy Ghost, gladness above thy fellows. according to his own will ?

10 And, Thou, Lord, in the 5 For unto the angels hath he beginning hast laid the founda- not put in subjection the world tion of the earth; and the hea- to come whereof we speak. vens are the works of thy hands. 6 But one in a certain place

11 They shall perish; but testified, saying, What is man, thou remainest : and they all that thou art mindful of him? shall wax old as doth a gar- or the son of man, that thou ment;

visitest him? 12 And as a vesture shalt thou 7 Thou madest him a little fold them up, and they shall be lower than the angels ; thou changed: but thou art the same, crownedst him with glory and and thy years shall not fail honour, and didst set him over 13 But to which of the angels the works of thy hands;

Decame him, forhath suffered, bein be himself lings, in bringihy are tempted. Succour them the

cssuming human nature. CHAP. III. Christ worthier than Moses.

8 Thou hast put all things in 16 For verily he took not on subjection under his feet. For him the nature of angels; but he in that he put all in subjection took on him the seed of Abraunder him, he left nothing that ham. is not put under him. But now 17 Wherefore in all things it we see not yet all things put behooved him to be made like under him:

unto his brethren; that he might 9 But we see Jesus, who was be a merciful and faithful High made a little lower than the Priest in things pertaining to God, angels for the suffering of death, to make reconciliation for the crowned with glory and honour; sins of the people. that he by the grace of God 18 For in that he himself should taste death for every man. hath suffered, being tempted,

10 For it became him, for he is able to succour them that whom are all things, and by are tempted. whom are all things, in bringing

CHAP. III. many sons unto glory, to make Christ is more worthy than Moses. the Captain of their salvation THEREFORE, holy brethperfect through sufferings. . In ren, partakers of the

11 For both he that sanctifi-heavenly calling, consider the eth, and they who are sanctified, Apostle and High Priest of our are all of one: for which cause profession, Christ Jesus ; he is not ashamed to call them 2 Who was faithful to him brethren,

that appointed him, as also 12 Saying, I will declare thy Moses was faithful in all his name unto my brethren, in the house. midst of the church will I sing 3 For this man was counted praise unto thee.

worthy of more glory than Mo13 And again, I will put my ses, inasmuch as he who hath trust in him. And again, Be- builded the house, hath more hold, I, and the children which honour than the house. God hath given me.

4 For every house is builded 14 Forasmuch then as the by some man; but he that built children are partakers of flesh all things is God. . and blood, he also himself like-l 5 And Moses verily was faithwise took part of the same ; ful in all his house, as a servant, that through death he might for a testimony of those things destroy him that had the power which were to be spoken after: of death, that is, the devil; 6 But Christ as a Son over

15 And deliver them, who, his own house : whose house are through fear of death, were all we, if we hold fast the confitheir life-time subject to bond-dence, and the rejoicing of the age.

Jhope firm unto the end.

cethren, in the hou For this man was than Mo

Danger of unbelief.


The Christian's rest. 7. Wherefore, as the Holy that they should not enter into Ghost saith, To-day if ye will his rest, but to them that behear his voice,

lieve not? 8 Harden not your hearts, as 19 So we see that they could in the provocation, in the day not enter in because of unbelief. of temptation in the wilderness:

CHAP. IV. 9 When your fathers tempted Rest attained by faith. me, proved me, and saw my T ET us therefore fear, lest works forty years.

L a promise being left us 10 Wherefore I was grieved of entering into his rest, any with that generation, and said, of you should seem to come They do always err in their short of it. heart; and they have not known 2 For unto us was the gospel my ways.

preached, as well as unto them: 11 So I sware in my wrath, but the word preached did not They shall not enter into my profit them, not being mixed rest.

Twith faith in them that heard it. 12 Take heed, brethren, lest 3 For we which have believed there be in any of you an evil do enter into rest, as he said, heart of unbelief, in departing As I have sworn in my wrath, from the living God.

if they shall enter into my rest : 13 But exhort one another although the works were finishdaily, while it is called To-day; ed from the foundation of the lest any of you. be hardened world. through the deceitfulness of sin. 4 For he spake in a certain

14 For we are made partakers place of the seventh day on this of Christ, if we hold the begin- wise, And God did rest the sening of our confidence steadfast venth day from all his works unto the end ;

5 And in this place again, If 15 While it is said, To-day they shall enter into my rest. if ye will hear his voice, harden 6 Seeing therefore it remainnot your hearts, as in the pro-eth that some must enter therein, vocation.

and they to whom it was first 16 For some, when they had preached entered not in because heard, did provoke: howbeit, not of unbelief: all that came out of Egypt by 7 (Again, he limiteth a certain Moses.

day, saying in David, To-day, 17 But with whom was he after so long a time; as it is grieved forty years ? was it not said, To-day, if ye will hear his with them that had sinned, voice, harden not your hearts. whose carcasses fell in the wil 8 For if Jesus had given them derness ?

rest, then would he not afterward 18 And to whom sware he have spoken of another day.

same exampleje 3 And by hea people, so als

i Power of God's word.

CHAP. V. The priesthood of Christ. Det 9 There remaineth therefore ed for men in things pertaining ū a rest to the people of God. to God, that he may offer

10 For he that is entered into both gifts and sacrifices for his rest, he also hath ceased from sins : [ his own works, as God did from 2 Who can have compassion his.)

on the ignorant, and on them 11 Let us labour therefore to that are out of the way; for enter into that rest, lest any that he himself also is compassman fall after the same example ed with infirmity. of unbelief.

12 For the word of God is ought, as for the people, so also quick, and powerful, and sharp- for himself, to offer for sins. er than any two-edged sword, 4 And no man taketh this piercing even to the dividing honour unto himself, but he asunder of soul and spirit, and that is called of God, as was of the joints and marrow, and is Aaron: a discerner of the thoughts and 5 So also Christ glorified not intents of the heart.

himself to be made a high priest; 13 Neither is there any crea- but he that said unto him, Thou ture that is not manifest in his art my Son, to-day have I besight: but all things are naked gotten thee. and opened unto the eyes of him 6 As he saith also in another with whom we have to do. place, Thou art a priest for ever

14 Seeing then that we have after the order of Melchisedec. a great High Priest, that is pass- 7 Who in the days of his ed into the heavens, Jesus the flesh, when he had offered up Son of God, let us hold fast our prayers and supplications with profession.

strong crying and tears unto 15 For we have not a high him that was able to save him priest which cannot be touched from death, and was heard in with the feeling of our infirmi- that he feared; ties: but was in all points tempt- 8 Though he were a Son, ed like as we are, yet without yet learned he obedience by the sin.

things which he suffered; 16 Let us therefore come 9 And being made perfect, boldly unto the throne of grace, he became the author of eternal that we may obtain mercy, and salvation unto all them that obey find grace to help in time of him ; need.

10 Called of God a high CHAP. V.

priest after the order of Mel-
Of Christ's priesthood. chisedec.
NOR every high priest taken 11 Of whom we have many
T from among men, is ordain-things to say, and hard to be

en eat He then th to do.

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