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merston, and Lord John Russell, who are answered by Mr. Emerson

Teanent, Lord Stanley, and Sir R. Peel-The Motion is rejected by 242

to 157–Thanks voted by both Houses to the Army and Fleet for their

Services in China-Thanks to Lord Ellenborough and the Officers and

Men engaged in the operations in Affghanistan-Moved in the House of

Lords by the Duke of Wellington-Interesting Account of the Military

Proceedings contained in the Duke's Speech-Lord Auckland seconds

the Motion-Speeches of the Marquess of Lansdowne, Lord Fitzgerald,

Marquess of Clanricarde, Lord Brougham, and other Peers—The Motion

is carried nem. con.—A similar Vote is proposed in the House of Com-

mons by Sir R. Peel in a long Speech descriptive of the various opera-

tions in Affghanistan-Lord John Russell gives a qualified support to the

Motion-Mr. Hutt complains of the excesses committed by the British

Troops—Sir H. Hardinge vindicates the Army from the Imputations-

Mr: Hume moves an Amendment which is afterwards withdrawn, and

Sir R. Peel's Resolutions are agreed to without a division-Mr. Roebuck

on the 2nd March moves for a Select Committee to enquire into the

Causes of the Affghan War-Mr. Hume seconds the Motion-Lord

John Russell defends the late Ministry and opposes the Motion-Mr.

D’Israeli and Mr. B. Escott support it—Sir R. Peel, without approving

of the policy of the War, opposes the Motion for a Committee, on the

grounds of public policy-Speeches of Lord Palmerston, Sir R. Inglis,

and other Members-~After a Reply by Mr. Roebuck, the Motion is

rejected by 189 to 75


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