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Criminal law, ils impolitic severity, II. Darwin, Erasmus, account of his in-

terview with Franklin, VI. 410.
CROGHAN, Colonel, his agency in re. Davenport, Sarah, notice of her

gard to Walpole's Grant, VII. 355. death, VII.4.
Crown Officers, their independence of Davy, Sir Humphrey, his remarks on
the people a violation of the colonial Franklin's philosophical writings, I.
charters, VII. 52.).

CUMBERLAND, Duke of, Governor Pow. Dead Bodies, of infection retained in,
pallis memorial to, respecting barrier after sepulture, VI. 433.
colonies, III. 69.

Deane, Silas, is appointed agent of
Currency, on the importance of estab- the United States in France, and after-

lishing a, in America, VII. 321. Pro- wards a commissioner, VIII. 190.
clamation of Queen Anne for pro- Commended by Franklin, 255. ls in-
ducing uniformity in the, VIII. 115. structed to communicate with Dr.
See Puper Money.

Bancroft, 266. Proceedings of Con-
CUSHING, Thomas, his letters to Frank- gress in reference to, 283. Allusion
lin and Dr. Cooper quoted, IV. 419. to the charge affecting his integrity,
Speaker of the Assembly of Massa- 399. His dissatisfaction and cbjec-
chusetts, VIII. 492.

tionable conduct, IX. 177.
Customs, objectionable method of col- Death, observations on, VII. 113.
lecting, in America, VII. 521.

DE BERDT, is recognised as agent of

Massachusetts, IV. 504.

DEPORRE, Major, VIII. 391.

Debt, catechism relative to the British
Daggestans, their principle in regard to National, V. 120.
hospitality, IV. 66.

Declamation, importance of studying
Dalibard, translates Franklin's Ex-

the art of public, VII. 55.
periments and Observations on Elec- Dedications, uselessness of, IX. 232.
tricity into French, V. 175. Repeats Delaware Counties, Secretary Logan's
some experiments with success, 176. letter on the proprietary right to the
His account of an electrical experi- government of the three, N11. 573.
ment at Marly, 283.

Delaware Indians, anxiety of the Gov.
D'ALLONE, his charities, VII. 202. ernor of Pennsylvania to involve the
DALRYMPLE, Sir John, his discovery province in war with the, III. 471.
of classical writings in the Escurial Delaware River, respecting fortifications
library, VIII. 470. His memorial on the, VII. 28. Lottery for the pur-
mentioned, 472; and given at length, pose of erecting them, 32.

Delfino, Chevalier, communicates to
DALRYMPLE, his plan prepared in con- Franklin his election as a member of

cerl with Franklin, for benefiting dis- the Academy of Arts and Sciences in
tant, unprovided countries, II. 377. Padua, IX. 197.
Dampies, extract from the Voyages of, De Lor, repeats the electrical experi-
on the subject of water-spouts, VI. ments of Franklin, V. 176.
183. And on the customs of the peo- Denmark, use of stoves in, VI. 53.
ple of Mindanoo, 3:13.

Seizure of American prizes in Nor.
DANA, FRANCIS. his conference with way, by officers of, VIII. 407, 425,
Count de Vergennes relative to his 4333. Explanation of it, 462. Her
mission to St. Petersburgh, IX. 17. capture of American vessels referred
DARI MOUTH, Lord, his liberal disposi- to, IX. 171. Courtesy of the King
tion towards the colonists, IV. 432. to Franklin, 286. Of a treaty of com-
Franklin's proposed memorial to, V. merce between the United States and,
79. Succeeds Lord Hillsborough; his 457, 510. Her seizure of American
disposition toward the colonies, VIII. vessels, 511. Of a treaty with, 529,
11, 18, 19. Petition to the King pre- 537. Progress of the treaty, X. 29.
sented to, 22. Franklin's conversa- DENNY, William, Governor of Penn-
tion with, respecting it, 25. Another sylvania, his conversations with Frank
conversation with, on American affairs, lin, 1. 214. Is well received, III. 506.
28. General change of feeling in re. Continues the system of his predeces.
gard to, 36. His desire to heal the sor, 507. Declares his inability to
difficulties, 38. Details of a conver- recede from the proprietary instruc-
sation between Franklin and, 43. Pre. tions, 517. Asks a conference with
sents the petition to the King, 47. the Assembly relative to a bill for sup-
Petition for the removal of Hutchinson plies, 518. His objections, 519. Re.
and Oliver presented by, 100.

jects the bill, 524. Induces the As.
sembly to pass a bill, waving their Dolls, playful remark on, VIII. 374.
objections to the proprietary instruc- Domien, account of, V. 348.
tions, 527. Remarks on his adminis. Dove, his success in conducting the.
tration, IV. 102. His misunderstand- English School in Philadelphia, II.
ing with the Proprietors, VII. 171. 143.
DESAGULIERS, his experiment, proving Dreams, art of procuring pleasint,
that no pernicious vapors arise from II. 172
hot iron, VI. 57.

Drinking, remarks on, addressed to
DE SAUSSURE, on the attraction of Abbé Morellet, II. 222. The same
mountains, VI. 371; X. 274.

translated, 225.
DEUX-Ponts, Prince de, applies to DUBOURG, Barbev, bis Translation of
Franklin relative to commercial rela- Franklin's writings on electricity,
tions between Bavaria and the United noticed, V. 180. His parallel be.
States, IX. 526.

tween the theories of Nollet and
Dialogue between Franklin and the Franklin, 514 His translation no.
Gout, II. 194. Between X. Y. and Z., ticed, VI. 408. His edition of Frank.
concerning the present state of affairs lin's writings mentioned. VIII. 117.
in Pennsylvania, object with which it Duelling, remarks on, X. 107.
was written, III. 84. Between France, Du Faye, his vitreous and resinous
Spain, Holland, Saxony, and America, electricity identical with the positive
V. 116.

and negative states, observed by
Diamond Necklace, affair of the, X. 231. Franklin, V. 177.
Lary, Franklin's, extracts from, 1.579. DUMAS, CHARLES W. F, account of,
Dickinson, John, Preface to the Speech VIII. 162. Franklin's opinion of
of Joseph Galloway in reply to, IV. some of his writings, 163. Instructed
101. His “ Farmer's Letters" quoted, to ascertain whether the European
251. Extract from one of his speeches courts are disposed to aid the colo.
in reference to Franklin, VII. 208. nies, 164. Irritation of Sir George
Dictionary, Spanish and Arabic, pub- Grand with, 448. His difficulties
lished by the Royal Academy of His- with the Spanish ambassador, 452.
tory of Madrid, X. 309. Need of a Respecting his appointment and ser.
commercial, 352.

vices, 498.
Digby, Admiral, communicates to Dungannon Resolutions mentioned, X.

Washington the opening of negotia- 20.
tions for peace, IX. 380.

Dunkers, their religious opinions, I.
Digges, T., his interview with Mr. 155.
Adams, on the subject of negotiations DUNLAP, William, mentioned, VII.
for peace, IX. 186. Nature of his 169.
inission, 191. His embezzlement of DUNNING, Joun, appears as counsel for
money designed to relieve American Massachusetts before the Privy Coun.
prisoners, IX. 15, 341.

cil, VIII. 110.
Discoveries, importance and extent of Dupont, his Table Economique men-
modern, II. 73.

tioned, VIII. 405.
Discases, effect of cold air in, VI. 386. DURAND, alluded to, VII. 357.
Disputation, advantage of modesty in, Durival, explains the advance of a
VI. 325.

million of livres by France in 1777,
Dissenters, respecting the charge of per- X. 269.
secution brought against the Ameri. Dutch Church, at New York, effect of
can, II. 113. Benefits likely to result lightning on the, V. 277.
to the, from a change of the proprie. Duties on Exports, impolicy of, IX. 38.
tary government of Pennsylvania to Duties on Imports, Abbé Morellet ob-
a royal one, IV. 83. Their rights in jects to, X. 315. Why levied in the
Massachusetts and New Hampshire, United States, 346.
Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity,

Pleasure and Pain, Franklin's, alluded
to, I. 57; VIII. 405.

Eagle, Bald, a bad representative of
Dirine Goodness, on confidence in the, the United States, X. 63.
VII. 261. Acknowledgment of the Earth, the, when dry, a non-conductor

of the electric fluid, V. 208. Strikes
Divining rod, Chief Justice Oliver's into the clouds in thunder-storms.
account of its properties, quoted, II. And not the clouds into the, 305.

Will dissolve or mix with air, Ví. 123.
Dodo, William, VIII. 199.

On the advantages of the different

33, 31.

strata of the, 212. Cooling of its sur- Mode of firing gunpowder by, 225
face by evaporation, 216. Suggestion Opinions and conjectures concerning
of Franklin as to its conformation, 443. the properties of the electrical matter,
Its magnetic character, 445. Que- 227. Pernicious effects of the elec-
ries on the theory of the, 575.

trical fluid, 228. Suggestions respect-
Earthquakes, opinion of the learned ing the electrical atmosphere, 230.
as to the cause of, VI. 1. That the Sunilarity of its effects and those of
cause of, is the same with that of lightning, 237. Its power in fusing
thunder and lightning, 3. Dr. Wood- melals, 238. Accident occurring dur.
ward's theory of, 4. Mode of making ing an experiment in, 25. Unlimit-
artificial, 8. Various kinds of, 9. Of ed nature of the force of, 258. Air
one in Sicily, 10. In Jamaica, 11, a non-conductor of, 261. Experiment
East, mode in which the trade of the, to discover more of the qualities of
was once carried on, IV. 30.

262. Its effect in producing mag-
East India Company, its pecuniary dif- netic virtue, 263. Its presence in the
ficulties, VIII. 24, 29. Its distress, clouds, 279. Suggestion of a region

of electric fire above our atmosphere,
Easton, account of a conference with 284. Experiment in, at Marly, 289.
the Indians at, VII. 125.

Direction of the fuid, and utility of
Economical Project for employing sun- rods, 311. Proposed experiment to
shine instead of candles, in the city measure the velocity of, 316. Some
of Paris, II. 227.

experiments in, 330. Turkey killed
Economy in expenditure, importance by, and its effect upon the operator,
of, VIT. 316.

346. Points in which it agrees with
Economy of Life, Essays on the, II. 1. lightning, 350. Its effect in cases of
Ecton, birthplace of Franklin's father, paralysis, 339. Of the tourmalin, 363.
his visit to, VII. 178.

Reason for believing that the air has
Edict by the King of Prussia, ironical, its portion of the common stuck of,
IV. 399. Again, VIII. 90, 91.

369. How its density at different
Edict of Nantz, effect of the revoca- heights may be ascertained, 370. Long
tion of the, IV. 33.

retained by the Leyden bottle, 380.
Edinburgh Courant, passages from the, That heat is produced by, 38!). Of
relating to emigration, examined, IV. the fogs in Ireland, 409. Various

qualities of, 414. Analogy between
Education, its value in promoting the magnetisın and, 450. Apparent pro-
strength and virtue of a community, duction of magnetism by, accidental,
VII. 48. Remarks on Dr. Smith's 451. Of a mode of rendering meat
Scheme of, 65.

tender by, 456. Mode of killing ani.
EDWARDS, David, his death, VII. mals by, 457. Effect of a shock of,

on Franklin, 481. Effect of a vacu-
EDWARDS, Jonathan, his Thoughts um on the passage of, VI. 413.
concerning the Revival of Religion in Electrics contain the greatest quantity
New England, referred to, VII. 9. of the fluid, and attract and retain it
Electire Franchises, enjoyed by the small longest, V. 242. Difference between,
Boroughs in England, referred 10, and non-electrics, 259,
II. 439.

Elements of Criticism, Lord Kames's,
Electrical Battery, Franklin's construc- noticed, VI. 263. Again, VII. 241.
tion of an, V. 202.

Elephants, conjecture as to whether
Electrical Jars, on the mode of coating, they are natives of America, VI. 275,
V. 299.

Description of some bones of, 276
Electrical Machine, simple and conven- Eliot, JARED, notice of, VI. 79. His
ient form of an, V. 188. On that tracts on husbandry referred to. VI.
of Mr. Nairn., and its effect on the 113. Again, VII. 51. Franklin's
eyes of animals killed by it, 479. opinion of them, 56.
Electricity, general account of the Elizabeth, Queen, character of her
early discoveries of Franklin in, V.

government, II. 283. Act of, respect.
173. Of its identity with lightning,

ing libel, 288.
174. Of ascending thunder, 178. ELPHINSTON, John, his translation of
Explanation of positive and negative, the Latin verse, applied by Turgot to
185. Of the electrical kiss, 187. Of Franklin, VIII. 5:3).
the Leyden bottle, 196. Qualities of Emblematical Representation of the
glass in reference to, 200. Of the state of Great Britain and her colo.
Magical Picture, 203. Explanation nies, IV. 436. Alluded to, VII. 313.
of the causes of thunder-gusts, 211. EMBER, Professor, his account of


the Bipontine edition of the classics, of privileges as the only rule of gop.
IX. 120.

ernment, 181. Prolecis Logan, the
Emigration, effect of the facility of, on Secretary, against the Assembly, 165.

the rate of wages in Europe, 11. 443. Evans, Lewis, his map of the middle
To whom it might prove beneficial, colonies referred to, IV. 320. Again,
470. Examination of a proposed act together with his Essays, VI. 110.
of Parliament for preventing, IV. 458. Mentioned, VIII. 125.
No legislation required in reference Eraporation, of cooling by, V. 379.
to, 461. Nor likely to be effectual, Of oil, VI. 129. Production of cold
462. Nor politic, 463. Injustice of by, 209. Experiment with ether, for
such legislation, 464. From Scotland producing cold by, 213. Cooling of
to the United States, IX. 486. That water by, 214. And of the body, 215.
it multiplies instead of diminishing a Surface of the earth and vegetation,
nation, X. 131.

216. Same subject, 255.
EMMONS, NATHANIEL, his discourse on Examination of Dr. Franklin, in the
the present of Franklin to the town British House of Commons, extracts
which bears his name, X. 159. from its Journals on the subject, IV.
Enabling Act of Parliament alluded to, 161.
IX. 314, 315.

Exchange, true principles of, n. 190.
Enemy, on the means of disposing an, On the par of, 400.
to peace, VII, 216.

Ercise, difference between an, on con.
England, intelligence of the people of, sumption, and a duty on impostation,
VII. 246. Facility of travelling in, IV. 181.
296. Disposition of the people of, Executive department of the plan of
VIII. 177. See Great Britain.

union in 1754, III. 37.
English Language, how to render the Exercise, comparative view of various
study of it more general, X. 415. kinds of, VIII. 12.
English School, Sketch of an, II. 125. Exportation of provisions, difficulties
Engrarer, Franklin's remarks to a

arising from the act of Pennsylvania,
French, on a print commemorating relative to the, III. 485.
American Independence, VIII. 277. Exports, im policy of duties on Ameri-
Enthusiasm, advantages of, VII. 453.
Esville, Duchess d', her death, X. 295.

troduces Mr. Gallatin to Franklin,
VIII. 454.

Fahrenheit's thermometer, how grad-
Ephemera, an Emblem of Human Life, uated, VI. 568.
11. 177. Circumstances under which Fair Play, respecting the French indem.
it was written, VIII. 473.

nity for the brigantine, VIII. 476.
Episcopal Church, of the ordination in Faith, utility of, vii. 75. Remarks
England, of American clergy of the,
X. 109. Remarks on the practicabili. Famine, provision made in China
ty and expediency of establishing a against, II. 381.
bishop in America, 202.

Farish, his account of stilling waves
Essays on Religious and Moral Subjects, by oil, VI. 355.
and the Economy of Life, II. 1. Farmer's Letters, quoted, relative to
Estaing, Count d', his military char- the carelessness with which acts of
acter, VIII. 306. And judicious con- Parliament are passed on the subject
duct, 307. His character, 457.

of the colonies, IV. 251. Franklin's
Ether, experiment with, to produce cold preface to the, 257. Lord Hillsbor-
by evaporation, VI. 213.

ough's opinion of the, VII. 391.
Europe, opinions in, respecting the FauciTT, 'William, inentioned, IX.

American war, VIII. 494. Prevail- 113.
ing spirit of liberty in, X. 321. Felons, on the transportation of, to
Evans, CADWALLADER, promotes the America, II. 495.

culture of silk, VII. 454, 485, 512, FENELON, his remark to the Pretender
527, 535.

quoted, II. 279.
Evans, John, is appointed deputy-gov. Fermentation, generation of wind by,
ernor of Pennsylvania, III. 160. At. VI. 196.
tempts to unite the territories and the Feders, conjecture respecting the cause
province, and disagrees with the As. of the cold and hot fits of some, VI. 97.
sembly, 161. Expresses to the As- Fevre, Franklin's servant, mentioned,
sembly the resentment of the pro- VIII. 173.
prietary, 179. Refers to the charter FILANGIERI, GAETANO, his work on

can, IX. 38.

on, 184.

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the Science of Legislation, X. 233. Mr. Jay a copy of Sir J. Dalrymple's
His death, 359.

Memoir, VIII. 547.
Filosofia Frankliniana, Toderini's ac. Fluid, thoughts on a universal, and its
count of, VI. 351.

character, VI. 458. Application of
Finances, American, their condition in this idea to the explanation of some
1780, VII. 460. Remarks on, 507. phenomena of heat and cold, 459.
Their disordered state in 1781, IX. Fogs, electricity of, in Ireland, V. 209.

Suggestion as to their connexion with
FINLEY, President, his experiment, cold seasons, VI. 456.
showing the inflammability of the sur. Folger, Peter, his writings, I. 8, 9.
face ot' certain rivers in New Jersey, Food, proper quantity of, 11. 86.
VI. 416.

Foreign ministers, salaries of, IX. 401.
Fire, a cause of earthquakes, VI. 2. Forth, his secret mission, IX. 205.
Some of its properties, 37. Certain Fort Pill, conference with the Indians
phenomena of, 239. On securing at, IV. 345.
houses from, 332, Construction of Forts, erection of, in the back settle-
the French houses in this respect, ments, inadequate protection
333. Suggestion that it exists in a against the French and Indians, IV.
subtile fluid, 454.

11. A few likely to be useful, 15.
Fireplaces, account of the Pennsylva- Proposal to prevent the erection of, in
nia, invented by Franklin, VI. 35. the colonies, 21.
Old fashioned, 38. Those designed FOTHERGILL, John, his conversation
to warm the air as it enters the with Franklin on the restoration of
room, described, 39. Description of harmony between Great Britain and
the Pennsylvanian, 44. Manner of the colonies, V. 10. Communicates
using it, 50.

to Franklin the result of conferen-
Fisheries, condition of the, at the close

ces upon the Hints for accommoda-
of the revolutionary war, II. 465.

tion, 55.

Attends Franklin during
Mr. Livingston's vindication of the his illness, VII. 150. His account of
claim of the United States to the, on Franklin's examination before the
the Banks of Newfoundland, IX. 135. House of Commons, 312. His death
of indispensable importance in a and character, VIII. 529. His ef-
treaty with Great Britain, 381. Dis. forts to prevent the war with the Uni.
position of Great Britain to cede

ted States, 532. His character, IX.
them to the United States, 405, 408, 493. Dr. Lettsom's Memoirs of, X.

Fitch, John, his steamboat, X. 232. Foundlings, their number in Paris, X.

Certificate of Rittenhouse respecting 133. Of hospitals for, 148, 174.
it, 233. Again mentioned, 363. Fox, Charles JAMES, Secretary of
Five Nations, History of the, referred State, sends Mr. Grenville to Paris to
to, VII. 18.

arrange the preliminaries of a treaty
Fired Air. See Air.

of peace, IX. 267. Claims for his
Flanders, Franklin's tour in, VII. 229. department the power to treat, 336.
Flemish Ships, of the capture of, by Resigns, 360, 365. His coalition with
American privateers, IX. 368.

Lord North, 490. Franklin's esteem
FLETCHER, BENJAMIN, is appointed for, X. 1.
governor of New York and Pennsyl. Fragment of Polybius, Sir W. Jones's
vania, by the same coinmission, III. supposed, VIII. 543.
136. His controversy with the As. France, efforts to engage the Indians
sembly of Pennsylvania, 137. Threat. in the cause of, III. 8. Conduct of
ens to annex the province to New the Indians in her interest, IV. 7.
York, 139. Admits the principle of Respecting cessions of territory by, 8.
the Quakers upon the subject of bear. Facilities enjoyed by, for harassing
ing arins, 143.

our frontier, 14. Evils which would
Flies, their tenacity of life, VI. 382. result from leaving her in possession
Flora, representation of Franklin to of Canada, 16. of the aid given by,

the Admiralty court at Cherbourg re- for the purpose of producing disaffec.
specting the prize, VIII. 453.

tion in the colonies, 44. Check upon
Florida, difficulty of tinding settlers their growth, which would be the re-
for, IV. 355. Parliamentary grants sult of her continued possession of
for, 369. Government of East and Canada, 46. Invalidity of her claim
West, as erected by royal proclama- to lands of the Six Nations on the
tion, 375,

Ohio, 329. Compliment paid to
FLORIDA Blanca, Count de, gives Franklin in, for his electrical writ

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