The new guide to Delhi

Victoria Press, 1873 - 143 Seiten

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Seite 2 - ... the whole circuit being only one furlong less than four miles. The fort stands on a rocky height, and is built of massive blocks of stone, so large and heavy that they must have been quarried on the spot. The largest stone which I observed measured...
Seite 77 - The throne itself was six feet long by four feet broad ; it stood on six massive feet, which, with the body, were of solid gold, inlaid with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. It was surmounted by a canopy of gold, supported by twelve pillars, all richly emblazoned with costly gems, and a fringe of pearls ornamented the borders of the canopy. Between the two peacocks stood the figure of a parrot of the ordinary size, said to have been carved out of a single emerald.
Seite 124 - The building is a square of 34^ feet inside, and 56 ^ feet outside, the walls being 11 feet thick. On each side there is a lofty doorway, with a pointed horse-shoe arch ; the outer edge of the arch being fretted, and the underside panelled. The corners of the square are cut off by bold niches, the head of each niche being formed by a series of five pointed horse-shoe arches, lessening in size as they retire towards the angle. The effect of this arrangement is massive and beauti-* fid, and justly...
Seite 77 - ... expanded, and the whole so inlaid with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls and other precious stones of appropriate colors, as to represent life. The throne itself was six feet long by four feet broad. It stood on six massive feet, which, with the body, were of solid gold, inlaid with rubies, emeralds...
Seite 76 - Jchan, where he made his fortune, and was in high favour with the Emperor. In front of the throne, and slightly raised above the floor of the hall, is a large slab of white marble, which was formerly richly inlaid with mosaic work, of which the traces only now remain.
Seite 105 - exterior form of the main body of the tomb is a square with the corners cut off, or an octagon with four long and four short faces, and each of the short faces forms one side of the four octagonal corner towers. The dome is built entirely of white marble, the rest of the building being of red sandstone with inlaid ornaments of white marble. In this tomb we first see towers attached to the four angles of the main building.
Seite 44 - Akbar was pre-eminent as a conqueror and a lawgiver, yet for the order and arrangement of his territory and finances and the good administration of every department of the state, no prince ever reigned in India that could be compared to Shah Jahan...
Seite 89 - When the pillar was at last fixed, the " top was ornamented with black and white stone work surmounted by a gilt pinnacle, from which no doubt it received its name of Minar Zarin, or
Seite 90 - Golden Pillar " is a single shaft of pale pinkish sandstone, 42 feet 7 inches in length, of which the upper portion, 35 feet in length, has received a very high polish, while the remainder is left quite rough.
Seite 129 - These massive ramparts have a general height of 60 feet above the bottom of the ditch, which still exists in very fair order all round the fort, except on the South side, where there is a deep and extensive hollow that was most probably once filled with water. About one-half of the main walls are still standing as firm and solid as when they were first built.

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