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ARROW ROOT, on the culture of in the U. S. 13. CLARK, Col. his plan of ascending rapids id rivers, 202,
ASPARAGUS, great growth of, 160.

CLAY BURNING, 342, 407.
ACKERLY Dr., his eulogium on Linnæus, 159.

CLINTON, D. W. his remarks at the celebration of the
ADAMS, J. Q. on the value of the Fisheries, 41.

birth day of Linnæus, 149-on broad tail seeep, 159.
ADLUM John, on American vineyards, 53—on the cul- ,

CIDER, remarks on, by Dr. S. L. Mitchell, 226-im-

ture of the vine, 123.

* BACON, to prevent skippers in, 79-how to make ba provement in the method of making, 229.

AGE, of the horse, Lawrence on, 28.

con and hung beef, 221-to keep pure, 376. CLOVER MACHINE, description of Burrall's, 386..

AGRICULTURE, report of committee on, 27-moral BANK U. S. view of its affairs, 7.

COBBET'S cottage economy, 67, 94.

effects of, 171_connexion with roads, 177--with BARNS AND STABLES, on the construction of, 244. - On bread making, 92, 100.
the treatment of children, 177—how to be bene- BARTON, W. M. paper read by, to Agricultural Socie On house-keeping in America, 123.
fited by legislation, 340-remarks on the duties of ty of the Valley, 91.

-On keeping cows, 174, 181.

the legislature to promote it, and how, 342.

BATHING, the good effects of, 84.

COCKROACHĚs, natural history of, 134.

AGRICOLA, on Gen. Ridgely's breed of cattle, as com-
BEDBUGS, how to kill, 199.

COFFEE, on the plantations of, in Cuba, 284.
pared with Teeswater, 411.

BEES, plan of the Charlies' hope hive, 114-on the pre- COMPOST, of vegetables with lime, 374.
-Answered by Veritas, at the end of this index.

servation of, 348.

COOKERY, on roasting, 106.


BELLENGIR, J. S. on the culture of corn and other CORRESPONDENT, observations of one on a visit to

LOf ALBEMARLE, transactions of, 97.

crops, 33.

Saratoga, dated Steam Boat United States, 137.---


BENE SEED, on the use of, by R. Goodwin, 46.

letter from Philadelphia, 145—dated Saratoga,

-CUMBERLAND, meet at Fayetteville, and elect 'BERKSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, 313.

describes military academy at West Point, 169-

officers, and other proceedings, 15.
BIGHEAD, disease in horses in North Carolina, 99.

Katskill mountain and town, 185–describes Earl

-DORCHESTER, Maryland, constitution formed. BIRNIE, C., on steeping seed wheat, 307.

Stimson's farm, 201.

and officers elected, 109.

BLAMANGE, exquisite specimens of, described, 239. COTTON, culture of in Egypt, 29.

-EAST TENNESSEE, proceedings of, 80.
BORING for water described, 309.

- Important improvement in the culture of, suggest-
-GREEN county, proceedings, 69.

BOSLEY, Col. N. M., answers to certain questions res ed, 60-sails of recommended, 102–trade in at
-MARYLAND, scheme of premiums for the Western , pecting his premium farm, 313.

Havre, 206—rot in, 207--of Florida, quality of
Shore, October, 1824, 10—Trustees of met at Eu- BOTTs, in horses, how prevented, 14-cure for, 29– samples received from the Hon. J. C. Calhoun,
taw, 15-meeting of Trustees on the Eastern Shore, how cured, 365.

362-shoe thread recommended, 405—prospects of
32-meeting of, at J. Hollingsworth's, 56-premi- BOYLE, James, on the laws of trespass in Maryland, 308. the cotton market, by Amphicon, 412.
ums for the Eastern Shore, 65-proceedings of BOYLSTON, Ward Nicholas, communicates experi- COWS, remarks on keeping, 30--milking by straws
Trusters, 72-proceedings of Trustees at Major D.. ments in the culture of grasses, 179.

practicable, but to be condemned, 118-milking
Martin's, 104-extract from the proceedings of the BREAD MAKING, by Cobbet, 86, 100, 108.

with straws injurious and improper, 148—on keep
Board of Trustees on the Eastern Shore, 162-pro- BUEL, Judge J., on steeping seed wheat, 307.

ing, by W. Cobbet, 174, 181. .
ceedings of, at a special meeting in reference to On the culture of ruta baga and its value as a second CUMBERLAND AGRÍCULTURAL SOCIETY, meet
Gen. Lafayette, 239—act of its incorporation, 241 crop, 361.

at Fayetteville and elect officers, and other pro-

meeting of Trustees at Hayfield's, 204 oditorial BUFFALO, recommandataon labouring animal, 213

ceedings, 15

remarks on their exhibition in November, and pre -oxen recommended, 263..

CURRANT WINE, how best made, 127.

sence of Gen. Lafayette, 286-editorial remarks on BROILING, in cookery, how best done. 224.

CUTS, of mouldebart, 1--of Abbot's harrow, 21-Mr.
the last exhibition on the E. Shore, 288-official BYRON, Lord, his epitaph on a favourite dog, 319.

Pomeroy's decorticator, 60-Charlie's hope hive,
account of the Cattle Show, 289_election of its

115--of a common gate, 142-of the manner of
officers and other proceedings a: Barney's, 12th

plaiting straw and grass for hats and bonnets,
Dec. 1824, 305—importance of its having a room,

156--how to trim vines, 188-of an improved
312_Cattle Show at Easton, 32), 330-proceedings CALVES, on rearing, 147, 151-essay on rearing, 318 plough sent by A. Pickens, 188–of a new post and
of Trustees at Gen. Harper's, 328-proceedings of CALHOUN, J. C., his report on internal improve rail fence, 207-one for cleaning wheat from gar-

Mr. James Carroil's, 352, 368—list of
Trustees at Mr. Ja

ments, 389_orders and communicates experiments lic, 222—to show the true principle of construct.
premiums offered by, for Juns, 1825, 371-proceed with ploughs, 393.

ing carriage wheels, 277–of Skinner's breed of
ings of Trustees at Mr. (aton's, 384—its list of CANALS, N. Y. expense of travelling on, 118.

hogs, 372-of strata of rocks, 377—of Burrall's

premiums for 1826, 401-neet at their rooms and of the Chesapeake and Delaware, 199--progress clover machine, 386.

elect Gen. Ridgely President, 116. :

of, 278.

Of MASSACHUSETTS, roceedings of, at a dinner - The Chesapeake and Ohio, report of the Board of
at Brighton, 254_requet Mr. Lowell's address for Internal Improvement on the practicability of, 405.

DECORTICATOR, Mr. Pomeroy's, 65.

publication, 267-repors of its last exhibition, 273, CANALS AND RAIL WAYS, in England, 142.

281. CARRIAGE WHEELS, on the principles of construct-

DISBROW, his method of obtaining water by boring, 309

DINNER, invitations to from the Cook's oracle, 57.

LOF PENNSYLVANIA list of premiums for 1824, ing, with a cut, 277.

DOG, epitaph on, 319.

Ag_give notice of thir exhibition and list of pre- CARROTS, on preserving, 406.
miums for Oct. 1824 212-editorial notice of its CAT, a species at Constantinople, called Genet, recom-

show at Chester, 26_official account of their ex- mended to destroy the Norway rat, 203.

stitution formed, and officers elected, 109.

DORSEY, Roderick, his letter on the inspection of cer-
bibition at Cheste in Ot. 1824, 26.-contents of CATERPILLARS, how to destroy, 92-destroys the

tain tobacco, 8.
their volume of mmoirs, 310-elect officers for the crops, 96.

DORSEY, T. B. his good tobacco and high price of, 32.
ensuing year, anr take measures for the next Cat- CATTLE, large ones slaughtered in Baltimore, 20--

DRAINING WET LAND, much practised in Holland,
tle Show, 380.

H. A. Carpenter's experience with Short Horns,
LOT PHILADELPIIA, proceedings of, 228, 262.
20-remarks on, hy Veritas, 21-improvement of,

and how, 1-of great lakes in, 6.
LOF SOUTH C.ROLINA, addressed by Joseph in Worcester, Massachusetts, 178–liable to diseases

DUCATEL, J. T., professor of agricultural chemistry.
Johnson, 42—roceedings, 293.

communicates a simple method of testing the fer-

of climate, 200—cheap method of fattening, 229—

on fattening with flax-seed jelly, 260—importation

tility of soils, 379.

Of St. JOHNStheir report, 163—constitution of,

DYEING, new and economical material for, 102.


of North Devons, 332—Devon, remarks on, by

LOf the VALLY, elects members, appoints officers, Philo lgnoramus, 339— table of calculations to show
and is addrewed by the President, 2-papers read the increase of, from one Devon bull, 385--Improv.
to, 59-pape read from R. K. Meade, 66--papers ed Short Horns, 410-on the value of Gen. Ridge- EAST TENNESSEE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY,
read to, 78, 4-paper, No. 5, read at Oct. 15, 1823, ly's breed, 411-remarks on, by Veritas, in re proceedings of, 80.
by W. M. Brton, 90—papers, No. 6, read to, 97 ply to Agricola, see end of this index.

ENCLOSURES, laws of Maryland in regard to, 153.

paper reacto by J. W. Page, 113-proceedings of, CHAMBER LYE, recommended for the roots of peach EMMERSON, Judge Thomas, makes inquiry respect

Nov. 16, 124, 353.

trees, 127,

ing hill side ploughing, 355.

-WASHINTON county, proceeding of, 305. CHAMPION, Charles, letter from, dated 24th Feb., 55. EXPERIMENTS, valuable ones to show the difference

APPLES, pot e of valuable kind, 32-remarks on by CHARCOAL, best preservative of peach trees, 946.

between cooked and uncooked food, 320-10 show

Dr. S. [ Mitchel, 226–preservation of, 255. CHEMISTRY, importance of, as connected with agri the draught of different ploughs, 320—important

APPLE ORGARDS, on planting, 380.

culture, 152.

ones with various ploughs by the War Department

ARATUS. ee horse, anecdote of, 63.
CHERRY TREES, on insects that destrov. 189

202_with Stovane nlanh 105.

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