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-ātum (-itum), [ad-plico), v. / arbitrium, -i, [arbitro- (reduced) tr. 1, (enfold), apply, attach, im- ' + ium], n., decision, choice, will,

print (oscula), drive (angues). | control, pleasure (at the pleasure appono (adp-), -ere, oposui, of, etc.).

-positum, [ad-pono), v. tr. 3, arbor (arbās), -oris, [?], f., tree. put at, place at, beside or near, set – Coll., trees : Iovis (the oak). before, supply (of food).

arboreus, -a, -um, [arbor + eus], Aprilis, -is, (stem akin to aperio adj., of a tree, of the trees.

+ lis], m., (prop. adj. implying arbustum, -i, (arbos + tum (n. of mensis), April.

tus, cf. robustus)], n., orchard, aptõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, [apto grove (of planted trees).

+0], v. tr. 1, fit, set carefully. arbuteus, -a, -um, [arbuto- (reaptus, -a, -um, [p.p. of tapio (cf. duced) + eus], adj., of the straw

apiscor)], adj., fitted for, suited berry tree.

to, prepared for, fit, fitting. arbutus, -í, [?], f., strawberry tree. apud, [abl., prob. of same stem as Arcadia, -ae, (Gr. 'Apradía], f., the ob], prep., at, among.

mountainous district in the middle aqua, -ae, [?], f., water. — Also pl. of the Peloponnesus. aquāticus, -a, -um, [aqua + arcānus, -a, -um, [arca + nus],

ticus], adj., of the water, moist, adj., secret. — N. pl., secrets.

aquatic, from the sea (Auster). Arcas, -adis, [Gr. 'Apkás], m., an aquila, -ae, [prob. f. of adj. mean- Arcadian. — As adj., Arcadian. ing gray], f., eagle.

arceõ, -ēre, -ui, arctus, (tarcoAquilo, -ōnis, [taquilo- (reduced, (akin to arca) + eo], v. tr. 2,

cf. aquila) +ō (on)], m., the shut out, keep out, drive away, reNorth Wind. Less exactly, the pel. — With inf., prevent from. North.

Arcitenēns, -ēntis, starcu-(weakaquosus, -a, -um, [aqua- (reduced) ened) tenens), adj., holding a bow,

+ osus), adj., watery, rainy. bow-bearing. — Masc., the bowāra, -ae, [?], f., altar.— Esp. the holder (Apollo). Altar (constellation).

| Arctos, -7, [Gr. 'ApKTOS], f., Greek Arachnē, -ēs, [Gr. 'Apáxvn], f., a form for Arctus, wh, see.

Colophonian maiden, changed by Arctus (Arctos),-1, [Gr. 'ApkTos], Minerva into a spider.

f., the Great and Little Bear arānea, ae, [Arachne + a (f. of (Ursa Major and Minor), a double -us)], f., spider.

constellation in the vicinity of the arātor, -āris, [ara- (stem of aro) | north pole; hence, the North.

+ tor], m., ploughman, husband Also pl., geminas Arctos, the тап.

two Bears. arātrum, -i, [arā- (stem of aro) | arcuātus, -a, -um, [p.p. of arcuo],

+ trum], n., ploughshare, plough. | adj., arched. Arātus, -ī, [Gr. "Apatos], m., a poet arcus, -ūs, [VARC- (cf. arceo)

who wrote (about 250 B.C.) on + us], f., bow, arch, vault, circle astronomy. He was born at Soli (of the zones). - Esp., rainbow. in Cilicia.

| ardēns, pres. p. of ardeo, wh, see.

ardeõ, -ēre, arsi, arsum, [aridó | -ōrum, m., the capital of the dis

+ eo], v. intr. 2, blaze, burn, be in trict Argolis in the Peloponnesus, flames. — Also fig., be inflamed, be sacred to Juno. fired, burn, and the like. — pres. | argūmentum, -], [argu- (stem of p., burning (lit. and fig.).

arguo)+ mentum), n., proof, witardēsco, -ere (perf. and sup. as ness, story, meaning (of a custom).

with ardeo), [arde- (stem of arguo, -ere, -ui, -ūtum, [targuardeo) + sco], v. intr. 3, burst into (cf. ápyos) to (cf. tribuo)], flames, blaze.

v. tr. 3, make clear. — So, give eviardor, -āris, [ard- (as if root of dence, blame, find fault with.

ardeo) + or), m., heat, flame. – Argus, -i, [Gr. "Apyos), m., the Also fig., love.

hundred-eyed keeper of lo after arduus, -a, -um, [?], adj., steep, she was changed into a heifer by

lofty, high, reared high, on high. - Jupiter. His hundred eyes were N. pl., heights.

placed by Juno in the tail of the ārea, -ae, [?], f., space, threshing- peacock.

floor, stretch (campi). — Fig., field āridus, -a, -um, [taro- (whence (for anxiety), scope.

areo) + dus], adj., dry, parched: arēna (har.), -ae, (are- (stem of Libye facta est (an arid desert).

areo) + na (f. of -nus)], f., sand, ariēs, -etis, [?], m., ram. Esp., strand. — Fig., arena.

the Ram, the constellation Aries, āreõ, -ēre, -ui, no sup., [unc. stem between Pisces and Taurus. — Less

+ eo (cf. aridus)], v. intr. 2, be exactly, fleece (golden). dry, be parched. pres. p., ārēns, arista, -ae, [?], f., ear (of grain), dry, dried.

head. Arestoridēs, -ae, [Gr. patronymic], arma, -ōrum, [ VAR (fit) + mus)],

m., Argus, grandson of Arestor. n., arms, weapons, tools, impleArethūsa, -ae, [Gr. 'Apédovoa], f., ments. — Fig., war, arms, con

a spring in Syracuse. — Personi- / tests (fori). fied, the nymph of the spring, who armentum, -i, [VAR (cf. arma) ran under the sea from Elis to Sic- | + mentum, team (?)], n., herd (of

ily to escape the river-god Alpheus. ' large cattle). argenteus, -a, -um, [argento- armifer, -era, -erum, [armo-fer],

(reduced) + eus], adj., of silver, adj., arm-bearing, armed. silvern, silvery white : proles (the armiger, -era, -erum, [armo-ger Silver Age).

(us, cf. gero)], adj., arm-bearing. argentum, -i, [akin to arguo, – Fem. as noun, armor-bearer, at

named from its brightness], n., tendant (of Diana). silver.

armõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, [armo Argi, see Argos.

+0], v. tr. 1, arm. – p.p., armed, Argolicus, -a, -um, [Gr. 'Apyonca in arms.

kós, from 'Apyorís, Argolis], adj., armus, -í, [m. from same word as

of Argos, Argolic, Grecian. I arma), m., (joint?), shoulder. Argos (only nom. and acc.), [Gr. arõ, -āre, -āvī, -ātum, [?], v. tr. I,

'Apyos], n., more freq. plur. Argi, plough, hold the plough.

arripið (adr-), ere, -ui, -rep- Ãsis, -idis (-idos), [Gr. 'Avís], f.,

tum, [ad-rapio), v. tr. 3, grasp, Asia ; prop. adj., Asiatic. seize.

Asõpis, -idis (-idos), [Gr. 'Aowars, artis, [VAR (cf. arma) + tis nis], f., Ægina, daughter of the

(reduced)], f., art, skill, stratagem, river-god Asopus. means. - Pl., the arts ; also same aspargă (aspergo), -inis, [akin to as sing

adspergo], f., spray, sprinkling, artifex, -icis, (arti- (stem of ars) | blood (spattered).

+ fex (root of facio as stem), C., asper, -era, -erum, [?], adj., rough, artist.

harsh (lit. and fig.). artus, -ūs, [VAR + tus], m., limb. asperg) -inis, see aspargo. - Pl., limbs, members.

aspergő (ads-), ere, -spersi, artus, -a, -um, [p.p. of arceo], -spersum, [ad-spargo], sprinkle adj., close.

(a thing on, or a thing with). arundă (har-), -inis, [?], f., reed. aspicið (ads-), -ere, -spēxi,

- Hence, arrow; also, flute. -spectum, [ad-tspecio), v. tr. arvum, -i, [ VAR (in aro) + vum], 3, look at (or upon), behold, see.

n., field (as opposed to woods), aspiră (ads-), -āre, -āvi, -ātum, fields (as cultivated), lands.

(ad-spiro], v. intr. 1, breathe on. arx, arcis, [ARC (in arceo) + is - Hence, favor.

(reduced)], f., citadel, height, sum- assēnsus. (ads-), -ūs, [ad-sensus, mit, high abode, lofty height;l through assentio), m., assent,

summa (heights of heaven). silent assent. — Also pl. Asbolus, -i, [Gr. 'Aoßodos], m., assentið (ads.), -īre, -sēnsi,

Soot, one of Actæon's hounds. -sēnsum, [ad-sentio], v. intr. 4, Ascalaphus, -i, [Gr. 'Aokárapos], give assent, assent.

m., son of Acheron and Orphne, asseră (adserõ), -ere, -serui, -ser

changed by Ceres into an owl. | tum, [ad-sero), v. tr. 3, lay claim ascendő (ads-), -ere, -cendi, ! to, claim.

-cēnsum, [ad-scando), v. tr. 3, assiduus (ads-), -a, -um, [ad

climb up, mount, ascend, climb. | fsiduus (VSED + vus)], (sitting ascēnsus (ads.), -ūs, [ad-fscan- down, esp. to a thing), adj., busy,

sus], through ascendo], m., | attentive, laborious. — Hence, conascent.

stant, incessant, never-ceasing. asciscă (ads-), -ere, -scivi, -sci« assiliő (ads-), -ire, -siluī, -sul

tum, [ad-scisco), v. tr. 3, adopt tum, [ad-salio], v. intr. 4, leap (by formal resolution). — Less ex-l on, dash on (of a wave). actly, adopt, add, attach.

assimulõ (ads-), -āre, -āvi, Ascraeus, -a, -um, [Gr. 'Aokpalos), -ātum, [ad-simulo), v. tr. 1,

adj., of Ascra, Ascræan, an epithet feign, pretend. of the poet Hesiod, who lived at assistõ (ads-), -ere, astiti, no Ascra in Baotia.

sup., [ad-sisto], v. intr. 3, stand asellus, -i, [asino + lus], m., little

up, stand by. ass, ass (as regarded with commi

assuēscă (ads-), -ere, -suēvi, seration or contempt).

-suētum, (ad-suesco), v. intr. 3, become accustomed, be accustomed. | Athēnae, -ārum, [Gr. 'Aonvai], f., - p.p., assuētus, wonted.

Athens, the great city of Attica. assuētūdo (ads-), -inis, [ad- Athos, (gen. not found ; abl.,

tsuetudo], f., custom, habit, in Athõne; dat. and abl., Athā; dulgence (of habit).

acc., Athō, Athon, Athõnem, assāmõ (ads-), ere, -sūmpsi, Athõna), [Gr. "Aows, later "Abwv,

-sumptum, [ad-sumo), v. tr. 3, -wvos], m., Athos, a high mountain

take in, take on, gather, assume. on the Strymonian Gulf, in Maceast, [?], conj., but.

donia. Asteriē, -ēs, [Gr. 'Ao repín], f., Atlantiadēs, -ae, [Gr. patronymic),

daughter of the Titan Cous, and m., Mercury, grandson of Atlas. Phoebe, sister of Latona. She Atlās, -antis, [Gr. "Atlas), m., son was beloved by Jupiter, and was of the Titan Iapetus, father of the changed into a quail.

Pleiades and Hyades. He bore astõ, see adsto.

the heavens upon his shoulders. Astraea, -ae, [Gr. 'Aotpain, f., an He was changed by Perseus into a

epithet of Justice (Aixn) as daugh mountain, - the mountain itself in ter of the Titan Astræus.

Northern Africa. astringõ (ads-), -ere, -strinxī, atque (ac), [ad-que], conj., (and

-strictum, [ad-stringo), v. tr. in addition), and

3, bind, tighten, harden (snow). Atreus, -ei, [Gr. Arpeús], m., king astrum, -i, [Gr. ã otpov], n., constel- of Argos and Mycenæ, son of

laiion, star. — Pl., stars, sky. Pelops and Hippodamia, father of astus, -ūs, [?], m., craft. — Abl., Agamemnon and Menelaus. astū, with craft.

Atrīdēs, -ae, [Gr. 'Atpeidns], m., son at, [(?), cf. ad], conj., but, then, at of Atreus. —- Pl., the sons of Atreus

least: attamen, but yet, still. I (Agamemnon and Menelaus, the Atalanta, -ae, [Gr. 'Atarávrn], f., leaders of the Greeks at Troy).

daughter of Schøneus of Boeotia. ātrium, -i, [atro + ium), n., hall She was a celebrated runner, but, (of a house). — Pl.,' halls,' palace. being beaten in a race, married attamen, see at. Hippomenes, her competitor. She Attis (Atth-), -idis, m., a Phrygian was changed into a lioness.

shepherd who loved the goddess ater, -tra, -trum, [?], adj., black, Cybele, and was changed into a

dark (esp. as a sign of mourning). / fir-tree. Athamantēus, -a, -um, [Atha- attollő (adt-), -ere, perf. and sup.

mant + eus], adj., of Athamas. I supplied from affero, [ad-tollo], Athamantis, idis (-idos), f., v. tr. 3, raise up (to something),

Helle, daughter of Athamas. I raise : se, rise. Athamās, -antis, [Gr. Adáuas], attonitus, see attono.

m., king of the Minyans in Bæotia. attono (adt-), -āre, -ui, -itum, He was the husband of Ino, uncie [ad-tono), v. tr. 1, strike with of Pentheus, and brother of Sisy- a thunderbolt. - p.p., attonitus, phus. He was made insane by thunderstruck, paralyzed, spellJuno.

bound, struck (with passion).

attrahỏ (adt-), -ere, -trāxi, / augurium, -i, [augur + ium], n.,

-tractum, [ad-traho), v. tr. 3, augury, soothsaying, wise counsel. draw th one, draw in, drag in. — auguror, -āri, -ātus, (augur +0], Fig., antract.

v. dep. 1, divine, conclude, imagauceps, -cupis, [avi-ceps (root of ine.

capio as stem)], m., fowler. augustus, -a, -um, [(?), perh. auctor, -āris, saug- (as root of akin to augur, more likely to

augeo) + tor], m., (increaser). augeo], adj., venerable, august. — - Hence (perh. from raising price Esp. an epithet (and in the masc. at auctions), seller, guarantor, a surname) of Octavius Cæsar, and voucher. – So, authority, author, after him of all the Roman empe. adviser, founder, originator, rors. father, ancestor, giver. — Poeti- aula, -ae, [Gr. aðan], f., hall, palcally, hurler (of a weapon), har- ace.

binger (a prophet, authority for). aulaeum, -i, [Gr. ajralov, real or Auctumnus, see Autumnus. I supposed], n., curtain, hangings. auctus, see augeo.

- Also pl. audācia, -ae, [audac + ia], f., Aulis, -idis, (Gr. Aůris], f., a sea

boldness, recklessness : verbis da- port in Boeotia, from which the

tur, boldness of speech is pardoned. / Greeks sailed against Troy. audāx, -ācis, (aud- (as if root of aura, -ae, [ VAU (blow) + ra (f. of

audeo) + ax], adj., daring, bold, -rus)], f., breeze, wind, air (as desperate, fearless.

moving), breath of life, the air, audeỗ, -ēre, ausus, [avido + eo], winds of heaven (often as opposed

v. intr. 2, (desire?), venture, dare. to hidden or enclosed space). - p.p., ausus, daring, venture- aurātus, -a, -um, (p.p. of auro], some. — As subst., the one who adj., gilded. dared. — Neut., ausum; see the aureus, -a, -um, [auro + eus), word.

adj., .of gold, golden. — Hence, audio, -ire, -ivi, -itum, [perh. beautiful, splendid, etc.

ausi- (stem of auris) do (cf. aurifer, -era, -erum, [aurðcondio)], v. tr. 4, hear. - Fig., fer (for ferus)], adj., gold-bear

obey (sagitta avium). auferõ, -ferre, abstuli, ablātum, auriga, -ae, [perh. aurea- (head

[ab-fero), v. tr. irr., bear away, stall) taga (akin to ago), cf. take away, take from, tear away, ' -cola], m., charioteer, driver. cut off (annos), carry off (a auris, -is, [(?), for ausis, cf. auprize).

sculto), f., ear. augeõ, -ēre, auxi, auctum, [?], Aurora, -ae, [vus (see uro), for

v. tr. 2, increase, swell, swell the ausosa], f., the dawn, daybreak. number of (deos), enlarge, be - Personified, Aurora, the godadded to : clamoribus (swell the dess of the morning, daughter of shout).

Hyperion, wife of Tithonus, and augur, -uris, [(?), compound with mother of Memnon. — Also, the avis), m., soothsayer.

eastern country, the East.


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