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No. VI.


WILLIAM PENN, Proprietor, acted as Governor from October, 1682, to August, 1684.

Thomas Lloyd, President, from August, 1684, to December, 1688 John Blackwell, Deputy-Governor, from December, 1688, to February, 1689-90.

President and Council, from February, 1689-90, to April 26th, 1693.

Benjamin Fletcher, Governor, from April 26th, to June 3d, 1693. William Markham, Deputy-Governor, from June 3d, 1693, to December, 1699.

William Penn acted again as Governor, from December 3d, 1699, to November 1st, 1701.

Andrew Hamilton, Deputy-Governor, from November 1st, 1701, to February, 1702 - 3.

President and Council, from February, 1702-3, to February, 1703-4.

John Evans, Deputy-Governor, from February, 1703-4, to February, 1708-9.

Charles Gookin, Deputy-Governor, from March, 1708-9, to 1717. Sir William Keith, Deputy-Governor, from March, 1717, to June, 1726.

Patrick Gordon, Deputy-Governor, from June, 1726, to June, 1736.
James Logan, President, from June, 1736, to June, 1738.

George Thomas, Deputy-Governor, from June, 1738, to June, 1747.
Anthony Palmer, President, from June 1747, to June, 1748.
James Hamilton, Deputy-Governor, from June, 1748, to June, 1754.
Robert Hunter Morris, Deputy-Governor, from October, 1754, to
August 19th, 1756.

William Denny, the present Deputy-Governor, from August 19th, 1756.

THE Royal Charter for Pennsylvania was granted March 4th, 1691.

The King's Declaration or Proclamation of the said Grant. April 2d, 1681.

The Agreement between William Penn and certain Adventurers and Purchasers, entitled, "Certain Conditions or Concessions," &c., was signed in England, July 11th, 1681.

The first Frame of Government for the Province was made in England, April 25th, 1682.

The first Laws for the Province were agreed upon in England, May 5th, 1682.

The Duke of York's Deed for Pennsylvania was signed August 21st, 1682.

The Duke of York's Deed of Feofment of Newcastle, and twelve miles Circle, to William Penn, August 24th, 1682.

The Duke of York's Deed of Feofment of a tract of land twelve miles south from Newcastle to the Whorekills, to William Penn, August 24th, 1682.

The first Assembly held in the Province was at Chester, December 4th, 1682.

The Act of Union, annexing the Delaware Counties to the Province, and the Act of Settlement, containing a new Frame of Government, were passed December 6th, 1682.

Another Frame of Government was passed April 2d, 1683. And another Frame of Government, November 7th, 1696. The Charter of the City of Philadelphia passed October 25th, 1701.

The Charter of Privileges for the Province, being the present Frame of Government, passed October 28th, 1701.

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