The Oriental herald and colonial review [ed. by J.S. Buckingham]., Band 3

James Silk Buckingham
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Seite 508 - I call therefore a complete and generous Education that which fits a man to perform justly, skilfully and magnanimously all the offices both private and public of peace and war.
Seite 230 - Obscure they went through dreary shades, that led Along the waste dominions of the dead. Thus wander travellers in woods by night, By the moon's doubtful and malignant light, When Jove in dusky clouds involves the skies, ^ And the faint crescent shoots by fits before their eyes.
Seite 378 - Thou, therefore, that sittest in light and glory unapproachable, Parent of angels and men ! next, thee I implore, Omnipotent King, Redeemer of that lost remnant, whose nature thou didst assume, ineffable and everlasting Love! and thou, the third subsistence of Divine infinitude, illumining Spirit, the joy and solace of created things I one Tripersonal Godhead ! look upon this thy poor and almost spent and expiring Church...
Seite 379 - But in the latter part of his life he was not a professed member of any particular sect among Christians; he frequented none of their assemblies, nor made use of their peculiar rites in his family.
Seite 377 - The soul's dark cottage, batter'd and decay'd, Lets in new light through chinks that time has made. Stronger by weakness, wiser men become, As they draw near to their eternal home : Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view, That stand upon the threshold of the new.
Seite 95 - While your Memorialists were indulging the hope that Government, from a conviction of the manifold advantages of being put in possession of full and impartial information regarding what is passing in all parts of the Country, would encourage the establishment of Newspapers in the cities and districts under the special patronage and protection of Government, that they might furnish the Supreme Authorities in Calcutta with an accurate account of local occurrences and reports of Judicial proceedings,...
Seite 377 - He wrote likewise a System of Divinity, but whether intended for public view, or collected merely for his own use, I cannot determine. It was in the hands of his friend, Cyriac Skinner; and where at present is uncertain.
Seite 377 - The next work after this was the writing from his own dictation, some part, from time to time, of a tractate which he thought fit to collect from the ablest of divines who had written of that subject: Amesius, Wollebius, &c., viz. A Perfect System of Divinity, of which more hereafter.
Seite 115 - If our motives of action are worthy, it must be wise to render them intelligible throughout an empire, our hold on which is opinion.
Seite 83 - Committee, that it is the duty of this country to promote the interest and happiness of the native inhabitants of the British dominions in India, and that such measures -ought to be adopted, as may tend to the introduction among them of useful knowledge, and of religious and moral improvement.

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