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Sometimes eight card cribbage is played; but very seldom.

Some ingenious people in London invented a game, which they called playing cribbage by hackney coaches, thus, two persons seating themselves at a window, one takes all the coaches from the right, the other all from the left, the figures on the doors being reckoned as cards in show, and every servant at the back of the coach called a noddy, and scored for


The Game of Matrimony is played with an entire pack of cards, by any number of persons, from five to fourteen. The game consists of five chances, viz.

Matrimony, which is king and queen.
Confederacy, king and kvave.
Intrigue, queen and knave.
Pair, two aces, or two kings, &c.

Best, which is the ace of diamonds, after which any olher ace is so considered, then king of diamonds, &c.

These several chances are marked on a board or sheet of paper, thus:






This game is generally played with counters. Each player has a number given him: the dealer then puts as many of them as he pleases, on either, or all of these several chances, and the other players are obliged to stake the same number of counters, except one: that is, if the dealer stakes twelve, the company lay on eleven each. After this is done, the dealer deals each person two cards, beginning with the person on his left, who is elder hand. He then deals round again one card to each, which is turned

and if

any one should have the ace of diamonds so turned up, he takes the whole pool. It is necessary to observe, that the ace of diamonds in hand, is of no more value than any other card. If it is not turned

up, then each person discovers his cards, and if they have matrimony, confederacy, &c. each draws whatever number of counters there may be on that pointWhen two or more persons happen to have a similar combination, in that case, the eldest hand has the pre ference; and should there be no chance gained, it stands over to the next deal.


The Game of Cassino is played with an entire pack of cards, generally by four persons, but sometimes by three, and often by two.

Terms used in the Game of Cassino. Great Cassino, the ten of diamonds, which reckons for two points.

Little Cassino, the two of spades, which reckons for one point.

The Cards, is when you have a greater share than your adversary, and reckons for three points.

The Spades, is when you have the majority of that suit, and reckons for one point.

The Aces; each of which reckons for one point.

Lurched, is when your adversary has won the game before you have gained six points.


The dealer and partners are determined by cutting, as at whist.

The deal is not lost when a card is faced by the dealer, unless in the first round before any of the four cards are turned up on the table ; and if a card should be faced in the pack before any of the said four are turned up, it is a new deal.

If any person plays with less than four cards, he must abide by the loss; and should a card be found under the table, the player wbose number is deficient is obliged to take it.

All the cards being dealt, those remaining on the tæ ble, unmatched, belong to the player who last took up.

If each player possesses an equal portion of the cards, that is, twenty-six each, neither can score any points that game.

When each player has reckoned his game, that is, the points that may arise from either of the cassinos, the cards, the spades, or the aces, the lesser number must be subtracted from the greater: as thus: suppose you have great cassino and two aces, which make four points, and your adversary has little cassino, the cards, the spades, and two aces, which make seven points, he only marks three, as your four points must be deducted.

You must never examine the cards taken up, unless you suspect a mistake, when you must challenge it imm.diately, otherwise you cannot claim it.

If you are lurched, you lose a double stake, provided you do not agree to the contrary before you commence

the game.

Method of dealing, with rules for playing, 8c. 1. Eleven points constitute the game; and six is the lurch. These eleven points are thus calculated :

Great Cassino
Little Cassino
The four aces, one point each
The majority of spades
The majority of cards

3 The sweep before the end of the game, when

a player can match all on the board, also

reckons for 2. On the commencement of the game, each party cuts for deal, which is determined as at the game of whist. The dealer then gives each player one card, and turns up one on the board, and thus, alternately each player has four cards, and four on the board. It is only on the first deal, that any cards are turned up on the board.

3. When the cards are thus dealt, examine your hand, and also those on the board, in order to see if you can pair them, or make up a number of pips from the cards on the table, equal to the card you lay down; if so, you take them up, and place them before you with their faces downwards.

4. Always reinember to take up spades in preference to any other suit.

5. Always endeavour to remember the cards played and those which remain in ; which will be of great service to you in playing.

6. When by playing a card you can match all on the

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