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Newspaper Postage. For each Newspaper, not carried out of the state in which it is published; or if carried out of the State, but not carried over 100 miles, 1 cent.

Over 100 miles, and out of the state in which it is published, 14 cents.

Magazines and Pamphlets. If published . periodically, distance not exceeding 100 miles,

1} cents per sheet. Ditto do. over 100 miles,


do. If not published periodically, distance not exceeding 100 miles,

4 cents per sheet. Ditto do. over 100 miles,

6 do. Small pamphlets, containing not more than a half sheet royal, are charged with half those rates. Eight pages quarto are rated as one sheet, and all other sizes in the same proportion.

The number of sheets which it contains, must be printed or written on one of the outer pages of every pamphlet or magazine sent by mail.

Everything not coming under the denomination of newspapers or pamphlets, is charged with letter postage

OPERATIONS OF THE MINT. The coinage effected within the year 1830 amounts to $3,155,620,,comprising $643,105, $2,495,400 in, silver, $17,115. in copper, and consisting of 8,357,19L. pieces of coin, viz: Half Eagles 126,351 pieces, making $631,755 Quarter Eagles 4,540

11,350 Half Dollars, 4,764,800

2,382,400 Dimes, 510,000

51,000 Half Dimes, 1,240,000

62,000. Cents, 1,711,500


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$3,155,620 The coinage effected within the year 1831, amounts to $3,923,473 60 comprising $714,270 in. gold' coinsy, $3,175,600 in silver, and $33,603 60 •in.copper, and consisting of 11,792,284 pieces of coin, viz :. Half Eagles

140,594, pieces, making $702,970.00; Quarter Eagles, 4,520

11,300 00 Half Dollars, 5,873,660.

2,986,830.00 Quarter Dolls., 398,000.

99,500.00 Dimes, 771,350

77,135.00 Half Dimes“, 1,242,700,

62,135, 00 Cents, 3,359,260

33,592. 60 Half Cents, 2,200

11 00

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$3,923,473 60 Of the amount of gold coined within 1831, about 130,000 dollars were derived from Mexico, South America, and the West Indies, 27,000 dollars from Africa, 518,000 dollars from the gold region of the United States, and about 39,000 dollars from sources not ascertained.

Of the amount of gold of the United States, above mentioned, about 26,000 dollars may be stated to have been received from Virginia, 294,000 dollars from North Carolina, 22,000 dollars from South Carolina, and 176,000 from Georgia. Gold has also been received within the past year from Tennessee and Alabama, not exceeding, however, 1000 dollars from each of these states; an amount meriting little regard, except as indicating the progressive development of the gold region.

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