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Or wert,

5 Egeria ! sweet creation of some heart
Which found no mortal resting-place so fair
As thine ideal breast; whate'er thou art

--a young Aurora of the air,
The nympholepsy of some fond despair;
Or, it might be, a beauty of the earth,
Who found a more than commom votary there

Too much adoring ; whatsoe'er thy birth,
Thou wert a beautiful thought, and softly bodied forth."

Of the perfections of bachelors' wives it is unnecessary to speak : they are so well known that no eulogy, even from the ablest

could do them


de gree of justice. But the manner in which those sweet intellectual creatures entertain their solitary husbands, their conjugal conversations, and the manifold poetical graces and rational blandishments with which they render their society so delightful and endearing, are not generally known. We have therefore undertaken the agreeable task of informing the world with respect to topics so interesting, and we doubt not that, before our labours are completed, we shall have persuaded all our fair and gentle readers to emulate the fascinating intelligence of the faultless, the everplacent, ever-pleasant companion, Egeria.


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