Wonder of a kingdom; Old Fortunatus, by Thomas Dekker. Bussy D'Ambois; Monsieur D'Olive, by George Chapman

Whittingham and Rowland, 1814

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Seite 125 - If thou art rich, thou art poor ; For, like an ass, whose back with ingots bows, Thou bear'st thy heavy riches but a journey, And death unloads thee.
Seite 275 - When they hold no proportion, the sly charms Of the witch policy makes him, like a monster Kept only to show men for servile money : That false hag often paints him in her cloth Ten times more monstrous than he is in troth...
Seite 118 - There's a lean fellow beats all conquerors ; The greatest strength expires with loss of breath, The mightiest in one minute stoop to death. Then take Long Life, or Health ; should I do so, I might grow ugly, and that tedious scroll Of months and years much misery...
Seite 118 - I'll beg for Beauty ; yet I will not ; The fairest 'cheek hath oftentimes a soul Leprous as sin itself, than hell more foul. The Wisdom of this world is idiotism ; Strength a weak reed ; Health Sickness' enemy, And it at length will have the victory. Beauty is but a painting ; and Long Life Is a long journey in December gone, Tedious and full of tribulation. Therefore, dread sacred Empress, make me rich : My choice is Store of Gold; the Rich are Wise, He that upon his back rich garments wears Is...
Seite 281 - A lark of heaven, in heart a mole of earth ; That hath good living, and a wicked life; A temperate look, and a luxurious gut; Turning the rents of his superfluous cures Into your pheasants and your partridges ; Venting their quintessence as men read Hebrew : Let me but hawk at him, and, like the other, He shall confess all, and you then may hang him.
Seite 304 - Here's nought but whispering with us : like a calm Before a tempest, when the silent air Lays her soft ear close to the earth, to hearken For that, she fears is coming to afflict her.
Seite 235 - And as great seamen using all their wealth And skills in Neptune's deep invisible paths, In tall ships richly built and ribb'd with brass, To put a girdle round about the world...
Seite 339 - Oh, frail condition of strength, valour, virtue In me (like warning fire upon the top Of some steep beacon, on a steeper hill) Made to express it ! like a falling star Silently glanc'd, that like a thunderbolt, Look'd to have stuck and shook the firmament.
Seite 259 - Bent to his root, which being at length made loose (Even groaning with his weight) he 'gan to nod This way and that, as loth his curled brows (Which he had oft wrapt in the sky with storms) Should stoop ; and yet, his radical fibres burst, Storm-like he fell, and hid the fear-cold earth: So fell stout Barrisor, that had stood the shocks Of ten set battles in your highness' war 'Gainst the sole soldier of the world Navarre.
Seite 269 - Sadness of heart, and ominous secureness, Enchantments, dead sleeps, all the friends of rest, That ever wrought upon the life of man, Extend your utmost strengths ; and this charm'd hour Fix like the centre: make the violent wheels Of Time and Fortune stand ; and great existence (The maker's treasury) now not seem to be...

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