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Lately published, Price 7s. in bds.

HERMESIANACTIS, poetæ elegiaci Colophonii, Fragmentum Notis, et Glossario, et Versionibus tum Latinis, tum etiam Anglicis, instruxit JACOBUS BAILEY, A.M. e Coll. Trin. Cant.—Appendicis loco subjiciuntur ARCHILOCHI ac PRATINÆ Fragmenta duo similiter instructa. — Accedit GEORGII BURGESII Epistola Critica.-Londini excuderunt R. et J. E. TAYLOR. Veneunt apud WHITTAKER et Socc. Londinenses, J. H. PARKER Oxoniensem, et T. STEVENSON Cantabrigiensem. MDCCCXXXIX.

This Volume, together with Part I. of the Comicorum Græcorum Fragmenta, constitutes A COMPLETE COLLECTION




The Subscribers to this Work, which has been executed under circunstances of peculiar embarrassment and uncommon difficulty, are most respectfully informed, that the Editor, as he

proceeded, did not feel as if he could do justice to the undertaking by circumscribing his own Annotations, and those incorporated, within narrower limits.

The expence of printing has consequently very considerably exceeded the rate of Subscription. The Editor's plea must be, that, when the Prospectus was first issued, he was necessitated to fix a price, whilst it was impossible to judge accurately until trial should have been for some time made. To Subscribers, however, both Parts will still be open at the Subscription-price; although it is hoped that many, looking favourably upon the circumstances of the case, will acquiesce in receiving them at the price which the expence of printing seems fairly to require. In the Second Part will be included a Preface at some length, some brief Notes upon the different Fragments by GEORGE BURGES M.A. a Table of Errata, (which it is confidently expected are not numerous) and the necessary Indexes. The names also of the Subscribers will appear in the Second Part; in the number of which the Editor has the high honour to rank that of THE QUEEN'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY, and likewise those of the Chancellor and High Steward of the University of Cambridge.

J. B.
Peckham, near London,

20 May, 1840.


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