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These publications contain the results of research work from various departments of the University and are offered for exchange with universities, scientific societies, and other institutions. Papers will be published as separate monographs numbered in several series. There is no stated interval of publication. Application for any of these publications should be made to the University Librarian.

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SERIES 1. J. T. GEROULD, Sources of English History of the Seventeenth Century, 16031689, in the University of Minnesota Library, with a Selection of Secondary Material. 1921. $4.00.

EDUCATION SERIES 1. F. H. SWIFT, Studies in Public School Finance: The West-California and Colorado. 1922. $3.00.

2. F. H. SWIFT AND OTHERS, Studies in Public School Finance: The East-Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey. 1923. $2.00.

3. F. H. SWIFT AND OTHERS, Studies in Public School Finance: The Middle West-Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota, with a Supplement on Alaska. 1925. $3.50.

4. F. H, SWIFT AND OTHERS, Studies in Public School Finance: The SouthArkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee. 1925. $2.50. 5. L. V. Koos, The Junior College. 2 volumes. 1924. $5.00.

STUDIES IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES 1. THOMPSON AND WARBER, Social and Economic Survey of a Rural Township in Southern Minnesota. 1913. $0.50.

2. M. N. ORFIELD, Federal" Land Grants to the States, with Special Reference to Minnesota. 1915. $1.00.

3. E. V. D. ROBINSON, Early Economic Conditions and the Development of Agriculture in Minnesota. 1915. $1.50.

4. L. D. H. WELD AND OTHERS, Studies in the Marketing of Farm Products. 1915. $0.50.

5. B. PALMER, Swamp Land Drainage, with Special Reference to Minnesota. 1915. $0.50.

6. A. E. JENKS, Indian-White Amalgamation: An Anthropometric Study. 1916. $0.50.

7. C. D. ALLIN, A History of the Tariff Relations of the Australian Colonies. 1918. $0.75.

8. FRANCES H. RELF, The Petition of Right. 1917. $0.75.

9. G. L. WILSON, Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians: An Indian Interpretation. 1917. $0.75.

10. NOTESTEIN AND RELF, Editors, Comnions Debates for 1629. 1921. $4.00.

11. R. A. KENT, A Study of State Aid to Public Schools in Minnesota. 1918. $1.00.

12. R. C. LODGE, The Meaning and Function of Simple Modes in the Philosophy of John Locke. 1918. $0.75.

13. FLORENCE R. CURTIS, The Libraries of the American State and National Institutions for Defectives, Dependents, and Delinquents. 1918. $0.50.

14. L. A. BOETTIGER, Armenian Legends and Festivals. 1920. $0.75.

15. W. ANDERSON, A History of the Constitution of Minnesota, with the First Verified Text. 1921. $1.75.

16. FAITH THOMPSON, The First Century of Magna Carta: Why It Persisted As a Document. 1925. $1.50.

17. Mason W. TYLER, The European Powers and the Near East, 1875-1908. 1925. $2.00.


1. FRANKFORTER AND Frary, Equilibria in Systems Containing Alcohols, Salts, and Water. 1912. $0.50. 2. FRANKFORTER AND KRITCHEVSKY, A New Phase of Catalysis. 1914. $0.50.

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Research Publications of the University of Minnesota

Education Series

Number 3



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