Amtliche Sammlung der Bundesgeseze und Verordnungen der schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft, Band 5

Gedruckt in der Stämpflischen Buchdruckerei, 1882

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Seite 320 - Magistrate , Justice of the Peace, or other competent authority in either country , on such information or complaint , and such evidence, or after such proceedings as would, in the opinion of the...
Seite 333 - The extradition shall not take place if, subsequently to the commission of the crime, or the institution of the penal prosecution, or the conviction thereon, exemption from prosecution or punishment has been acquired by lapse of time, according to the laws of the State applied to.
Seite 332 - A fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered if the offence in respect of which his surrender is demanded is one of a political character...
Seite 334 - If the individual claimed should be under prosecution, or condemned for a crime or offence committed in the country where he may hare taken refuge, his surrender may be deferred until he shall have been set at liberty in due course of law.
Seite 338 - The present Treaty shall come into force ten days after its. publication, in conformity with the forms prescribed by the laws of the High Contracting Parties.
Seite 772 - Die Rechte, welche den Aktionären in den Angelegenheiten der Gesellschaft, insbesondere in Beziehung auf die Führung der Geschäfte, die Einsicht und Prüfung der Bilanz und die Bestimmung der Gewinnvcrtheilung zustehen, werden von der Gefammtheit der Aktionäre in der Generalverfammlung ausgeübt.
Seite 314 - ... that persons charged with or convicted of the crimes hereinafter enumerated, and being fugitives from justice, should, under certain circumstances, be reciprocally delivered up...
Seite 336 - The requisition for the surrender of a fugitive criminal, who has taken refuge in any of such colonies or foreign possessions, shall be made to the governor or chief authority of such colony or possession by the chief consular officer of the Republic of Bolivia in such colony or possession.
Seite 337 - Her Britannic Majesty shall, however, be at liberty " to make special arrangements in the British Colonies " and foreign possessions for the surrender of...
Seite 340 - We will sincerely and faithfully perform and observe all and singular the things which are contained and expressed in the Treaty aforesaid, and that We will never suffer the same to be violated by any one, or transgressed in any manner, as far as it lies in Our power.

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