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Poland. His account of the recep- similar to that of Count von der tion he met with coincides with the Recke at Dusselthal. statements given relative to other From Warsaw, Mr.M.Caul writes: places. The Jews visited him “ The affairs of the mission go on daily in crowds, applying for books uniformly; Jews visiting us, and or for religious instruction. Some being visited by us. We see conyoung persons in particular mani. tinually some fresh instance of secret fested an anxious desire to embrace belief amongst them.” Mr. M'Caul's Christianity. He learned that seve- ordination promised to contribute to ral Jews met on a stated day for the the weight and stability of the Sopurpose of reading the New Testa- ciety's mission in Poland. The Poment; and that in the public school lish Reformed Church is episcopal, for the education of Christian boys, and has its ordination from the Bofree places had been appointed for hemian brethren. When I told Jewish children, fourteen of whom Professor C.,” says Mr. M'Caul, attended, and appeared desirous of “that I was ordained, he immedireceiving Christian instruction. He ately called me his brother; and on visited, likewise, other towns in presenting him with a copy of the Prussian Poland ; in which he met German version of the Prayer-book, with considerable encouragement.

after he had read the communion The Missionaries of the London service, he declared he would make Society have also been steadily pro- use of it. He said also, that he secuting their work in Poland, in thought many of his brethren would those parts chiefly which are sub- do the same if they could procure ject to the Russian sceptre. The copies." Permission was readily Missionaries Becker, Wendt, and granted to Mr. M'Caul, to perform Hoff, remained principally in War- Divine service at Warsaw, accord

They had the satisfaction of ing to the forms of the Church of finding that several of the Jews who England. On the first day of his formerly had received books, on officiating there were forty-eight hearing that missionaries were there English persons present, and several again, began to renew their visits; strangers ; amongst others, two Jews and that those who had received who speak good English. copies of the Scriptures themselves, The interests of the Polish miscame afterwards, bringing other ap- sion have been further strengthened plicants with them. Some came by the ordination of the German from a great distance to converse missionaries, Becker, Wendt, and with them and to obtain books. They Hoff; the first according to the had reason also to believe that the rites of the Reformed, the other two Testaments were read as well as re- to those of the Lutheran Church. ceived.

Mr. Moritz, the Jewish convert - In reference to other places, the employed as a missionary among his Missionaries report,—“ The Jews brethren by the Emperor Alexander, came to us in such numbers that our continued to labour with zeal and room and the place round about perseverance, and had been instruour house, were quite crowded; and mental in awakening, or confirming, they quietly listened to what we religious impressions in not a few said, and asked for books." They Jews in various parts of Russian do not, however, disguise that they Poland. The education of Jewish found at the same time much igno- children had begun to engage serious rance among most, and much per- attention in St. Petersburgh; and verseness among many, of the Jew. the Society had determined to make ish inhabitants.

themselves responsible for the exThe Posen Society had it in con- pense of the instruction of all the templation to form a Jewish colony Jewish children who may be admitted in the neighbourhood, of a nature into the school in that metropolis.


The Committee next turn to the rusalem, until lately, was thought shores of the Mediterranean, where to be an impracticable place for misthe operations of the Society are sionary undertakings; and the Jews, beginning to assume somewhat of a inhabitants of Palestine, were conregular and systematic character. sidered as an inaccessible people,

The Rev. Charles Neat and Dr. from their pride, bigotry, and preClarke had commenced their labours tended wisdom. Mr. Wolf, I may among the Gibraltar Jews ; visiting venture to say, has cleared the way them, discussing with them the main to these modern Jews, and himself points of difference between Jews succeeded, in a great measure, with and Christians, refuting their objec- them. Under these circumstances, tions, examining with them the Old- the Committee felt they ought no Testament Scriptures, and endea- longer to postpone the adoption of vouring to lead them to a diligent effectual measures for carrying on study, with prayer, of those sacred the work at Jerusalem. Accordingoracles.

ly, they determined to establish a - Proceeding up the Mediterranean, permanent mission in that city, and the Committee report the formation directed Mr.Lewis to proceed thither of a society for the spiritual benefit without delay. of the Jews, in the island of Malta. From India, the Committee conThe object of this institution is to tinue to receive pleasing accounts form a centre of union and commu- of the state of the Jewish schools at nication between Asia, Europe, and Cochin. The Madras CorrespondAfrica, for all purposes and plans ing Committee write respecting connected with the conversion of the them :Jews.' The immediate impulse to “ Under the blessing of God, we this undertaking was given by the have the assurance of the Jews

payRev. Lewis Way, who had arrived ing every attention to our endeathere on his way from Italy to Pa- vours to aid and assist them. Nolestine.

thing can exceed the willingness of The Committee had received the both White and Black Jews to come fullest, confirmation of Mr. Wolf's forward with their children for inown account of his labours and of struction,” the encouragement which attended

The Committee appropriately conthem.

clude their Report, “ grateful for Dr.Naudi, alluding to Mr. Wolf's past success, animated to further two visits to Jerusalem, writes ;- exertion, and humbly supplicating

Things in the Holy Land, under a blessing from on high on all the Divine Providence, seem at present present and future efforts of the Soto be more interesting, and more ciety." pressing, than any where else. Je

BAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The last Report of this Society, in mote the edification and usefulness detailing the occurrences at its va- of the native converts at large. Once rious missionary stations, gives the a week they assemble for improvefollowing particulars respecting Se- ment in Scriptural knowledge, when rampore.

they are encouraged to express their “* Besides visiting the villages own sentiments on chosen passages around, three little chapels have of the sacred volume, and the Comlately been erected in the town of mentary of the late excellent Mr. Serampore. Tracts have also been Scott is read to them in Bengalee. distributed to a great extent, no less They have even instituted a Native than eight thousand having been Missionary Society, managed algiven away at a single festival. Va- most entirely by themselves; one rious means are employed to pro- result of which is, the publication

of a small monthly work in Benga- pore translations having been pub. lee, entitled “ The Increase of lished, and extensively distributed, Christ's Kingdom ;" and such is it is the less necessary to recapitualready the extent of the native late the particulars of their progress. Christian public in Bengal, that the That memoir, remarks the Report, sale of this publication, though at « contains a variety of testimonies, à very low price, nearly covers the from learned natives intimately conexpenses.

versant with the different languages os The success of the experiments into which the sacred writings have in female education, first made by been translated, to the correct and our junior missionaries at Calcutta, intelligible manner in which this and afterwards, on a more extend- great work has been executed. All ed scale, by Miss Cooke (now Mrs. who can appreciate the difficulty of Wilson), having attracted the atten- such an undertaking will, on readtion of our senior brethren, they ing these attestations, be surprized have entered, with their characters that, in so early a stage, so much istic zeal, on this department also ; accuracy should have been attainand at the date of our last commu- ed; and will be gratified to perceive nications on this subject, they had that, while unworthy attempts have established, in and around Seram- been made in Europe to represent pore, seventeen schools, in which these versions as spurious and CODnearly three hundred female chil- temptible, such a triumphant body dren were receiving instruction. of evidence was preparing in their

“ The general effect, resulting favour on the spot where opinions from these combined and persevere are of so much greater value.” ing efforts to promote the spiritual The new college, founded by the welfare of the native population, exertions of the Serampore Missionbecomes more and more apparent. aries, is advancing towards comple• The Gospel,' say the Missionaries, tion ; and ten Brahmins were avail

is no longer despised among the ing themselves of the advantages it heathen here. The conduct of those affords for the acquisition of scienwho have professed it has now been tific knowledge. witnessed by them through a period At Colombo, Mr. Chater and his vf twenty years; and after all that associates have completed the transthey have seen of their remaining lation of the whole Bible into the weakness of mind, the conviction Cingalese. The Report states, that is widely spread, that Christianity after a strict examination by intelhas made them better men—that it ligent natives, this translation has is the truth, and will surely spread. been highly approved ; and was unThe native Christian brethren are dergoing a careful revision. The no longer reproached for embracing translation of the New Testament the Gospel, and renouncing the into the Javanese had been comidolatry of their fathers; they are pleted by Nir. Brückner, and some declared to have acted herein like portions of it were being printed at wise men, who have followed that

a lithographic press, forwarded for which they believed to be truth.'" that purpose to Bencoolen. A separate memoir of the Seram

LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The following extracts, from recent letter which I sent from Griqua letters from the Society's Mission- Town, informing you of the apnaries in South Africa, exhibit a proach of the Mantatees. On my prospect of the extension of the return to Lattakoo, I informed Society's mission in the interior of Mateebe of the success of my that country. Mr. Hamilton writes: mission to the Griquas, soliciting

" I hope you have received the assistance from them in case Latta. koo should be threatened with an « 26th. A man came from Kur. attack by that strange invading reechane with the intelligence that nation. Í urged bim to call å the men of war in that town had general meeting of his people, to marched out to meet the enemy. consider what was proper to be done I asked the chief if he wished for for their defence, and pointed out missionaries, and if he would remove the necessity of sending persons the town higher up the Molopo into the interior to obtain informa- river, where there was much water. tion of the movements of the in. He replied that he wished for misvaders; but all my entreaties were sionaries with all his art. unavailing till the 19th of February, “ Three men from the Boqueen when a Peetso, or general meeting, country, which lies twelve days' assembled. A long time was taken journey north of Makkabba's, were up by the speakers in urging the here, by whom I sent a message to necessity of holding fast the mis- Housey, their chief, to be kind to sionaries, who were represented to any White men who might be trabe the preservers of their city. velling among them. The nation

.. « March 6th. A man arrived beyond them, they said, lived on the from the north, who informed us banks of a fresh water lake, the that Makkabba, King of Melita, other side of which could not be united with two other nations, had seen. In the afternoon, · by the attacked and routed the invaders, consent and in the presence of the after fighting three days ; but as no chief, and about a thousand heathen, dependence could be placed on this who assembled by his orders, i account, I determined to take a preached from John iii. 16. The journey higber up the country, to greatest decorum was observed ascertain the true state of things. during the time of worship.

« 10th. I collected a small party, “ 27th. Sabbath. In a land where consisting of two Hottentots, a no Sabbath is known, before morn- . wandering Griqua, a Boshuana, and ing service the chief presented me a boy. Having obtained a guide from with an ox for food, and gave orders a chief of old Lattakoo, we set out for the people to assemble, when a

: 25th. We came to a Borolong great concourse attended, and I was town in the evening. Found about invited to take my stand near the 500 men in the public inclosure, chief. After worship, the chief and in a short time saw the prin- desired to see the Bible laid on the cipal chief and a party come to hear ground before him, which attracted what news I had brought. I told their admiration for a long time. -him that I had heard of the approach In the afternoon I went to the of the Mantatees, but could obtain division of the town, which was no certain information where they under a chief named Kunsey, when were, and had come to inquire of I preached on the birth of Christ. him. He said there were some The head chief sent to desire me to nations coming, but whence they come and tell him and his people were he knew not, but heard that once more the good news before I they had conquered six nations, or left them. The people came in towns ; had eaten up all the produce great numbers, and continued to do of the ground; that at present they so till worship was almost ended. were engaged with a town not far The subject was Christ's raising from the Marootzee, whence he Lazarus. After worship, the chief supposed they would pass Mak- asked again for the Bible, which kabba, and come directly to his was laid on the ground and gazed town; but added, whether they will at for a considerable time. The come to Lattakoo or not was uncer- chief sent us milk and water melons tain, as they are much afraid of the every day. This town is situated White people's muskets.

about three days' journey from a

town which Mr. Campbell visited. have à considerable influence on It consists of about twenty divisions, their minds. They could not view or districts. The houses are small the wonders of science and art, and neat, and so separated, that, and the advantages they confer should one be on fire, the flames on almost every member of society, would not be able to reach the next. without contrasting these with their The great town of the Wanketzens own puerile advances in every part is only about two days' journey north of domestic economy. Probably, of it. I would have visited Mak- when Peclu comes to have the reins kabba had I had beads, which are the of government in his own hands, he only present valued by an African may be induced to correct some of prince.

the inconsistencies of their system, “ I have never witnessed in Africa which tend to check the increase of any thing like what I have seen here. knowledge and improvement, and When I was standing amid the keep the weaker sex in a state of heathen multitude, preaching the comparative slavery. We have Great Salvation, and saw the lanes reason to hope that they will be led of the towns thronged with crowds to view their White neighbours in a coming to hear the word of God, I more respectable light, and be conwas ready to adopt the words of vinced that we are not come here to Jesus at Jacob's well, “Lift up your live on them, but to suffer for their eyes, and behold the fields are sakes. already white to the harvest; but “Since my return, brother Hamilwhere are the labourers, the holy ton and I settled with Mateebe men of God in Britain, who have about the ground on which we given themselves soul and body to intend to fix the new station, and Christ? The princes of Ethiopia are spent three days on the spot, plancrying, like the man of Macedonia, ning the ground for the buildings, • Come OVER

Us!' and marking out the course of the Let the cry reverberate from east to canal. west, and from north to south-let

regards our labours, we it reach England, and it shall not continue to hope that our apparenthe heard in vain; for some will come ly fruitless efforts will be eventually over to the help of the Lord, to crowned with success. At present the help of the Lord against the there seems little probability of our mighty.

old friends the Mantatees paying us. "I was only two days in this town, a second visit. on account of the approach of the “ The Caffres have lately maniinvaders. I left it with regret, and fested a strong desire of instruction. with a promise soon to return. After One of the chiefs sent two of his preaching to the wandering tribes sons, very fine boys, to our mison the road, I reached home on the sionary station at Theopolis

, re8th of April."

questing that they might be received A more recent letter from Messrs. into the institution, and instructed Hamilton and Moffat, adds the fol. with the other children in the lowing intelligence.

schools. He also sent some cattle “ On our arrival at this station, with them, to defray the expense of New Lattakoo, we were instantly their board and education. His surrounded by the noisy multitude, messenger was charged to say to who seemed eager to manifest their our missionary, that he would part joy at our return. The kindness with all he possessed to obtain a shewn to Peclu and Teysho by missionary at his kraal, or to be his Excellency the Governor, and allowed to come with his family, also by some of the respectable and reside on one of our settleinhabitants of the Cape, cannot but ments.”



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