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Great Britain, has deprived the world of wards of a thousand in number, with all a collection of articles of great literary, the valuable papers and notes of my philosophical, and political value. Sir friends Arnold and Jack. To conclude, í Thomas says, in the affecting letter which will merely notice, that there was scarcely gave an account of the melancholy disaster, an unknown animal, bird, beast, or fish, The property which I have lost, on the or an interesting plant, which we had not most moderate estimate, cannot be less than on board : a living tapir, a new species 20,0001. I might almost say 30,0001. But of tiger, splendid pheasants, &c. &c. all the loss which I have to regret beyond all, domesticated for the voyage. We were, is my papers and drawings ; all my papers, in short, in this respect, a perfect Noah's of every description, including my notes Ark. All, all has perished; but, thank and observations, with memoirs and col- God, our lives have been spared, and we lections, sufficient for a full and ample do not repine.” history, not only of Sumatra, but of Bor- NEW SOUTH WALES, &c. neo, and every other island in these seas; Mr. MacAdam's system of paving has my intended aécount of the establishment been introduced into Sydney. A presbyof Sincapore ; the history of my own ad- terian church is to be erected at Sydney. ministration; grammars, dictionaries, and A Religious Tract Society was formed in vocabularies; and last, not least, a grand Sydney in September last. A bank is map of Sumatra, on which I had been em- about to be incorporated in Van Dieman's ployed since my first arrival here, and on Land. An agricultural society has been which, for the last six months, I had already established there. A new almanac, bestowed almost my whole undivided at- calculated for the meridian of the island, tention. This, however, was not all-all is also expected to make its appearance, my collections in natural history, and under the sanction of the Government. my splendid collection of drawings, up



Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified the late Rev. Edward Williams, D.D., Sinner. 12mo. 10s. 6d.

with an Appendix, including Remarks on A Sermon on the Death of Lord Byron; important parts of Theological Science; by a Layman. ls.

by Joseph Gilbert. 1 vol. 8vo. A Selection of Psalms and Hymns, de- Harding's (W.) Short-Hand Improved. signed for the use of a Country Congrega- 3s. tion ; by the Rev. F. Cunningham. Is. 3d. Views in Greece ; by W. H. Williams.

A Selection of Psalm Tunes of various 8vo. 12s. ; 4to. 21s. metres, adapted to the above Selection of Original Letters illustrative of English Psalms and Hymns; by the same. Bound History; by Henry Ellis. 3 vols. 36s. with the Psalms and Hymns, 3s. 6d. Letters on the Character and Poetical

Genius of Lord Byron ; by Sir Egerton The Highlands and Western Isles of Brydges. Post 8vo. 10s. 6d. Scotland; by J. Macculloch, M. D. 4 Past and Actual State of Trade carried vols. 8vo. 31. 3s.

on by Great Britain with all Parts of the A Voyage to Cochin China ; by John World, from 1697 to 1822; by Cæsar White. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Moreau. On a sheet. 10s. 6d. Five Years' Residence in the Canadas; Elements of Hydrostatics, designed by E. A. Talbot. 2 vols. 8vo. 2ls. for the use of Students in the University;

Tour in Germany and some of the by Miles Bland, B.D. 8vo. 12s. Southern Provinces of the Austrian Em- Ingenuous Scruples; by A. C. Mant. pire, in 1820-1-2-3. 2 vols. 16s.

12mo. 5s. The Library Companion; or,

the Young

Remains of Robert Bloomfield. 2 vols. Man's Guide and Old Man's Comfort in fs.-cap 8vo. 12s. the_Choice of a Library; by the Rev. Conchologist's Companion ; by the AuT. F. Dibdin. 8vo. 27s.

thor of the Wonders of the Vegetable Watts's Bibliotheca Britannica, in 11 Kingdom. parts, 111. lls.

Outline of the System of Education at Marshall's Royal Naval Biography; vol. New Lanark; by R. D. Owen. 8vo. 2s. 2, part 1, 8vo. 158.


66 who

PRAYER-BOOK AND HOMILY nication, a larger supply of books has been SOCIETY.

sent to Warsaw. The last Report of this institution states, Considerable discussion having arisen that the twelfth year of the Society's pro- among the Protestants in Prussia receedings has been one of the most suc- specting the adoption of a Liturgy, the cessful which have marked its progress. Committee have entered into correspondAt home, the patronage of the institution ence with a pious Professor at Berlin, has been very considerably enlarged; and to whom they have sent a considerabroad, the Society's sphere of usefulness able supply of the Book of Commonhas continued to expand. The Right Prayer, both in English and German. In Honourable Lord Bexley has been elected a letter written by this gentleman, much President; and his Grace the Archbishop pleasure is expressed on his finding that of Tuam, and the Bishops of St. David's, the Society was willing to extend its useful Norwich, and Lichfield and Coventry, exertions to the Prussian dominions. “The Vice-Patrons ; and the Earls of Gosford theological students," he says, and Roden, with Lord Viscount Lorton know your Liturgy book, are charmed and Lord Barham, Vice-Presidents. with it; but few only do know it. I can

The Report first adverts to the foreign positively assert that they would very operations and correspondence of the So- gladly receive copies, and that these would ciety

be usefully put into their hands. Your A Clergyman resident at Warsaw, after Society, also, would give much pleasure stating that he had distributed many Ho- to some of them, if they sent some Engmilies in German, and that many more lish copies, as several of our students unmight be circulated with much advantage, derstand English. Respecting the Chrisproceeds to state, that numerous colonies tian laity, I can only say, that those who of Germans are to be found in every part know English, and have seen the Prayerof Poland. “ Many of these,” he adds, book, are very much pleased with it; but “ have no pastor.

They assemble on Sun- few of these know English, and fewer day, when a schoolmaster reads aloud a still have seen the book. I should think, sermon. They sing hymns, but have no accordingly, that among laymen also it prayers. A reprint of the Morning and would be gladly received." Evening Services of our Church, with the

By means of the Tract Societies in Epistles and Gospels, which reprint could Hanover, and at Berlin, by friends at Brebe effected at a small expense, would be men and Basle, and by others travelling peculiarly useful to them.”—He adds: “A on the continent, or who meet with Gergreat curiosity respecting the English Li- mans in this country, Homilies in that turgy has been excited here by our English language are largely distributed.—“ You service; and very many foreigners have will do well," writes a correspondent, been inquiring after Prayer-books."

“to urge all your friends in reference to « In Poland,” he then says, Reformed Church is Episcopal, being a

your foreign operations. Tell them of

the wide field that is opening in Gerbranch of the Church of the Bohemian

many and Poland. Tell them of the Brethren. Persecution, indeed, compelled awful prevalence of Socinianism in its them to lay aside the title of · Bishop;' very worst form ; of the deplorable want instead of which they use that of • Ge- of religious instruction ; of the profligacy neral Senior.' But the ordination has of manners which prevails; of the milever been preserved pure. Mr. Von lions who bear the Christian name, but Diehl, the present General Senior, was are in a far worse state than the heathen obliged to travel above 400 English miles in almost any part of the world. Tell to be consecrated by an old bishop, then them, too, that there is hope of a new on the point of death. To one of the Rc- and better spirit appearing and spreading formed clergy I presented a copy of the itself in the north of Germany; that German Prayer-book; and so highly was many young men of real piety are now to he delighted with the prayers, that he said be found among the students for the mihe should make use of parts of them. In- nistry. And whither should they look for deed, all the ceremonies used in conduct- sound, judicious, practical divinity, to diing our public worship bave commanded rect them and keep them from mysticism the respect of those who have witnessed and enthusiasm, but to that church which them.” In cons juence of this commu

seems to have been so wonderfully raised CHRIST V. No. 273.

4 G

" the

up, preserved, and blessed, to be a bul religious people, fond of serious subjects, wark of the cause of true religion in Eu- and are particularly anxious to purchase rope and in the world ? "

copies of the Bible in their own language. During the last year, several copies of I am disposed to think that some of our the Prayer-book in Italian have been sold Homilies, rendered into their vernacular or distributed with acceptance in Italy. A tongue, would be very acceptable to them." correspondence has been commenced with, To this suggestion the Committee willingand Prayer-books in French, Italian, and ly listened, and have requested further inLatin sent to, some pastors of the church formation as to the practicability of proin the valleys of Piedmont. When a curing the versions proposed. friend of this Society lately visited a Pro- The same correspondent mentions the testant pastor in a town situated at the following interesting incident. “A short foot of the Alps, he saw on his table a time since a Jew was introduced to me at Latin copy of our Liturgy. At a mise. Constantinople, who wished to be inrable village, lying between two moun- structed in the doctrines of Christianity. tains, where he had occasion to pass a He informed me, that he was a native of Sabbath, he met with a Carmelite Capu- Poland; and that, having associated much chin friar, who comes, every Sunday, three with Christians, and read the Scriptures, he good hours' march up the mountain cover

wished to be further informed on the subed with snow, to preach to the few poor ject of religion. As he knew no languages people who inhabit the hamlet. Into the but Hebrew and German, I should have hands of this laborious missionary, and of found some difficulty in communicating his companion, the Society's friend placed with him as fully as I wished, had not your two Italian Prayer-books, and two sets of German Liturgy afforded me the means of Italian Homilies.

supplying him with the most effectual inSince the last anniversary, the Commit- formation. He read it with avidity, extee have proceeded in causing some of the pressed great satisfaction at its excellent Homilies to be translated into Dutch ; in spirit, and, after some interviews, request. which language they have also printed ed to be baptized in the faith which it inprayers, collects, and thanksgivings, se- culcated. The Sunday following being lected from the Liturgy. Many copies of the Conversion of St. Paul, we fixed on these, as well as of the Homilies in Dutch, that day for the ceremony. Three Gerwill be sent to the Cape of Good Hope, mans attended him to the chapel of the where, it is said, there are many readers, British Embassy as his sponsors; and he and few books.

was baptized and received into the church The Committee having requested their of Christ, in the presence of their Excelcorrespondent, the Chaplain to the British lencies the British Ambassador and PrusEmbassy at Constantinople, to procure forsian Minister, who witnessed the cerethem, if practicable, a good translation into mony. He is a serious respectable young Modern Greek of the Second Homily, man, and was duly impressed with the « On the Misery of Mankind by Sin,” he solemnity of the occasion. He had stuemployed a Mr. Alexander Argyramo, who died with particular care the baptismal is superintendant of the Patriarchal press, service, and was well acquainted with its and well acquainted with the modern Eu- nature and object. He had, moreover, ropean languages, to translate that Homi- read all the parallel parts of the New Tesly; which he has done to the satisfaction tament, in a copy kindly supplied by the of his employer; and the Committee have British and Foreign Bible Society. I preconsented to its being printed, after having sented him, in your name, with the Prayer, been inspected by the Archbishop of Mount book, and he begged to become a member Sinai, who has the character of being a of the Society which had issued it.”—This very learned and excellent person. The gentleman sent to the Society a donation Ninth Homily also, “ Against the fear of of twenty-four piastres. Death,” translated into Modern Greek by Our readers will perceive, from these Mr. Theodore Racke, a Greek merchant statements and incidents, that the circuat Marseilles, is to be submitted to the lation of the formularies of our Church same revision. The Society's correspond- in foreign languages is an object of very ent asks, “ Did you ever think of trans- great interest and magnitude, and de lating any of the Homilies into Armenian ? serving of far greater patronage and supThe Armenians are here a large body of port than the Society has hitherto enjoyed. Christians, probably about 200,000 in We most strongly recommend the object Constantinople and the villages of the to all our fellow-churchmen. We shall Bosphorus. They are, moreover, a very take another opportunity of noticing the Society's proceedings in distributing our In reference to the part where this want established formularies in the vernacular was greatest, perhaps, and most grievous, tongue.

our sister country, Ireland, the Parent Committee have been able recently to

avail themselves of opportunity for very BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE

extensive operations. Five thousand Bibles SOCIETY

and 20,000 Testaments, in the Irish chaThe following is an abstract of the racter and language, are printed or printTwentieth Report of this most useful and ing; and 43,000 copies of the Scriptures, magnificent institution ;- an institution for or parts of them, have been granted, during which we can never be sufficiently grateful the year, to the London Hibernian Soto the Author of all good, who put it into ciety, whose numerous schools, containing the hearts of its first founders to devise, nearly 90,000 scholars, afford the means and of its numerous friends, during twenty of prompt and effective distribution. The years, to follow up, its truly scriptural de- Sunday School Society for Ireland, the signs.

Ladies' Hibernian Female School Society, In giving an abstract of the proceedings and the Baptist Irish Society, have all reof the British and Foreign Bible Society ceived, to a greater or less amount, similar during the past year, two or three facts in supplies. its domestic affairs seem to demand parti- Passing to our colonies in foreign parts, cular attention.

the beneficial influence of the Society is One of these facts is, that, during that found to be almost universally felt and period, 124 new Biblical Institutions have acknowledged throughout them. been formed, comprising Auxiliary and In New South Wales, a depository has Branch Societies and Associations. Thus, been established. At the Cape of Good after twenty years of continued operation, Hope, and in the Mauritius, the Auxiliary since the first establishment of the Bible Societies are in active operation. At Society, numerous districts had remained Sierra Leone, the plan of domestic visits up to the present period comparatively in- has been adopted with the most gratifying active in the cause; and we may feel as- success; 679 Bibles and 561 Testaments sured that a very great and widely ex- are already in circulation, and demands tended space still remains in the same have been made for 531 Bibles and 610 circumstances. On the other hand, the Testaments. From the West-India Islands number of such new institutions holds out equally pleasing accounts have been the encouragement that in other parts also, received. An Auxiliary Society is in acyet unoccupied by the labourers of the tive, operation in Jamaica ; that existing Society, there needs but the zealous exer- in Antigua has lately been revived, and tion of some able and judicious friends to promises to proceed with increased effiproduce results the most favourable to its ciency; and a great proportion of the interests.

Bibles and Testaments circulated by its Another fact to be mentioned is, that means have been purchased by the Nethe expenditure of the Parent Society groes on the island. In St. Kitt's also, during the year has been about 89,5001. and in other parts, the work of distributing while there has been an increase in the the Scriptures is effectually making procontributions, mainly derived from Auxi- gress. liary Societies, of above 10001. There is, In British North America, while operatherefore, a call upon the liberality of the tions on an extended scale are carried on at Christian public for continued and efficient Montreal and Quebec, copies of the Scripsupport to operations carried on upon so tures are continually being brought into vast a scale, and, at the same time, matter circulation among families and individuals of thankfulness to the Great Disposer of in the remotest settlements. A Clergythe hearts and affections of men, that that man in Nova Scotia writes, “I have some support has been so largely afforded. times found not one Testament in a house

Another statement, connected with that where the number of inhabitants has been immediately preceding, is, that the issues from ten to thirteen. The nature of their of Bibles and Testaments from the depo- employment leaves little leisure for attensitory of the Parent Society have exceeded tion to other pursuits ; but a copy of the those of the former year by above 30,000 Scriptures, judiciously distributed, is of copies. Needs another word be added, great value to the poor emigrant, who has to shew how far the want of the Scriptures many miles to travel to hear the word of is from being supplied even in our own God." islands ?

In proceeding to India, the Auxiliary Societies at the three Presidencies, and in close of the last year," it is stated, " nearly the island of Ceylon, are found all actively eight months after its establishment, the employed in the work of revision and sums collected by this infant Association translation. Three very important lan- amounted to nearly 6000 rupees (above guages, more extensively spoken and un- 700!.) a result which never could have derstood than perhaps any other of the been effected without the most active atdialects of India, the Persian, Hindoo- tention of the Committee to their laborious stanee, and Bengalee, are at present occu- duties. This has been substantiated pying particular attention. To the trans- farther by the long list of small donations lators at the well known establishment at annexed to the Report which was read at Serampore, grants have been made to the their last general meeting. It was evident, amount of 5,5001. during the past year, from that interesting document, that the such has been the magnitude of their ex- peculiar features of a Bible Association penditure, and such is the extent of the had been kept in view, by a patient followoperations in which they are now em- ing up of district labour. It is by such ployed. Though the versions so produced labours alone that the wants of the popuare necessarily, in the first instance, im- lation can be adequately supplied, or their perfect and defective, yet some of them zeal embodied. To every reflecting mind, have already passed through several edi- however, this must appear to be no easy tions and revisals ; and no language can be task; especially considering the state of more appropriately applied to those en- society in India, where, from the prejugaged in the production of them than that dices to be overcome, and the diversity of of the translators of our own Authorized classes and languages, it must be peculiarly Version, who, speaking of those who had arduous. That the Calcutta Association preceded them in accomplishing an Eng- should not only have entered on this unlish translation of the Bible, say; “ There- dertaking, but have so efficiently held on fore blessed be they, and most honoured its course, is therefore honourable to the be their names, that break the ice, and persons concerned, and must afford the give the onset in that which helpeth for- liveliest satisfaction to all who favour the ward to the saving of souls. Now what cause.” Such are the observations of the can be more available thereto, than to de- Committee of the Calcutta Auxiliary Soliver God's book unto God's people in a ciety; observations in which their friends tongue which they understand ?

in England will doubtless cordially concur. Some copies of the Chinese Bible, Passing from India to Egypt, we find printed at Canton, have lately been re- the members of the Coptic Church in that ceived in this country. They were brought country receiving, from time to time, from over by the translator in person, the learned the hands of missionaries travelling among and indefatigable Dr. Morrison, and have them, supplies of the Sacred Scriptures, made a valuable addition to the Society's forwarded to them from the Parent Instistock of Eastern Versions. It will not be tution, or its Auxiliary at Malta. And forgotten, that, at the Anniversary Meet- for the interesting and long neglected ing of the Parent Society in 1823, Dr. Church of Abyssinia, provision has at Marshman's son presented a translation of length been made by the publication, for the Scriptures into the same language, ac- the first time, of the four Gospels in the complished by the missionaries at Seram- vernacular language of the country, which pore.

left the press in the course of the past In the proceedings of the Auxiliary So- year. ciety at Calcutta, one feature presents In Turkey and Greece, nations arrayed itself which must not escape notice, from against each other in bloody warfare are its analogy to the operations of Auxiliaries alike experiencing the kindly and peaceful in their respective districts in our own operations of the British and Foreign Bible country. The system of those minor socie- Society. In the Turkish language, the ties, formed for including the co-operation New Testament has been published, and of the lower classes, which we are accus- an edition of the whole Bible is advancing tomed to call Bible Associations, has been towards completion. In the mean time, carried to India, and one of these interest- thousands of Greek Testaments are dis. ing institutions has been established in the tributing in that language in which the heart of Calcutta itself. Results similar Holy books of the Gospel were first writto those obtained in this country have at- ten, and to the inhabitants of those countended its operations; and to read the tries where the first Christian churches statement of its proceedings and effects is were established. A new translation into indeed cheering and delightful. "At the the modern language of Greece, and in a

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