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ocany one who can support this claim, not cast a reproach upon good works,

then indeed & it shall be rendered and incur the peril of causing them to him again.". But such a boast to be neglected ? And further, Is c. would be wholly, arrogant and futile. , not the language of the text in There remains then but one alter- seeming opposition to another denative. Free pardon is provided ; çlaration of the same. A

Apostle, not.“ to him who worketh;" that is, where he says, “ Work out, your not to any man either as having per- own salvation ;" and to the whole fectly kept the Divine law, or as strain of the Old and New Testahaving any claim in virtue even of ments, in which holiness of heart an imperfect obedience; but “ to and life is most earnestly enjoined, him that worketh not, but believeth and this at the eternal peril of our on him that justifieth the ungodly.” souls in case of disobedience? These We must come as “ ungodly," cast- seeming difficulties will be easily ing ourselves wholly on the mercy removed if we keep in mind that the of God in Christ, and trusting alone Apostle in the text is not underto his sacrifice by a true and lively valuing any good work, but only faith. The Gospel does not appeal shewing that no human works are to us. as righteous, or, to use the so good as to be meritorious in the expression in the text, as “ work- sight of God, our best obedience ing:" it appeals to us as sinners : being imperfect. Who could be it provides redemption and justifica- more anxious to inculcate every tion for sinners--for all who, what- good word and work than St. Paul? ever may have been their past con- And he did so at the very time that duct, truly turn unto God through he shews the exclusion of good Jesus Christ

. It excludes none but works from the office of justifying, those who by their continued impe- and assigns that office to faith only. nitence exclude themselves. Its For what is justifying faith; the language is, “ Ho every one that faith mentioned in the text? It is thirsteth, come ye to the waters; not a simple assent; it is not calling and he that hath no money, come ye, ourselves Christians ;, it is not a bold buy and eat ; yea come, buy wine confidence that our sins are pardonand milk without money and with- ed; but it is such a reliance on the out price.” The Saviour demands atonement of Christ for pardon and no previous qualification but that acceptance with God, as is accomwe should feel the burden of our panied by sorrow for sin, a desire sins, and deeply lament them, and to obey God's laws, tenderness of desire to forsake them. Thus ap- conscience, a love of holiness, and proaching with a penitential reliance 'newness of heart and life. The on bis atonement, those sins, though sinner comes as “ ungodly". for many, are forgiven us, we are jus- pardon and justification, on, the tified by faith, we obtain peace with ground only of his Saviour's death God, we become heirs to everlast. and merits, and ungodly he remains using dife. -11 ! !

to the end of life, in the sense of -15 Such are the plain declarations being still a frail and sinfulereature, of the holy Scriptures concerning who can lay no claim to the merit the justification of a sinner before of perfectly obeying the laws God; but we must not uclase, our God: but lie is not ungodlyrinthe remarks owithout alluding in the sense of continuingia deliberate and fourth place, to some difficulties wilfuld a transgressor bindeed, he which may seem to arise from the no longer sach when, guided by the Bubjected It may be asked, Is there influences of the Holy Spirit, he first - not some danger in this representa- came to Christ for justification for

tioni Maymiot mengaliuse ibe grace had he continued such, he would still of God? If we are justified by be- have remained at a distance, HB GONlieving, sandi not:by cerned about hissimmgrtal interests ,

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and heedless of God's commands. disposition, he began to live no The desire that brought him to his longer to himself, but to him who Saviour was accompanied by re- loved him, and gave himself for pentance and humility; the faith him.

him. His faith was proved by his that united him to his Saviour was works; and without this practical the fruitful parent of holiness and test, in vain would he have hoped good works. Till this justifying that he possessed that justifying faith was wrought in his soul, he grace. Thus, then, the seeming difhad neither the inclination nor the ficulty ceases. Is the law of God power to do the will of God: he made void by the doctrine of free was in a state of alienation and re- pardon and justification through bellion ; but no sooner did he truly faith in virtue of the sacrifice of believe than he became a new crea- Christ? No: it is established by that ture in Christ Jesus. At the very wholesome and comfortable doctime when he rejected the boastful trine, as our Article so justly calls conceit that he could so work, as it. It is shewn that the sinner may on the footing of perfect obedience be pardoned; that the gate of mercy to deserve an eternal reward, and is opened to all who seek for enwhen he was led in self-abasement to trance into the city of spiritual recast himself wholly on the mercyfuge; while it is rendered equally of God in Christ, he began for the clear, that no warrant is held out first time truly “ to work out his to the unchristian and impious insalvation with fear and trembling; ference, Let us continue in sin that for it was God that worked in him grace may abound.

66 God forbid; to will and to do of his good plea- for how shall we that are dead to sure." From love, from gratitude, sin, live any longer therein ?" from a holy change of principle and




rious characters, ringleaders in a plot

against the White and free Coloured INSURRECTIONS OF SLAVES IN THB

People, have been apprehended and brought into town.


fixed for the commencement of their -DEMERARA.

brigandage. The plot being blown, After having considered the late and every one on the alert, we hope insurrection in Demerara, we now the meditated disturbance will be turn to the other insurrections prevented; but we fear some severe which, it is alleged, have been pro- examples will be necessary, and a duced in the West Indies by the considerable time elapse, ere tranagitation, in this country, of the quillity and discipline be established question of Slavery.

in the minds of the Negroes. So 1. The first insurrection by which much for philanthropic speeches, the public mind was disturbed was producing misery and bloodshed in thus announced in the newspapers place of peace and good order." of the 4th October, 1823:

Of this formidable plot we have “ Castries, St. Lucia, August, 1823. heard not one syllable since it was “ Since the account of Mr. Bux- first announced. We trust, howton's motion reached this island, the ever, that the details connected conduct of many of the Negroes has with it will be called for by Parcaused much alarm. Three noto. liament. Of St. Lucia less is CHRIST. OBSERV, No. 268.

2 G

known in this country than of any or three days in Trinidad ; and it of our other islands. With two facts added to the fears of the timid only, connected with that colony, and irresolute in England. But our are we acquainted, and these have newspapers, though they took pains greatly increased our desire to know to sound the trumpet of alarm, have more of its institutions. One is, not given us any information as to that fine is exacted, and paid into the result of the plot and the fate of the king's treasury, on every act of the conspirators. We propose tó manumission which takes place supply this deficiency. there ; another, that some years An inquiry was forthwith instiago a Negro, who was found guilty tuted by the Government of Triniof running away, had both his ears dad into the nature and extent of cut off close to his head by the order this formidable conspiracy; when it and in the presence of a gentleman clearly appeared that the whole was high in office there. The death a mere hoax, and that there was not alone of that gentleman prevented even the shadow of proof of any a motion for a parliamentary inquiry evil intention on the part of the into this transaction. The muti. twenty-three Slaves who had been lated Negro, who had escaped from apprehended, or of any other Slaves the island, was actually in this coun- in the island. But how, in this ditry, prepared to exhibit the most lemma, was the dignity of the White incontrovertible proof of the mutila- aristocracy to be saved from ridition when the news of the death of cule? This was a problem not the perpetrator of it arrived. So easily solved. The course actually much for St. Lucia.

adopted was to bring the prisoners II. In the newspapers of the before the Governor, Sir R. Wood24th January, 1824, was announced ford; who, after giving them a soan insurrection at Trinidad. The lemn admonition on the duty of subfollowing is an extract from the ordination, dismissed them to their letter which conveyed this informa- homes, only exacting from two of tion :-“ About ten days since an thein, who, it is said, had been intended rising amongst the Ne- heard to mutter something about groes in the valley of Diego Martin that hated word freedom, a promise was fortunately discovered, and their parole d'honneur is the extwenty-three of the principals taken pression employed in two different and sent to confinement. The time letters) that they would remain for appointed by them for the purpose six months within the local limits of was the night of the 1st inst. (Nov. the plantations to which they be1, 1823); and although the plot was longed. Thus has ended the Tridiscovered, yet it was deemed ne

nidad plot. cessary to be on the alert that night." In some respects, indeed, an in“I question much if any of the surrection in Trinidad is less to be twenty-three Negroes taken will be apprehended than in any other of executed. I remember a similar our Slave Colonies.

The free pooccurrence in 1805," was this pulation bears to the slave populaalso owing “ to the interference of a tion the proportion of 18 to 22; beset of people at home, who would sides which, the Spanish laws, which rejoice in the ruin of us all ? ")— prevail in this island, are more fa“when four suffered, and several vourable to the protection and wellhad their cars cropped. One of being of the Slaves, than the Slave these said ear-less gentlemen was Codes of the British Colonies in taken up as a principal in the late general. On the other hand, there affair.” Here then we have a very have been exhibited of late strong fair good plot, as good a plot as ever symptoms of a disposition on the was hatched. It served its purpose: part of the local authorities to deit spread terror and dismiay for two part from the salutary spirit of

any at

Spanish legislation. Mr. Stephen, action will be called for in Partiain his admirable delineation of Co- ment. lonial Bondage, as it exists in point But this is not all. The White of law (p. 115), has adverted, with population of Trinidad have affordhis usual force, to an official noticed us a recent opportunity to judge fication by Sir Ralph Woodford, of their spirit. At a meeting of Governor of Trinidad (which ap- the White proprietors of the quarpeared in the London newspapers ter of Tacarigua, on the 20th of of the 6th October, 1823), of his September 1823, it was unanimoushaving ordered two Negro Slaves to ly resolved, “ That to deprive the be punished, one with 75 and the master of the power of infticting other with 100 lashes, for a com- corporeal punishment on any slave, plaint against their master, which, whether male or female, would subhe says, on investigation proved to vert the discipline of every estate in be groundless. These tremendous the colony, without answering one punishments Sir Ralph directs to beneficial end;" and that “ they be inflicted in the presence of depu- consider the abolition of Sunday tations of ten slaves from each of markets as tending in no way to the neighbouring estates, for the the promotion of religion.” The reexpress purpose of deterring them solutions in another quarter, that of from like offences. This is in the North Naparema, are equally strong; very spirit of the slave system of and they contain, moreover, this Demerara. Sir Ralph deemed it singular proposition, that “ necessary to order that surgeons tempt to instil into their minds should attend to watch the applica- religious instruction, or education tion of that West-Indian knout-the beyond what they now possess (so .cart-wbip. We concur with Mr. long as Slaves are property), would Stephen in deeming the Governor not, in the opinion of the underto be scarcely justifiable in thus signed, tend to render their situaawfully adding to the terrors which tion more pleasant, but be, in fact, must always oppose an appeal by incompatible with the existence of the slave from his master to the Slavery.” magistrate. The danger is, without It is a remarkable circumstance, doubt, even in Trinidad, infinitely and most highly to the honour of greater, that cruel and fạtal oppres- the free Black and Coloured popusious should be unpunished and un- lation of Trinidad, that though posrestrained from the want of a com- sessing about one half of the Slaves plainant or a witness, than that mas- and other property in the island, ters should suffer by the groundless not one of them could be found to accusations of their slaves. “Sir sign these iniquitous resolutions. Ralph,” Mr. Stephen observes, They were invited to sign them; “ should have recollected that it but they unanimously refused to was impossible so to discourage do so. They refused, one and all, to complaints that are false, without be parties to any act which should intimidating the poor slaves from serve to intercept the benevolence bringing forward such as are true. of the British Government in its It is probable that a great majority way to their Slaves. They themof the Negroes who witnessed these selves indeed have been made to tremendous and solemn floggings feel, and are now feeling, the effect believed the sufferers to be inno- of that spirit which unhappily anicent, and their story true; and to mates the greater part of the White them at least, if not to all, the prac- Colonists in the West Indies. We tical lesson obviously wasBeware allude to their contempt for the how you complain.

Coloured population, and their deWe trust that the papers neces- termination to exclude it from all sary to elucidate the above trans. participation in the rights and pri

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But even

vileges of British subjects. The as that of almost all the other cofree People of Colour have, howlonies. The White people of Barever, at length made their case badoes seem to entertain no scruples known to his Majesty, who, we whatever about uniting to commit doubt not, will grant them the re- the most violent outrages on the dress to which they are so unques- public peace :—they raze to the tionable entitled.

ground a house dedicated to the HII. The next case of alleged in- worship of Almighty God: they surrection, which we have to notice seek the life of the exemplary and is one which exists as yet only in unoffending individual who officiatapprehension. A letter from Do- ed in it, and force him into exile : minica, dated Dec. 7th, 1823, ap- they follow up these criminal propeared in The Courier of the 3d ceedings by sending emissaries to February last, giving a most alarm- different islands to excite the White ing view of the general state of in- population there to imitate their subordination among the Slaves, example : and, to crown all, they but specifying no overt act of vio- openly denounce vengeanceon every lence. The whole account wears person who shall dare to take a single a most suspicious air.

step to bring the perpetrators of the if the writer's apprehensions were above outrages to justice ; and to realised, it would only be what has these offenders, should they be occurred in Dominica over and over brought to trial, they openly and again; for this is the very island in unblushingly promise complete imwhich. Governor Ainslie offered a munity, even at the expense of the reward for bringing in insurgent perjury of the jurors appointed to men, women, and children, dead or try them. alive. - It was also in this island Now is it, under such circumthat the conduct of the Governor stances, any breach of charity to who succeeded him was indicted by suppose, if these White men can go the Grand Jury of the island as a such lengths in crime to serve their nuisance, and denounced by the supposed interests, or to gratify their Assembly as calculated to disturb inflamed passions, that they may as the public peace, because he pro- little hesitate to combine for the secuted several masters for cruelty fabrication of a Negro plot, even to their Slaves. And it is this though at some cost of Negro blood, island, moreover, which, with a po- if it should appear to them necespulation of about 900 Whites, men, sary with a view to the attainment women, and children, has been the of the same objects? Let us thereforemost in talking of throwing off fore be on our guard against Bartheir allegiance, if the British Par-· badoes, recollecting also that it liament shall dare to interfere with may be just possible that the spirit their sacred right of cartwhipping and conduct of the Barbadians may their Slaves.

have their admirers and imitators in IV. A fourth case, that of Bar- other islands. We trust that Parliabadoes, as it was an insurrection of ment will speedily call for informathe Whites, and not of the Blacks, tion respecting this Barbadoes inwe shall not think it necessary to surrection. dwell upon at present, further than V. We now proceed to consider to remark, that it proves incon- the disturbances that have taken testibly the extraordinary power of place in Jamaica ; the last, though combination, or rather of conspiracy, not the least, of the colonies claiming for purposes of crime, existing among our attention on this score. the White population of this island; 1. The first intimation of any rem which population, be it remember. cent disturbance in this island is ed, is about four times as large, in contained in a letter dated Kingston, proportion to the Slave population, Oct. 12, 1823, and is to the follow

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