Cuevas Medek Exercise 2012 Gray.

Alexis Cuevas, 2012 - 308 pages
"GRAY INTERIOR VERSION." Ramon Cuevas; Creator of the CME therapy with 41 years of experience, describes in his book why this therapy is the best option available validated by real results, 99 exercises with illustrations, a detailed explanation will guide you thru this revolutionary therapy. The Cuevas Medek Exercise first edition describes why each therapy exercise demands an active response from the child and always the choice of the exercise is directly related to the child's reaction potential. The "art" portion of CME therapy depends on the ability of the CME practitioner to choose and apply the optimal sequence of exercises during the therapy session, in order to "provoke" new spontaneous postural-functional reactions. The "science" portion of CME resides in the new responses emerging from the immature brain. The CME manual can be read by anyone who is interested in learning this novelty approach to physical rehabilitation, therapist, students, etc.

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