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Seite 508 - Olympian games or Pythian fields ; 530 Part curb their fiery steeds, or shun the goal With rapid wheels, or fronted brigades form. As when to warn proud cities, war appears Waged in the troubled sky, and armies rush To battle in the clouds, before each van Prick forth the airy knights, and couch their spears Till thickest legions close ; with feats of arms From either end of Heaven the welkin burns.
Seite 92 - The wild rocks raised their lofty summits till they were lost in the clouds, and the valleys lay covered with everlasting snow. Not a tree was to be seen, nor a shrub even big enough to make a toothpick.
Seite 306 - This kite is to be raised when a thunder-gust appears to be coming on, and the person who holds the string must stand within a door or window, or under some cover, so that the silk ribbon may not be wet; and care must be taken that the twine does not touch the frame of the door or window.
Seite 264 - It was observable of all of them, but chiefly of the large pillar, that towards the end it began to appear like a hollow canal, only black in the borders, but white in the middle ; and though at first it was altogether black and opaque, yet one could very distinctly perceive the...
Seite 274 - ... in a few seconds. It was some minutes before he could recollect his thoughts so as to know what was the matter; for he did not see the flash, though his eye was on the spot of the prime conductor, from...
Seite 531 - The head of my shadow was surrounded at some distance by a circle of various colours, whose centre appeared to be near the situation of the eye, and whose circumference extended to the shoulders.
Seite 337 - ... from the clouds to the earth, or from the earth to the clouds, runs through the walls of a...
Seite 291 - These appearances we attempt to account for thus. We suppose, as aforesaid, that electrical fire is a common element, of which every one of the three persons above mentioned has his equal share, before any operation is begun with the tube. A, who stands on wax and rubs the tube, collects the electrical fire from himself into the glass ; and, his communication with the common stock being cut off by the wax, his body is not again immediately supplied.
Seite 398 - The sky was generally clear when they appeared, and the air sharp and cold, the thermometer standing at the freezing point, the ship being in latitude 58° south.
Seite 255 - ... few minutes to overwhelm us; and small quantities of sand did actually more than once reach us. Again they would retreat so as to be almost out of sight, their tops reaching to the very clouds.

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