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P R E F A C E.


HE chief design of the following sheets

is, to impart to others, the entertainment and instruction which I have received from Foreign Writers, as to the history of the earliest ages of Christianity, and the pre-, sent state of religion and theological controversy. Imperfect as the information is which. they contain, I flatter myself it is important. In some instances, my work is a free translation; in others, an abridgment of select pasa. sages in the original Writers. Their fentiments, when different from my own, I have not disguised. Their opinions of persons and things, which I could not approve, I have not concealed *. Without slavishly following their words and expressions, I have endeavoured, though I fear often unsuccessfully, to exhibic justly, their reasonings, and

* I am sorry, that, in the Jewish Letters, the pious, though in some things mistaken, Lavater, and that the able defender of Christianity, Jerusaleni, Mould be classed with such writers as Eberhard, Steinbart, Damm, Bahrdt, &c. a 2


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