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138 Boswell (James) Life of Samuel Johnson, THE SCARCE FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, 4to, calf, gilt backs. 1791

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55 BOSWELL's (J.) Life of SAMUEL JOHNSON, with his Correspondence and Conversations, and original pieces never before published; THE EXCEEDINGLY SCARCE FIRST EDITION, with fine "stipple" portrait by F. Heath after SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS, 2 vols. 4to. contemporary calf, FINE SOUND COPY, £5 5S


From the library of GEORGE ROMNEY, the celebrated painter. A copy of the work sold last May at Sotheby's Rooms for £38.

239 JOHNSON (Samuel) The Life of: by James

Boswell; first edition, 2 vols, 4to, original
boards, uncut (no portrait), £8 881791

FIRST EDITION OF BOSWELL'S JOHNSON : 361 JOHNSON (Samuel, LL.D.), The LIFE of; comprehending an Account of his Studies and numerous Works, in Chronological Order, his Correspondence and Conversations with many eminent Persons, and various original Pieces of his Composition never before published, etc., by JAMES BOSWELL, first edition, with portrait by Heath after Reynolds, and fs. handwriting, 2 vols. 4to, contemporary calf gilt (SCARCE), 1791 £2. 15s St 04

71 BOSWELL'S LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON, with his CORRESPONDENCE and CONVERSATIONS with many Eminent Persons, FIRST EDITION, illustrated with a fine portrait engraved by Heath after Sir Joshua Reynolds, facsimiles of Johnson's handwriting at different periods, and a facsimile of the celebrated Round Robin, 2 vols, full bound in coeval calf, FINE CLEAN COPY, RARE, £4 158, 1791byomect


As a first edition of one of the great English classics this book will always possess interest and value, and as time passes, destroying some copies, locking up others in public libraries. and dispersing others to the four corners of the earth, private collectors will find it very difficult and very expensive to procure a copy. See also No. 83 and 257.

166 BOSWELL (James) Life of Samuel Johnson; with fine impression of the portrait by Heath after Reynolds, 1st Edition, 2 vels, 4to, very fine copy in the orig. boards, uncut, with the printed labels, Lond., 1791, rare in this state Mays 05


£9.95 286 JOHNSON (Samuel), Life of, comprehending an Account of his Studies and numerous Works, by James Boswell, portrait, 2 vols, 4to, original old hf. calf, entirely uncut, EXTREMELY RARE Rimel 06167 IN THIS STATE, £9 98


519 JOHNSON (Dr. Samuel) LIFE, comprehending an Account of his Studies and numerous Works, a Series of his Epistolary Correspondence and Conversations with many Eminent Persons, and various Original Pieces of his Composition, never before published, by JAS. BOSWELL, FIRST EDITION, 1791, with the very RARE SUPPLEMENT of Principal Corrections and Additions to the First Edition of Boswell's Life of Johnson, 1793, 2 vols, 4to, portrait, calf neat (two H. Baldwin, 1791-93 portraits inserted), fine copy, very scarce, £6 6s






In 1742. Parliamentary,

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1748- Life Lord Raummon

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