The Racing Calendar, for the Year 1884


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Seite 185 - For a plate, no person can run, either in his own name or in that of any other person...
Seite liii - And the same shall be paid by the stable-keeper or servant having the care of such horse, and be charged by him to the owner of such horse. The Stewards shall make such orders as they think fit relative to the returns to be made by the stable-keepers or servants of...
Seite xlii - ... but when the horse is sold by public auction the advertised conditions of the sale are sufficient evidence, and if he has been claimed as the winner of...
Seite 47 - Each person, at the time of challenging, is to subscribe his name to a paper to be hung up in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, and deliver to the Keeper of the Match-book the name or description of the horse, &c., sealed up, which shall be kept till six o'clock on the Saturday evening of that week; and if not accepted, or only one challenger, to be returned unopened : but if accepted, or if more than one challenger, to be then opened and declared a match, or sweepstakes of 200 sov.
Seite xviii - ... may require, and their decision to be final unless they shall think fit to refer the matter to the Stewards of the Jockey Club for the time being, in which case the decision of the said Stewards of the Jockey Club shall be final. A Certificate shall not be granted to any horse objected to until the question of his qualification shall be decided in the manner herein prescribed. X.
Seite lv - No rule or alteration of a rule of the Jockey Club takes effect until it has been published in the Racing Calendar, unless specially ordered to the contrary at the time the said rule or alteration is adopted; and no new rule of the Jockey Club can be passed, and no rule be rescinded without previous notice being given in the Sheet Racing Calendar...
Seite liii - ... per cent, shall be allowed. All forfeits shall be paid before twelve o'clock at night of the day fixed for the race, and on those forfeits which shall not be so paid the deduction for the timely declaration of such forfeit shall not be allowed. No horse shall be considered as struck out of his engagement, unless the owner, or some person authorised by him, shall give notice to the Keeper of the Match-book, or to his Clerk, or to one of the Stewards present.
Seite 434 - ... entrance paid to the funds of the Club for each horse not the property of a Member, as under: — When there is no money added, or the addition is under 50Z.
Seite xliv - ... run any horse for any race, either in his own name or in that of any other person, and any horse of which he is...
Seite xlii - ... forfeits and fees, start the horse and place the forfeits or fees on the Forfeit List, with the names of the horses in respect of which they are due as due to himself.

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