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or deficiency must be divided proportion- ing corner at the point indicated by the survey, in the manner previously indi. ately between the two distances, as ex- field notes of the original survey, by pro- cated and directed, and the corners re-espressed in the field notes of original sur- portionate measurement. The corner thus tablished in the manner directed in the vey. The section corner started from and restored will be common to two sections case of double corners.

The surveyor the corner closed upon should be con- either north or west of the township cannot be too careful, in the matter of renected by a right line, unless the retrace- boundary, and the section north or west, tracement, in following closely all the ment should develop the fact that the sec- as the case may be, should be carefully recorded indications of the original line, tion line is either a broken or curved line, retraced, thus checking upon the re-estab- and nothing, however slight, should be as is sometimes the case.

lished corner, and testing the accuracy of neglected to insure the correctness of the 8. Re-establishment of interior quarter the result. It cannot be too much im- retracement of the original line; since section corners.—In some of the older pressed upon the surveyor, that any meas- there is no other check upon the accuracy surveys these corners are placed at varia- urements to objects on line noted in the of the re-establishment of the missing corble distances, in which case the field notes original survey are means of determining ners, unless the entire corresponding secof the original survey must be consulted, and testing the correctness of the operation. tion lines are remeasured by proportional and the quarter section corner re-estab- 10. Where double corners were origin- measurement, and the result checked by a lished at proportionate distances between ally established, and both are missing, to recalculation of the areas as originally rethe corresponding section corners, in ac- re-establish the one established when the turned, which, at best, is but a very poor cordance therewith. The later surveys township was subdivided.—The corner check, because the areas expressed upon being more uniform, and in stricter ac- be re-established being common to two many plats of the older surveys are errocordance with law, the missing quarter sections south or east of the township neously stated on the face of the plats, or section corner must be re-established equi- line, the section line closing on the miss- have been carelessly calculated. distant between the section corners mark-ing section corner should be first retraced 12. Where triple corners were origin. ing the line, according to the field notes to an intersection with the township line, ally established on range lines, all of which of the original survey: The remarks in the manner previously indicated, and a are missing, to re-establish same.—These made under $ 5, in relation to section temporary corner established at the point corners should be re-established in accordlines, apply with full force here also; the of intersection. The township line will ance with the foregoing directions, comcaution there given not to neglect sight of course have been previously carefully mencing with the corner originally estabtrees is equally applicable; since the retraced in accordance with the require- lished when the range line was run, esproper re-establishment of the quarter ments of the original field notes of sur- tablishing the same in accordance with section corner may in some instancs very vey, and marked in such a manner as to previously given directions for restoring vargely depend upon its observance, and be readily identified when reaching the section and quarter section corners; that avoid one of the many sources of litigation. same with the retraced section line. The is to say, by remeasuring between the

9. Where double corners were origin- location of the temporary corner planted nearest known corners on said township ally established, one of which is standing, at the point of intersection will then be line, and re-establishing the same by proto re-establish the other.-It being remem-carefully tested and verified by remeas- portionate measurement.

The two rebered that the corners established when urements to noted objects and known cor- maining will then be re-established in conthe exterior township lines were run be- ners of the township line, as noted in the formity with the general rules for re-eslong to the sections in the townships original field notes of survey, and the nec- tablishment of double corners. north and west of these lines, the sur-essary corrections made in such relocation. 13. Re-establishment of meander corners veyor must first determine beyond a A permanent corner will then be erected at and meanders.—Before proceeding with doubt to which sections the existing cor- the corrected location on the township line, the re-establishment of missing meander ner belongs. This may be done by test- properly marked and witnessed, and re-corners, the surveyor will carefully reing the courses and distances to witness corded for future requirements.

chain at least three of the section lines trees or other objects noted in the original 11. Where triple corners were origin- between known corners of the township field notes of survey, and by remeasuring ally established on range lines, one or two within which the lost corner is to be redistances to known corners. Having de- of which have become obliterated, to re-es- located, in order to establish the proportermined to which township the existing tablish either of them. It will be borne in tionate measurement to be used. This corner belongs, the missing corner may mind that only two corners were estab- requirement of preliminary remeasurebe re-established in line north or south of lished as actual corners of sections, those ment of section lines must in no case be the existing corner, as the case may be, at established on the range line not corres- omitted; since it is the only data upon the distance stated in the field notes of ponding with the subdivisional survey which the fractional section line can be the original survey, by proportionate east or west of said range line. The sur- remeasured proportionately, the corner measurement, and tested by remeasure- veyor will, therefore, first proceed to marking the terminus, or the meander ment to the opposite corresponding cor- identify the existing corner or corners, as corner being missing, and which it is inner of the section to which the missing the case may be, and then re-establish the tended to re-establish. The missing mesection corner belongs. These double missing corner or corners in line north or ander corner will be re-established on the corners being generally not more than a south, according to the distances stated in section or township line retraced in its few chains apart, the distance between the original field notes of survey in the original location, by the proportionate them can be more accurately laid off, and manner indicated for the re-establishment measurement found by the preceding opit is considered preferable to first estab- of double corners, and testing the accur- erations, from the nearest known corner lish the missing corner as above, and acy of the result obtained, as hereinbefore on such township or section line, in accheck upon the corresponding interior directed in other cases. If, however, the cordance with the requirements of the corner, than to reverse the proceeding; distances between the triple corners are original field notes of survey. To retrace since the result obtained is every way not stated in the original field notes of the original meander lines, between the more accurate and satisfactory.

survey, as is frequently the case in the re- meander corners re-established as above, 9. Where double corners were originally turns of older surveys, the range line is generally an operation of much greater established, and both are missing, to re-es- should be first carefully retraced, and difficulty, owing to the fact that the line tablish the one established when the town- marked in a manner sufficiently clear to connecting the meander corners is, in ship line was run.—The surveyor will con- admit of easy identification upon reaching most instances, a broken line; and is, nect the nearest known corners on the same during the subsequent proceedings. moreover, unmarked at each point of the township line by a right line, being The section lines closing upon the miss change in direction intermediate between careful to distinguish the section from the ing corners must then be retraced in ac- the said meander corners, thus affording closing corners, and re-establish the miss-'cordance with the original field notes of'no check upon the work as it progresses through a section. The several deflec- the absence of any and all means of iden- ner of section 34, township 15 south, tions of line comprising the meanders in tification of such location, are unable to range 81 west of the 6th principal meridany one section being originally run by make the result of their work acceptable ian; thence north to the southwest corner compass, their retracement by compass at to the owners of the lands affected by of section 34, township 12 south, range 81 a later period offers too many opportuni- such corner. In such cases the advice of west; thence west to the southwest corner ties for error; inasmuch as the varia- this office has invariably been to the effect of township 12 south, range 82 west; tion of the needle, as noted in the origi- that the relocation of such corner must thence north along the range line between nal field notes of survey, may have under- be made in accordance with the orders of a ranges 82 and 83 west, to a point where gone violent changes by removal of the court of competent jurisdiction, the United the ridge or mountain that constitutes the cause, such as timber, etc., or increased States having no longer any authority to boundary between Pitkin and Gunnison attractions by exposure of minerals, thus order any changes where the lands affected counties intersects said range line; thence giving no means of correction to be ap- by such corner have been disposed of. westerly and northwesterly along said plied in that direction at the time of re- The original evidences of the public county boundary to the southern boundtracement. Moreover, the variation of land surveys in the following States, viz. : ary of Summit county ; thence west along the needle as noted is not to be implicitly Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wiscon- said southern boundary of Summit county depended upon, since the observations for sin, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, to the range line between ranges 90 and variation are in many instances crude and Alabama, and Kansas, have been turned 91 west ; thence north along said range rough, and at best afford but an approxi- over, under the provisions of sections line to the 1st correction line south; mation in such work. It is, therefore, 2218, 2219, and 2220, United States Re- thence west along said correction line to deemed preferable, where such variation vised Statutes, to the State authorities, to the western boundary of the State, thence has been carefully noted in the original whom application should be made for such south with said western boundary of the field notes of survey, and the lines have copies of the original plats and field notes State to the place of beginning. been run with a true meridian throughout, as may be desired.

Further notice of the precise time when to retrace the meanders by the angles

N. C. McFARLAND, Commissioner. the land offices at Gunnison will be in made by the several successive courses.

DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, March 13, 1883. readiness to receive applications for these For instance, supposing the first course

Approved : H. M. TELLER, Secretary.

lands will be given by the officers of the of a meander in a section to be initiated

district by publication. from a north and south section line, and

[No. 886.]

Given under my hand, at the City of the course by, compass to be . N. 30°


Washington, this 2d day of April, A.D.1883. 15' E., true meridian, the surveyor will OF THE CORRECTED BOUNDARIES OF THE By the President: lay off the angle of 30° 15' in the direc- GUNNISON LAND DISTRICT IN THE STATE

N. C. McFARLAND, tion required; the second course being N. OF COLORADO.

Commissioner of the General Land Office. 85° 45' E., makes an angle with the pre- Notice is hereby given that the Presi. ceding course of 55° 30'; the next course dent of the United States, by Executive

LAND LAWS. being S. 23° 30' E., makes an angle with order dated March 23, 1883, has directed

(PUBLIC-No. 82.) the preceding course of 66° 30', and so that the boundaries of the Gunnison Land An Act making appropriations for sundry civil exon through the section. The required District, in the State of Colorado, shall be June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, distances on each course being carefully as follows:

Be it enacted, etc., That the following sums be, and chained, the excess or deficiency of the Commencing at a point where the line be- hereinafter expressed for the fiscal year ending June

the same are hereby, appropriated for the objects aggregate distance should be proportion- tween townships 46 and 47 north, New Mex- thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, namely: ately distributed on each course between ico, principal meridian, intersects the west

PUBLIC LANDS. the meander corners from the data thus ern boundary of the State of Colorado;

Omice of the surveyor-general of Louisiana:

For contingent expenses of the office of the surfound; also any error that may develop thence east along said line to the northwest veyor general of Louisiana: For fuel, books, station itself in the angles will be proportionately corner of township 46 north, range 1 west ; thousand dollars.

ery, messenger and other incidental expenses, one distributed upon the several angles, and thence south to the 11th correction line

Office of the surveyor-general of Florida :

For contingent expenses of the office of the surthe entire meanders corrected in accord-north; thence east along said correction veyor-general of Florida : For rent of office for the ance therewith. Where no variation has line to the southeast corner of township incidental expenses, one thousand dollars. been noted in the original field notes of 45 north, range 2 east; thence north to

Office of the surveyor-general of Minnesota: survey, the meanders can only be retraced the northeast corner of township 45 north, veyor-general of Minnesota: For fuel, books, sta

For contingent expenses of the office of the surby trial lines, on the courses and distances range 2 east ; thence east to the southeast tionery, pay messenger, and other incidentul cxoriginally given, and corrected by propor-corner of township 46 north, range 3 east; Office of the surveyor-general of Dakota : tionate measurement of angle and dis- thence north to the northeast corner of veyor-general of Dakota : For rent of office for the

For contingent expenses of the office of the surtance as above. The surveyor will, of township 46 north, range 3 east; thence surveyor general, fuel, books, stationery, and other course, take cognizance of any information east to the southeast corner of township Office of the surveyor-general of Colorado: furnished by the original field notes of sur- 47 north, range 5 east; thence north to veyor-general of Colorado: For rent of office for the

For contingent expenses of the office of the survey, as to objects on each course to which the northeast corner of township 47 north, surveyor-general, fuel, books, stationery, and other distances may be given or bearings taken, as range 5 east; thence east to the southeast lars.

incidental expenses, one thousand five hundred dolwell as at the meander stations themselves. corner of township 48 north, range 6 east;

Office of the surveyor-general of New Mexico:

For contingent expenses of the office of the sur14. Fractional section lines.- County thence north to the northeast corner of veyor-general of New Mexico: For rent of office for and local surveyors being sometimes township 48 north, range 6 east; thence stationery, and other incidental expenses, one thou called upon to restore fractional section west to the southwest corner of section 34, sund five hundred dollars ; und for purchuse of safe, lines closing upon Indian, military or township 49 north, range 6 east; thence Ofice of the surveyor-general of California: other reservations, private grants, etc., north to the southwest corner of section 34, veyor-general of California : For fuel, books, sta

For contingent expenses of the office of the sursuch lines should be restored upon the township 50 north, range 6 east; thence tionery, pay of messenger, and other incidental exsame principles as directed in the forego- west to the southeast corner of township Office of the surveyor-general of Idaho: ing pages, and checked whenever possible, 50 north, range 5 east; thence north to the

For contingent expenses of the office of the sur

veyor-general of Idaho: For rent of office for the surupon such corners or monuments as have northeast corner of township 50 north, veyor-general, fuel, books, stationery, pay of messen. been placed to mark such boundary lines. range 5 east ; thence west to the south- Een and other incidental expenses, one thousand tive In some instances corners have been west corner of section 34, township 51

Office of the surveyor-general of Nevada : moved from their original position, either north, range 5 east; thence north to the veyor-general of Nevada : For rent of office for the

For contingent expenses of the office of the surby accident or design, and county survey- 3d correction line south of the 6th princi- sunter other field looks Stationery pack of menta ors are called upon to restore such corners pal meridian; thence west along said 3d five hundred dollars. to their original positions ; but, owing to correction line south to the southwest cor

Office of the surveyor-general of Oregon:
For contingent expenses of the office of the sur-

and for other purposes.

veyor-general of Oregon: For fuel, books, stationery, MINERAL PATENTS ISSUED.

OREGON. pay of messenger, and other incidental expenses, one thousand five hundred dollars. Since our last report, patents have been

Baker County. Office of the surveyor-general of Washington:

Jas. P. Faull, Piacer. For contingent expenses of the office of the sur. issued for the following mining claims :

John 0. Faull, John 0. Faull Quartz Mine. veyor-general of Washington: For rent of office for the surveyor-general, fuel, books, stationery, pay of

ARIZONA. messenger, and other incidental expenses, one thousand five hundred dollars.

Yavapai County.

CASH PATENTS ISSUED. Office of the surveyor-general of Montana:

Wm. J. Simmons, Black Lode. For contingent expenses of the office of the sur

Copp's LAND OWNER for this month reports

CALIFORNIA. veyor-general of Montana: For rent of office for the

the issuance of patents on the Cash Entries surveyor-general, fuel, books, stationery, pay of mes

Calaveras County. senger, and other incidental expenses, two thousand P. Harkins et al., Rose Hill Gravel Mine.

numbered below, which patents have been sent dollars.

to the below-named land-offices. Office of the surveyor-general of Nebraska and

San Luis Obispo County.
Morris Goldtree, La Trinidad Mine.

For contingent expenses of the office of the sur-


Siskiyou County. veyor-general of Nebraska and Iowa: For rent of

No. 213 (Townsite). office for the surveyor-general, fuel, books, stationGeo. Simmons, Burgess Ranch Placer.

COLORADO. ery, and other incidental expenses, one thousand

Trinity County.

CENTRAL CITY. five hundred dollars.

Nos. 301 and 391 (Townsites).
Office of the surveyor-general of Utah:
Jas. A. Johnston et al., Bullychoop and Occi-

For contingent expenses of the office of the sur-
dental Gold Qtz. Mine.

FARGO. veyor-general of Utah: For rent of office for the sur


Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa Half-Breed Scrip veyor-general, pay of messenger, fuel, books, sta

178 and 454 R. and R. Nos. 201 and 207. tionery, and other incidental expenses, one thousand

Boulder County.

five hundred dollars.
Theo. Michant et al., New Enterprise Lode.

Office of the surveyor-general of Wyoming:
I. Phillips et al., Providence Lode.

Nos. 753, 762, 1713, 2026, 2132, 2169, 2218, 2219, 2221, 2223, For contingent expenses of the office of the surveyor-general of Wyoming : For rent of office for the

Chaffee County.

2224 to 2229 inclusive, 2231 to 2239 inclusive, 2241 to 2245 surveyor-general, pay of messenger, fuel, books, sta- M. Sullivan et al., Silver Bell Lode.

inclusive, 2250, 2251, 2152, 2254, 2256, 2257, 2258, 2259, 2261,

2262, 2264, 2265, 2266, 2268, 2271, 2972 to 2277 (inclusive, tionery, and other incidental expenses, one thousand

Clear Creek County.

2279, 2280, 2281, 2282, 2284, 2285, 2286, 2287, 2289, 2291, 2292, five hundred dollars. Office of the surveyor-general of Arizona :

W. D. Cameron, Louis De Bail, Robert E. 2295 19 2302 inclusive, 2304, 2307, 2308, 2011, 2312, 2314, 2317 For contingent expenses of the office of the sur- Lee, and Sheridan Hill No. 2 Lodes.

to 2324 inclusive, 2326, 2327, 2329, 2330, 2332 to 2336 incluveyor-general of Arizona: For rent of office for the

sive, 2338, 2339, 2340, 2341, 2343, 2345, 2348, 2351, 2352, 2355, G. W. Cox et al., McLin Lode.

2356, 2357, 2358, 2359, 2361, 2362, 2265, 2366, 2367, 2368, 3369, surveyor-general, pay of messenger, fuel, books, stationery, and other incidental expenses, one thousand H. Montague et al., Placer.

2370, 2372, 2373, 2375, 2378, 2380 and 2381. five hundred dollars. T. E. Shay et al., Tishomingo Lode.



Dolores County,

No. 3070 (Ouachita Series) and 17099.
For salaries and commissions of registers of land-
A. N. Steele et al., Telegraph Lode.

WISCONSIN. offices and receivers of public moneys at district

Gilpin County.

BAYFIELD, land-offices, at not exceeding three thousand dollars A. H. Whitford, Mahaska Lode.

Nos. 3123, 3125 to 3130 inclusive, 3132, 3134, 3137, 3139, each, five hundred thousand dollars.

Gunnison County.

3140, 3141, 3143 to 3147 inclusive, 3154, 3156, 3158, 3161 to 3169 For incidental expenses of the several land-offices,

inclusive, 3171 to 3190 inclusive, 3192 to 3196 inclusive, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

Galena Gulch M. & S. Co., Muldoon and No. 3200, 3201, 3203 to 3207 inclusive, 3212 to 3223 inclusive, For expenses of depositing money received from 3 Lodes.

3225, 3226, 3232, 3234, 3237 to 3243 inclusive, 3248 to 3258 in. the sale of public lands, ten thousand dollars. To meet expenses of protecting timber on the pub

Hinsdale County.

clusive, 3260, 3262, 3263, 3266 to 3269 inclusive, 3271, 3274,

3277 to 3280 inclusive, 3282, 3283, 3284, 3289 to 3293 inclulic lands, seventy-five thousand dollars; and the Theo. Little, Jr., Emerald Isle Lode.

sive. same, or any part thereof, may be used in paying J. W. Mills et al., Flower of San Juan Lode. agents employed a fixed sum per day, not to exceed three dollars, in lieu of actual daily expenses, as now

Lake County.


Chas. G. Arnold, Placer.
For expenses of agents employed in adjusting F. L. Bellan, Louisiana Lode.

Copp's LAND OWNER for this month reports the claims for swamp lands, and for indemnity for swamp lands, fifteen thousand dollars.

P. J. Cunningham et al., E. C. B. Lode. following final numbers of Homestead Patents
Julius Hedge, Newton Lode.

issued and sent to the below-named land-offices : For surveying the public lands, four hundred and S. W. Miller, Wilmot Lode.


MONTGOMERY. twenty-five thousand dollars, at rates not exceeding

Ouray County. nine dollars per linear mile for standard and mean

Mobile Series, Nos. 66, 110, 111, 118, 119, 120, 170, 173,

Allied Mines, Yellow Rose Lode and M. S. der lines, seven dollars for township and five dollars

174, 178, 186, 187, 189, 190, 191, 198, 228, 254, 271, 311, 321, 339 for section lines, except that the Commissioner of

W. M. May et al., Black Demon Lode. and 516. the General Land Office may allow, for the survey Ouray Union M. Co., Union Lode.

DAKOTA. of standard and meander lines through lands heavily

Frank Walker et al., Sulphuret Lodes. timbered, mountainous, or covered with dense un.

Nos. 18, 40, 51, 53 to 60 inclusive, 63, 64, 65, 66, 69, 70, 71, dergrowth, a sum not exceeding thirteen dollars per

Park County,

73 and 74.

HURON. linear mile for standard lines, eleven dollars for

J. T. Hillyer et al., Hock Hocking Lode. township, and seven dollars for section lines; or

Mitchell Series, Nos. 3665, 3771, 3903 and 4055. where, for any cause not provided for by law, in 0. E. Lehon et al., Badger Boy Lode.

MITCHELL. Oregon or Washington Territory, he is unable to get A. L. Pogue, Ajax, Cræsus and Nestor Lodes.

Sioux Falls Series, Nos. 1132, 3695, 3846, 3867, 3870, the necessary surveys made at the rates aforesaid, he

3889, 4013, 4015, 4021, 4028, 4041, 4053, 4056, 4072, 4076, 4077, may allow a sum, not exceeding twelve dollars per

Rio Grande County.

4080, 4082, 4083, 4084 4085, 4091 to 4095 inclusive, 4100, 4101, linear mile for standard lines, ten dollars for town- Iowa and Colorado Cons. Mg. Co., Pay Streak 4104, 4105, 4106, 4108, 4110, 4112, 4115, 4116, 4122, 4134, 4135

. ship lines, and six dollars for section lines, and of Lode.

WATERTOWN. the sum hereby appropriated sixty thousand dollars, the same to be immediately available, shall be ex

San Juan County.

Mitchell Series, Nos. 3858, 4119 and 4128. pended for surveys in the Territory of Dakota; and S. R. Beckwith et. al., Warrick Lode..

YANKTON. a further amount, not exceeding fifty thousand dol

Nos. 1138, 1614, 1623, 1643, 1661, 1663, 1669, 1674, 1685, 1687.

J. T. Brewer et al., Belle Conklin Lode. lars thereof, may be expended for occasional exami

1715, 1726, 1775, 1788, 1797, 1806, 1811, 1814, 1815, 1821, 1822, nations of public surveys in the several surveying P. O'Brien, Katy Lode and Mill Site.

1826, 1827, 1828, 1830, 1831, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1836, 1838, 1839, districts, in order to test the accuracy of the work in E. T. Rittenhouse, Katie Lode.

1840, 1842 to 1847 inclusive, 1851, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1860, 1862, the field, and to prevent payment for fraudulentand

1863, 1864, 1867, 1868, 1870, 1572. 1875, 1878, 1879, 1882, 1883, imperfect surveys returned by deputy surveyors,

C. E. Schoellkopf, Iron Clad Lode.

1886, 1888, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1895, 1897, 1899, 1901, 1903, 1905, and inspecting mineral deposits, coal-fields, and tim- Silverton Mg. Co., North Star No. 2 Lode. 1907, 1909, 1913, 1915, 1917, 1919, 1821, 1923, 1928, 1931, 1934, ber districts, and for the making of such other sur

1935, 1943, 1949 and 1851.

Summit County. veys or examinations as may be required for identifi

MICHIGAN. cation of lands for purposes of evidence in any suit C. W. Ellis et al., Curlew Lode.

MARQUETTE. or proceeding in behalf of the United States; and a Relief Jackson, Klack Gulch Placer.

Nos. 260, 347, 366, 367, 368, 369, 371, 372, 375, 376, 377, 379, further amount, not exceeding fifteen thousand dol. lars, may be used in the discretion of the Secretary

Albert Mead et al., Surprise Lode.

380, 382, 456, 462, 463, 469, 471, 473 and 476.

MINNESOTA. of the Interior in retracing and resurveying imper- J. J. Reithman et al., Einile Placer.

BENSON. fect surveys in the State of Kansas.

L. B. Smart et al., Maxwell Lode.

Nos. 1741, 5275, 5277, 5278, 5280, 5281, 5282, 5284, 5291, For survey of confirmed private land claims in Calitornia, at the rates prescribed by law, including


5294 to 5304 inclusive, 5306, 5307, 5309, 5311 to 5317 incluoffice expenses incidental to the service, ten thou

Lavorence County.

sive, 5320, 5322 to 5333 inclusive, 5336, 5337, 5339, 5342, sand dollars.

5344, 5348, 5349, 5350, 5353, 5354, 5355, 5359, 5362 to 5366 in. For survey of confirmed and private land claims

David M. Kelley et al., Placer.

clusive, 5368, 5470, 5376 to 5380 inclusive.

TRAOY. in New Mexico, at a rate not exceeding thirteen dol

MONTANA. lars per linear mile, and office expenses, eight thou

Nos. 4375, 4383, 4389, 4392, 4393, 4403, 4407, 4419, 4125, 4439, sand dollars.

Lewis and Clark County.

4488, 4491, 4495, 4496, 4503, 4507, 4508, 4550, 4554, 4561, 4574, For survey of confirmed private land claims in Elisha Poad et al., Placer.

4575, 4579, 4608, 4609, 4610, 4611, 4612, 4615, 4617, 4619, 4620 Arizona, at á rate not exceeding thirteen dollars per

4622 to 4625 inclusive, 4627, 4629 to 4634 inclusive, 4636 to linear mile and office expenses, eight thousand dollars.

Silver Bou County.

4644 inclusive, 4648 to 4652 inclusive, 4654, 4655, 656, For the protection of public lands from illegal and Abraham Buol et al., I. X. L. Lode.

4658, 4747 to 4754 inclusive, 4756, 4757, 4759, 4760, 4762, fraudulent entry or appropriation, one hundred

4763, 4764, 4765, 4767, 4768, 4769, 4770.

Wm. A. Clark et al., Limitation Lode. thousand dollars, of which sum fifty thousand dollars

Nos. 4659, 4660, 4662, 4663, 4664, 4666, 4667, 1668, 4670 to shall be immediately available.

Thos. Corrie et al., Buffalo Spur Lode.

4678 inclusive, 4680, 4682 to 4686 inclusive, 4688, 4680, To enable the Commissioner of the General Land Marcus Daly, Grant Extension Lode.

4691, 4692, 4696, 4697, 4698, 4700, 4702, 4703 to 4713 inclu. Office to continue to reproduce worn and defaced

sive, 4715, 4716, 4718, 4719, 4721, 4724, 4725, 4727, 4728, 4731, official plats of surveys on file, and other plats con

G. H. Gayer et al., Helvetia Lode.

4732, 4733, 4635, 4736, 4737, 4739, 4741, 4744 and 4746. stituting a part of the records of said office, and also


WASHINGTON. to furnish local land officers with the same, twenty


Eureka County. thousand dollars.

Nos. 300, 429, 441, 445, 507, 559, 736, 737, 742 to 779 incluApproved March 3, 1883.

F. Way et al., Antelope (South) Lode. sive, 781 to 785 inclusive.





WASHINGTON, D. C., MAY 15, 1883.

No. 4.


















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The new land law firm of Sickels &
Editorial Notes-Texas is a High-toned State-
Land Personals

The Census Bureau reports that the Randall are meeting with great success

forests of West Virginia have been in their business, and are already retained Sheldon vs. Breach.........

largely removed from the Ohio River in some of the most important cases pendcounties, and that the most valuable tim- ing in the Land Department.

ber along the principal streams, espe- E. L. Drury, of Chamberlain, Dakota, Maxwell v8. Brierly-DeCamp et al. vs. Cruse..... St. Lawrence Mining Co., et al. vs. Albion Mg. Co. 51 cially the black walnut, cherry and yellow has taken a partner, and the new firm is

poplar, has been culled in nearly every Stroube & Drury. They are reliable Charles Morager et al...... part of the State.


ALAN N. DENNISON is the live real estate Circular... Alabama Mineral Lands-Robert Lalley et al......

man of Walla Walla, Washington TerriACCORDING to the Coal Trade Journal, tory. He has town, county and terri

the largest vein of coal in the world has W. W. Burke.. recently been discovered in what was the

torial property for sale or lease. Read

his card in the land directory. Indian reservation in Colorado. It covers Cudeney vs. Flannery..... 1,600 acres of land ; the coal is semi-bitu

HARRY F. Smith, of the General Land minous, of jet black color, and almost en

Office, has received a well-merited promoTroy vs. Southern Pacific R. R. Co-Orrin M.

tirely free from sulphur. It will smelt tion to a fourth-class clerkship. Cowles.... iron without coking, having been used by

John T. CARLON has been appointed miners in the neighborhood for dressing Receiver at Bozeman, M. T., and B. N. James and Dennis Quinnilty..

their steel tools and found superior to Johnson, has been appointed Register at charcoal for that purpose.

Fergus Falls, Minn. Eugene M. Catfry......

In the Julia Graham case, reported in O'Neill vs. Paquin...

An American contractor thoroughly

the March LAND OWNER 1883, à clerical Circular in Otoe and Missouria Reservation... R.D. Hum e....

59 versed in railroad building says; “A com- error should be corrected in the paragraph

mon prairie track costs $12,000 per mile to begining “in the light,” page 237, first Notice of the Establishment of Two Additional construct, $3,150 for grading, $3,922.50 for column, read “that an entry of record Land Districts in the State of Nebraska.......... 59 56-pound steel rails, leaving less than $5,

59 56-pound steel rails, leaving less than $5, which on its face is valid is such," omitSUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. 000 for bridging, ties, tracklaying, etc. ting the words“ be it void or voidable.” Wooden Ware Company vs. U.S...

6. This does not include right of way.' But The syllabus should be corrected to corAmerica C. and John R. Bedford vs. Burton.

a road equipped, with depots, round respond. SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA.

houses, etc., should not cost over $20,000 Wright rs. Roseberry...

PRACTICE. Mineral Patents Issued..

63 per mile, and on most roads between the Homestead Patents Issused. 64 Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains the

SHELDON VS. BREACH. Cash Patents Issued.... cost per mile was less."

Contest-Date- Interested Party.


ing is held on a day prior to that which the Redington & Hill, Washington, D. C...

required notice specifies, the rights of parties Curtis & Burdett, Washington, D. C.. Capt. John Mullan, San Francisco & Washington.

i TEXAS IS A HIGH-TONED STATE. not appearing are not affected. A contestant D. H. Talbot, Sioux City, Iowa..

who fails to appear at the appointed time and Ellery C. Ford, Washington, D. C.

A Texas railway official sends the fol- place of hearing, forfeits his rights of conSiekels & Randall, Washington, D. C.. i lowing cheerful items to an English paper.

test under the notice. Drummond & Bradford, Washington, D. C...

How a hearing inW. K. Mendenhall, Washington, D.C.. Julian & Meloy, Washington, D. C... Perhaps Eli Perkins has been hired as a

volving a pre-emptor's compliance with law

should be ordered where the party desiring a J. A. Sibbald, Washington, D.C...

railway immigration agent : W.J. Johnston, Washington, D.C.

hearing is not an interested party. Chas. & William B. King, Washington, D. C..

“ There is a Sunday law in Texas, and Comm’R MCFARLAND to Reg. and Rec., Denver, Walter H. Smith, Washington, D. C..

IV all saloons and stores are closed, and no H. J. Frost, Washington, D. C....

Colorado, Jan. 12, 1883. (P. H. S.) Riddle, Davis & Padgett, Washington, D. C..... iv man dare be seen at any work. There is I have examined the case of Frank B. John H. Morgan, Washington, D. C....

a law against the carrying of deadly wea- Sheldon is. Henry Breach and Francis G.

PAGE pons; for the first offence the fine is $20 McLain, involving S. W. & Sec. 5, townLand Directory.. American Settler's Guide..

Hi and costs; for the second, $40 and 90 days ship 3, N. R. 70 W., upon an appeal taken Copp's Land Owner-Bound.

III in prison; and as one-half of the fine goes by Sheldon. Breach, filed D. S. 13,030, for Copp's Public Land Laws. Munn & Co., Patents...

to the informer, you may be sure that no said tract, June 27, alleging settlement Copp's U. S. Mineral Lands Copp's American Mining Code

IU man carries either a knife or pistol. There April 4, 1881 and McLain made H. D. General Price List .

iy are churches and schools in every neigh-entry No. 4588, September 19, 1881.





.... 58











March 28, 1882, Breach gave notice of November 14, 1876. Upon petition of

DE CAMP ET AL. VS. CRUSE. his intention to offer proof and payment Brierly (claiming it to be agricultural in Valuable Location-Record-No Discovery of April 19, 1882. Sheldon, entered com- character) it was advertised and sold to Valuable Deposits-Excessive Surface Ground. plaint of abandonment against the home-him by the superintendent of schools for Departure of Vein From Side Lines.—The adstead entry of McLain, and also of failure the county in which it is located. Shortly

verse claimant having commenced suit in by Breach, to comply with the require thereafter the superintendent notified him

court, the several questions involved are to be

adjudicated there, and not by the Land Dements of law, whereupon you cited the of the refusal of the state authorities to

partment. parties to trial May 30, but hearing was in confirm the sale, or to take any juris- SECRETARY TELLER to Commissioner Mc Farfact had May 12, 1882, the day fixed upon diction over the tract so long as the land, April 18, 1883. by Breach, upon which to offer proof and Surveyor General's return remained un- I return herewith the papers submitted payment.

changed; and he was tendered the pur- by your letter of Oct. 26, 1882, under my On that day McLain, the homestead chase money he had paid, which he refused direction of the 12th of that month, in the claimant failed to appear, but this cannot to accept. He then applied for a hearing matter of the protest of Warren De Camp prejudice his right as under his notice he to enable him to show its agricultural et al. against the application of Thomas was not required to appear until a subse- character, which you allowed him. The Cruse for patent for the Pine Tree Lode quent day to answer the complaint of testimony shows that the tract has little Mineral Claim, designated as Lot No. 46, Sheldon.

agricultural value, that it lies chiefly upon survey No. 992, situated in an unorganized It not appearing that Sheldon, ap- a precipitous mountain-side, that less than mining district, Lewis and Clarke county, peared on the day named, his contest as thirty acres—and these constituting sev- Helena district, Montana Territory. against McLain, must be dismissed. Shel- eral distinct parcels—are susceptible of It appears that Cruse filed his applicadon was not a party in interest and hence cultivation or irrigation, and that its chief tion June 15, 1881, basing the same upon it was not competent for him to institute, value consists in a limestone ledge, the his own location of said claim; that noor you to order under the rules of practice stone of which is used as a flux in neigh- tice thereof was duly given by publication, a contest by him against the pre-emption boring smelting works and for manufact- beginning June 15th and ending August claim of Breach. uring into lime.

15th, 1881; that during the period of pubHeath vs. Wallace (9 Copp 34) and for It also appears that Maxwell filed a lication, to wit, July 29th, De Camp et al. this reason the proceedings had by him mineral claim for the tract as a valuable filed said protest, containing five distinct on May 12, and his appeal from your de- limestone deposit, under an alleged dis- allegations, viz.: cision must be dismissed. .

covery of November 18, 1878, and a loca- First. That there has neither been å At most he appeared but as a protest- tion February 5, 1879, and that Brierly valid location nor record of the Pine Tree ant and it was your duty if the proof sub- also filed a like claim, (notwithstanding Lode, such location having been made on mitted by the pre-emptor was satisfactory his allegation that the tract was agricult- the identical vein and in the discovery to you, to have allowed his entry, or if not ural), under an alleged discovery of Feb- hole of the Bon Mahon Lode, and the satisfactory to have rejected his applica-ruary 6th, and a location February 8, record in question not having been made tion to enter, and in either case to have 1879.

within twenty days from the date of distransmitted the papers including the affi- Your decision holds, under that ofcovery, as prescribed by the law of said davit filed by Sheldon to this office. If Commissioner Williamson in the case of Territory approved February 11, 1876. the allegations set forth were deemed “Kaweah Limestone Ledge,” (Copp's Second. That the said Pine Tree Lode sufficient to warrant such a course this Mineral Decisions 297), that land chiefly was not located on a valuable deposit of office would in the exercise of the au- valuable for limestone is not subject to mineral as prescribed by section 2320 of thority vested in it have ordered an in- entry under the mining laws, and there- the Rev. Stats., the location thereof havvestigation of the matters alleged. You fore adjudges the tract in question to be ing been made as a mill-site or surface have decided that the pre-emptor's proof agricultural, notwithstanding the ruling claim for the purpose of working another is satisfactory and therefore will allow of Commissioner Burdett, in the case of vein. his entry as of its date, and transmit Rolfe (Copp, August, 1875), that where Third. That the location embraced surthe same to this office with your current land was more valuable on account of face ground in excess of three hundred returns.

limestone than for purposes of agriculture, feet from the centre of the vein at the When the case is reached for examina- it may be patented under these laws. surface, contrary to the provisions of said tion in regular order, it will be considered Your decision was also prior to that of section. in connection with the affidavit of Shel- my predecessor, who held, October 8, Fourth. That the vein departs from don and such action taken as may seem 1881, in the case of Hooper (Copp, No- the side lines of the location, so that the necessary.

vember, 1881), in accordance with your applicant's right to the vein on its strike

circular instructions of July 15, 1873, that and to the surface, ceases at the point of MINES AND MINERALS. whatever is recognized as a mineral by departure.

standard authorities, and is found in such Fifth. That there has been no discovery MAXWELL VS. BRIERLY.

quantity and quality as to render the land of the vein or lode within the limits of the Limestone.—Land more valuable for its deposits more valuable on this account than for claim located, as required by said section

of limestone than for agriculture is mineral land, and subject to sale under the mineral agriculture, was “a valuable mineral de- and the mining laws of said Territory, laws.

posit” within the purview of the act of which fact is alleged to be shown by the Minerals.-List of substances that may render May 10, 1872, and hence that gypsum and record. lands mineral in character.

limestone so found subjected the tract to It further appears that during the period SECRETARY TELLER to Commissioner Mc Far- the operation of the mining laws, as has of publication three adverse claims were land, April 16, 1883.

been held under other rulings, with re- filed, to wit. : I have considered the case of J. A. spect to asphaltum, borax, auriferous August 8th, the "Fraction No. 2 lode," Maxwell vs. John Brierly, involving the cement, fire clay, kaolin, mica, marble, by John Langan et al. S. E. of N. W. of Sec. 36, Tp. 1, R. 71, petroleum, slate, and other substances, August 11th, the“ Monarch of the North Central City, Colorado, on appeal by Max- under like conditions.

Lode" by Warren DeCamp et al., and well from your decision of August 16, Concurring in these views, I am of the August 13th, the "Oak Grove Lode," by 1880, adjudging it to be agricultural in opinion that the tract in question is, under J. H. Jurgens et al. character.

the testimony, more valuable for its lime- The parties to the Monarch of the North It appears that the tract was returned stone than for agricultural purposes, and are those who filed the said protest, and as mineral by the Surveyor General, and hence is subject to entry under the min on the 17th of August they instituted was withdrawn as such by your letter of 'eral laws. I reverse your decision, proceedings in the 3d Judicial District

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