American Journal of Education, Band 2

Wait, Greene, and Company, 1827

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Seite 214 - Seeing every nation affords not experience and tradition enough for all kind of learning, therefore we are chiefly taught the languages of those people who have at any time been most industrious after wisdom; so that language is but the instrument conveying to us things useful to be known. And though a
Seite 358 - as an act, cheerfulness as a habit of the mind. Mirth is short and transient, cheerfulness fixed and permanent. Mirth is like a flash of lightning, that glitters for a moment; cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind. Here the words in Italic take no visible pause after them, without
Seite 442 - the landing of the pilgrims upon the rock of Plymouth, it was ordered by the court of the then infant colony, that 'every town within this jurisdiction, after the Lord had increased them to the number of fifty householders, shall then forthwith appoint one within their towns, to teach all such children, as shall resort to him, to write and read ; and
Seite 363 - of youth, to take diligent care, and to exert their best endeavors to impress on the minds of children, and youth, committed to their care and instruction, the principles of piety, justice, and sacred regard to truth, love to their country, humanity, aud universal benevolence, sobriety, industry, and frugality, chastity, moderation, and temperance, and those other virtues, which are the ornament of human society,
Seite 442 - they shall set up a grammar school, the master thereof being able to instruct youth, as far as they may be fitted for the University, to the end ' in the quaint language of the times ' that learning may not be buried in the graves of our forefathers in church and commonwealth, the Lord assisting our endeavors.' The obligation to maintain these institutions and
Seite 439 - of said meeting to organise and choose a clerk, who shall keep a record of their proceedings. They shall then proceed to elect three school directors to manage the concerns of said district, who shall hold their offices for one year, and until their successors are chosen. The said district
Seite 352 - issued from the mint, deeply and accurately impressed, perfectly finished, neatly struck by the proper organs, distinct, in due succession, and of due weight." ' * The quotation from Austin we have copied, not from a high opinion of its value, but for the opportunity of reminding
Seite 433 - of mankind, Schools and the means of instruction, shall forever be encouraged by legislative provision. it therefore appears to your committee, that, aside from the policy and necessity of the measure, it is positively enjoined upon the legislature by our constitution, to adopt some general plan of education by legislative provision.
Seite 439 - serve for the term of one year, and until their successors shall be appointed, and to fill any vacancy which may happen, whose duty it shall be to examine every person wishing to be employed as a teacher, and if they find such person well qualified and of good moral character
Seite 248 - on it, that I would have every one lay it seriously to heart; and after having well examined and distinguished what fancy, custom, or reason advises in the case, set his helping hand to promote every where that way of training up youth, with regard to their several conditions, which is the easiest, shortest, and

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