Lawn tennis as a game of skill

Blackwood and Sons, 1884 - 86 Seiten

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Seite 72 - After a fault the server shall serve again from the same court from which he served that fault, unless it was a fault because he served from the wrong court.
Seite 73 - ... or if he touch the net or any of its supports while the ball is in play; or if he volley the ball before it has passed the net. 21. In case a player is obstructed by any accident, not within his control, the ball shall be considered a "let.
Seite 71 - The players shall stand on opposite sides of the net ; the player who first delivers the ball shall be called the server, and the other the striker-out.
Seite 73 - The server wins a stroke if the striker-out volley the service, or if he fail to return the service or the ball in play; or...
Seite 76 - Half forty is two strokes given at the beginning of the first game, three strokes given at the beginning of the second game ; and so on, alternately, in all the subsequent games of the set.
Seite 77 - In the four-handed game, the pair who have the right to serve in the first game shall decide which partner shall do so; and the opposing pair shall decide in like manner for the second game. The partner of the player who served in the first game shall serve in the third, and the partner of the player who served in the second game shall serve in the fourth, and...
Seite 74 - The player who first wins six games wins a set ; except as below : — If both players win five games, the score is called games-all ; and the next game won by either player is scored advantage-game for that player.
Seite 71 - At the end of the first game the Striker-out shall become Server, and the Server shall become Striker-out ; and so on alternately in the subsequent games of the set.
Seite 73 - Either player loses a stroke if the ball touch him, or anything that he wears or carries, except his racket in the act of striking; or if he touch the...
Seite 78 - Law 7, or if the ball served, drop in the net or beyond the Service- Line, or if it drop out of Court, or in the wrong Court.

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