Foster's Complete Hoyle: An Encyclopedia of Games, Including All the Indoor Games Played at the Present Day. With Suggestions for Good Play, All the Official Laws, Illustrative Hands, and a Brief Statement of the Doctrine of Chances as Applied to Games

F.A. Stokes Company, 1909 - 686 Seiten

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Seite 196 - THE RUBBER. 1. The rubber is the best of three games. If the first two games be won by the same players, the third game is not played. SCORING. 2. A game consists of five points. Each trick, above six, counts one point.
Seite 201 - If the dealer declare himself unable to recollect the trump card, his highest or lowest trump may be called at any time during that hand, and, unless it cause him to revoke, must be played; the call may be repeated, but not changed, ie from highest to lowest, or vice versA, until such card is played.
Seite 194 - ... they are touched for the purpose of gathering them together, may demand that the cards be placed before their respective players.
Seite 201 - If a player leads a card better than any his adversaries hold of the suit, and then leads one or more other cards without waiting for his partner to play, the latter may be called upon by either adversary...
Seite 271 - If any player lead out of turn, his adversaries may either call the card erroneously led — or may call a suit from him or his partner when it is next the turn of either of them to lead.
Seite 58 - While a bystander, by agreement among the players, may decide any question, he must on no account say anything unless appealed to; and if he make any remark which calls attention to an oversight affecting the score, or to the exaction of a penalty, he is liable to be called upon by the players to pay the stakes (not extras) lost.
Seite 203 - If any one play two cards to the same trick, or mix hia trump or other card with a trick to which it does not properly belong, and the mistake be not discovered until the hand is played out, he is answerable for all consequent revokes he may have made. If during the play of the hand the error be detected, the tricks may be counted face...
Seite 202 - If any player lead out of turn and the other three follow him, the trick is complete and the error cannot be rectified; but if only the second, or second and third play to the false lead, their cards may be taken back; there is no penalty against any one...
Seite 123 - ... called. If a player, so called on to lead a suit, has none of it, or if all have played to the false lead, no penalty can be enforced. If all have not played to the trick, the cards erroneously played to such false lead...
Seite 197 - The four who cut the lowest cards play first, and cut again to decide on partners ; the two lowest play against the two highest ; the lowest is the dealer, who has choice of cards and seats, and, having once made his selection, must abide by it.

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