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Waiting the back returne of Charons boat,
Hell and Elisian swarme with ghosts of men,
That I haue sent from sundry foughten fields,
To spread my fame through hell and vp to heauen :
And see my Lord, a sight of strange import,
Emperours and kings lie_breathlesse at my feet,
The Turk and his great Emperesse as it seems,
Left to themselues while we were at the fight,
Haue desperatly dispatcht their slauish liues :
With them Arabia too hath left his life,
Al sights of power to grace my victory :
And such are obiects fit for Tamburlaine,
Wherein as in a mirrour may be seene,
His honor, that consists in sheading blood,
When men presume to manage armes with him.

Soul. Mighty hath God & Mahomet made thy hand (Renowmed Tamburlain) to whom all kings




Of force must yeeld their crownes and Emperies,

And I am pleasde with this my ouerthrow :
If as beseemes a person of thy state,


Thou hast with honor vsde Ženocrate.

Tamb. Her state and person wants no pomp you see, And for all blot of foule inchastity,

I record heauen, her heauenly selfe is cleare:
Then let me find no further time to grace
Her princely Temples with the Persean crowne :
But here these kings that on my fortunes wait :
And haue bene crown'd for prooued worthynesse,
Euen by this hand that shall establish them,
Shal now, adioining al their hands with mine,
Inuest her here my Queene of Persea.
What saith the noble Souldane and Zenocrate?
Soul. I yeeld with thanks and protestations

Of endlesse honor to thee for her loue.

Tamb. Then doubt I not but faire Zenocrate

Will soone consent to satisfy vs both.

Zen. Els should I much forget my self, my Lord. Ther. Then let vs set the crowne vpon her head, That long hath lingred for so high a seat.

Tech. My hand is ready to performe the deed,

For now her mariage time shall worke vs rest.





Vsum. And her's the crown my Lord, help set it on.

2247 Elysium Rob. to Bull, 2280 I not] not I 1605

2276 my] the 1592, Rob., Dyce, Bull. 2282 Els] Then 1592 2287 on om. 1592

Tam. Then sit thou downe diuine Zenocrate,
And here we crowne thee Queene of Persea,
And all the kingdomes and dominions
That late the power of Tamburlaine subdewed:
As Iuno, when the Giants were supprest,
That darted mountaines at her brother Ioue :
So lookes my Loue, shadowing in her browes
Triumphes and Trophees for my victories:
Or as Latonas daughter bent to armes,
Adding more courage to my conquering mind.
To gratify the sweet Zenocrate,
Egyptians, Moores and men of Asia,
From Barbary vnto the Westerne Indie,
Shall pay a yearly tribute to thy Syre.




And from the boundes of Affrick to the banks

Of Ganges, shall his mighty arme extend.

And now my Lords and louing followers,

That purchac'd kingdomes by your ma(r)tiall deeds, 2305
Cast off your armor, put on scarlet roabes.
Mount vp your royall places of estate,
Enuironed with troopes of noble men,

And there make lawes to rule your prouinces :
Hang vp your weapons on Alcides poste,


For Tamburlaine takes truce with al the world.
Thy first betrothed Loue, Arabia,

Shall we with honor (as beseemes) entombe,
With this great Turke and his faire Emperesse:
Then after all these solemne Exequies,
We wil our rites of mariage solemnize.

Finis Actus quinti & vltimi huius primae partis.

2298 the] thee Dyce2

2313 as] as best 1592

brated rites 1590-1605, Rob.



2310 poste] posts Dyce, Cunn., 2316 rites conj. Mitford, Dyce etc.: cele+Finis. . partis] Finis 1605

v. ii. 2288-2316


Tamburlaine the

VVith his impaßionate furie,for the
death of his Lady and Loue faire Zenocra-
te: his forme of exhortation and difcipline
to his three Sonnes,and the manner of
his owne death.

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Printed by E.A, for Ed. White, and are to be folde at his Shop neere the little North doore of Saint Paules Church at the Signe of the Gun.

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