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Gonza. Where is the Admirall ?

Admi. O let me pray before I dye.


Stab him.

Gonza. Then pray vnto our Ladye, kisse this crosse.

[blocks in formation]

It may be it is some other, and he escapte.
Guise. Cosin tis he, I know him by his look.

See where my Souldier shot him through the arm.

He mist him neer, but we haue strook him now.
Ah base Shatillian and degenerate,


Cheef standard bearer to the Lutheranes,

Thus in despite of thy Religion,

The Duke of Guise stampes on thy liueles bulke.

Anioy. Away with him, cut of his head and handes,

And send them for a present to the Pope :


And when this iust reuenge is finished,

Vnto mount Faucon will we dragge his coarse :
And he that liuing hated so the crosse,

Shall being dead, be hangd thereon in chaines.


Guise. Anioy, Gonzago, Retes, if that you three

Will be as resolute as I and Dumaine :
There shall not a Hugonet breath in France.

Anioy. I sweare by this crosse, wee'l not be partiall, But slay as many as we can come neer.


Guise. Mountsorrell, goe shoote the ordinance of,
That they which haue already set the street
May know their watchword, then tole the bell,
And so lets forward to the Massacre.
Mount. I will my Lord.


Exit Mount.

Guise. And now my Lords let vs closely to our busines. Anioy. Anioy will follow thee.

Du. And so will Dumaine.

The ordinance being shot of, the bell tolles.

Guise. Come then, lets away.


307+S.D. Dies add. Dyce

308 What, is he dead, Gonzago

310+S.D. The body of the Admiral is thrown down 311-12 Prose 0: corr. Dyce etc.


add. Dyce

'tis Dyce etc.

lifeless Dyce etc. Cunn.

316-17 One line 0: corr. Dyce
332 set] 'set Cunn.

336 let vs] let's Dyce etc.

312 it is] 319

333 tole] go toll

The Guise enters againe, with all the rest, with their Swords drawne, chasing the Protestants.

[blocks in formation]

Enter Loreine running, the Guise and the rest pursuing him.

Guise. Loreine, Loreine, follow Loreine. Are you a preacher of these heresies?



Loreine. I am a preacher of the word of God,
And thou a traitor to thy soule and him.
Guise. Dearely beloued brother, thus tis written.
He stabs him.

Anioy. Stay my Lord, let me begin the psalme.
Guise. Come dragge him away and throw him in a ditch.


Enter Mountsorrell and knocks at Serouns doore.


Serouns wife. Who is that which knocks there?
Mount. Mountsorrell from the Duke of Guise.
Wife. Husband come down, heer's one would speak with


From the Duke of Guise.

Enter Seroune.


To speek with me from such a man as he?

Mount. I, I, for this Seroune, and thou shalt hate. 355

Shewing his dagger.

Seroune. O let me pray before I take my death.

Mount. Despatch then quickly.

Seroune. O Christ my Sauiour.

Mount. Christ, villaine?

Why darst thou presume to call on Christ,

Without the intercession of some Saint?

Sanctus Iacobus hee was my Saint, pray to him.

339+Scene VII. add. Bull. Tuez, tuez, tuez Dyce etc. 349+Scene VIII. add. Bull. after Prefix

ha't Dyce etc.

O corr. Dyce etc.

Scene VIII. add. Cunn.


340 340-1 One line O corr. Dyce etc. 350, 352 S.D. within add. Dyce 352-3 Prose O: corr. Dyce etc. 355 hate] 359-62 Prose 0: corr. Dyce 362 Sancta hee was] he is conj. Dyce1: he's Dyce', Bull.

Seroune. O let me pray vnto my God.
Mount. Then take this with you.

Enter Ramus in his studie.

Stab him.


Ramus. What fearfull cries comes from the riuer Sene, That frightes poore Ramus sitting at his book?

I feare the Guisians haue past the bridge,
And meane once more to menace me.

Enter Taleus.

Taleus. Flye Ramus flye, if thou wilt saue thy life.
Ramus. Tell me Taleus, wherfore should I flye ?
Taleus. The Guisians are

Hard at thy doore, and meane to murder vs :

Harke, harke they come, Ile leap out at the window.
Ramus. Sweet Taleus stay.

Enter Gonzago and Retes.

Who goes there?


Retes. Tis Taleus, Ramus bedfellow.
Gonza. What art thou?

Tal. I am as Ramus is, a Christian.

Ret. O let him goe, he is a catholick.

Enter Ramus.




Exit Taleus.

Gon. Come Ramus, more golde, or thou shalt haue the


Ramus. Alas

I am a scholler, how should I haue golde?

All that I haue is but my stipend from the King,

Which is no sooner receiu'd but it is spent.

Enter the Guise and Anioy.


Ret. Tis Ramus, the Kings professor of Logick.

Who haue you there?

[blocks in formation]



365 Sene] Rene 0: Seine Dyce

381-2 One line O to

corr. Dyce

Guise. Marry sir, in hauing a smack in all,
And yet didst neuer sound anything to the depth.
Was it not thou that scoftes the Organon,

And said it was a heape of vanities?

He that will be a flat dicotamest,

And seen in nothing but Epitomies :

Is in your judgment thought a learned man.

And he forsooth must goe and preach in Germany:
Excepting against Doctors axioms,

And ipse dixi with this quidditie,

Argumentum testimonii est inartificiale.

To contradict which, I say Ramus shall dye :
How answere you that? your nego argumentum
Cannot serue, sirra: kill him.




Ra. O good my Lord, let me but speak a word.
Anioy. Well, say on.

Ramus. Not for my life doe I desire this pause,


But in my latter houre to purge my selfe,

In that I know the things that I haue wrote,
Which as I heare one Shekius takes it ill,

Because my places being but three, contains all his : 410
I knew the Organon to be confusde,

And I reduc'd it into better forme.
And this for Aristotle will I say,
That he that despiseth him can nere
Be good in Logick or Philosophie.


And thats because the blockish Sorbonests
Attribute as much vnto their workes

As to the seruice of the eternall God.

Guise. Why suffer you that peasant to declaime? Stab him I say and send him to his freends in hell. Anioy. Nere was there Colliars sonne so full of pride.


Kill him. Guise. My Lord of Anioy, there are a hundred Pro


Which we haue chaste into the riuer Sene,
That swim about and so preserue their liues :
How may we doe? I feare me they will liue.
Dumaine. Goe place some men vpon the bridge,

392 scoftes] scoff'dst Dyce etc. actions O



398 axioms Dyce, Bull. : 400 testimonii. . inartificiale conj. Mitford, Dyce etc.: in arte fetialis O 402-3 Prose O

Sorbonnists Dyce etc. : thorbonest O 422 My Lord Anjou Cunn.

Dyce etc.


417 their] their own

423 Sene] Rene O

With bowes and dartes to shoot at them they see,
And sinke them in the riuer as they swim.


Guise. Tis well aduisde Dumain, goe see it strait be done. And in the mean time my Lord, could we deuise, To get those pedantes from the King Nauarre, That are tutors to him and the prince of Condy.

Anioy. For that let me alone, Cousin: stay you heer, And when you see me in, then follow hard.

He knocketh, and enter the King of Nauarre and Prince of Condy, with their scholmaisters.

How now my Lords, how fare you

Nauar. My Lord, they say


That all the protestants are massacred.

Anioy. I, so they are, but yet what remedy:

I haue done what I could to stay this broile.

Nauarr. But yet my Lord the report doth run,
That you were one that made this Massacre.
An. Who I? you are deceiued, I rose but now.

Enter Guise.



Guise. Murder the Hugonets, take those pedantes hence. Na. Thou traitor Guise, lay of thy bloudy hands. 444 Condy. Come let vs goe tell the King. Exeunt.

Guise. Come sirs, Ile whip you to death with my pun

niards point.

An. Away with them both.

He kils them.
Exit Anioy.

Guise. And now sirs for this night let our fury stay. Yet will we not that the Massacre shall end:

Gonzago poste you to Orleance, Retes to Deep,
Mountsorrell vnto Roan, and spare not one
That you suspect of heresy. And now stay
That bel that to deuils mattins rings.
Now euery man put of his burgonet,

And so conuey him closely to his bed.


454 Exeunt.

Enter Anioy, with two Lords of Poland.

My Lords of Poland I must needs confesse

429+S.D. Exit Dumaine add. Dyce etc. 430 And om. Cunn. 433 you om. Cunn. 436-7 Prose O: corr. Dyce 450-3 Div. after Orleance, Roan, heresy 0: after Orleans, Rouen, heresy, stay 450 Deep] Dieppe Dyce etc. 452 Ends bell Cunn. 455+ Act the Second.




Scene X add. Bull.

451 Roan] Rouen Dyce 453 mattins] midnight matins Scene I. add. Rob., Cunn. :

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