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Bar. How liberally the villain giues me mine own gold.

Pil. Me thinkes he fingers very well.

Bar. So did you when you stole my gold.


1970 Aside.

Pil. How swift he runnes.

Bar. You run swifter when you threw my gold out of

my Window.

Curt. Musician, hast beene in Malta long?
Bar. Two, three, foure month Madam.

Ith. Dost not know a Iew, one Barabas ?

Bar. Very mush, Mounsier, you no be his man?
Pil: His man?

Ith. I scorne the Peasant, tell him so.
Bar. He knowes it already.

A side.




Ith. 'Tis a strange thing of that Iew, he liues vpon pickled Grashoppers, and sauc'd Mushrumbs.

Bar. What a slaue's this? The Gouernour feeds not as I doe. Aside. Ith. He neuer put on cleane shirt since he was circumcis'd. Bar. Oh raskall! I change my selfe twice a day.

Aside. Ith. The Hat he weares, Iudas left vnder the Elder when he hang'd himselfe. 1989 Bar. 'Twas sent me for a present from the great Cham.


Pil. A masty slaue he is. Whether now, Fidler ? Bar. Pardona moy, Mounsier, me be no well. Exit. Pil. Farewell Fidler: One letter more to the Iew. Curt. Prethe sweet loue, one more, and write it sharp. Ith. No, I'le send by word of mouth now; bid him deliuer thee a thousand Crownes, by the same token, that the Nuns lou'd Rice, that Fryar Bernardine slept in his owne clothes. Any of 'em will doe it.

Pil. Let me alone to vrge it now I know the meaning. Ith. The meaning has a meaning; come let's in : 2000 To vndoe a Iew is charity, and not sinne.

1969 S.D. Aside, and then plays Dyce

Dyce Wag.


1981 S.D. add.

1991 masty 1633: nasty Reed to Cunn.: musty Bull. to 1992 Pardonnez Coll. to Bull. me Reed etc.: we 1633

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Actus Quintus.

Enter Gouernor. Knights. Martin Del-Bosco. Gov. Now, Gentlemen, betake you to your Armes, And see that Malta be well fortifi'd;

And it behoues you to be resolute;

For Calymath hauing houer'd here so long,

Will winne the Towne, or dye before the wals.
Kni. And dye he shall, for we will neuer yeeld.

Enter Curtezane, Pilia-borza.

Curt. Oh bring vs to the Gouernor.

Gov. Away with her, she is a Curtezane.


Curt. What e're I am, yet Gouernor heare me speake;

I bring thee newes by whom thy sonne was slaine :

Mathias did it not, it was the Iew.

Pil. Who, besides the slaughter of these Gentlemen, Poyson'd his owne daughter and the Nuns,

Strangled a Fryar, and I know not what

Mischiefe beside.

Gov. Had we but proofe of this.



Curt. Strong proofe, my Lord, his man's now at my Lodging

That was his Agent, he'll confesse it all.


Gov. Goe fetch him straight, I alwayes fear'd that Iew.

Enter Iew, Ithimore.

Bar. I'le goe alone, dogs, do not hale me thus.

Ith. Nor me neither, I cannot out-run you, Constable. Oh my belly.

Bar. One dram of powder more had made all sure. What a damn'd slaue was I?


Gov. Make fires, heat irons, let the racke be fetch'd. Kni. Nay stay, my Lord, 'tmay be he will confesse. Bar. Confesse; what meane you, Lords, who should confesse ?

Gov. Thou and thy Turk; 'twas you that slew my son. Ith. Gilty, my Lord, I confesse; your sonne and Mathias were both contracted vnto Abigall: (he) forg'd a counterfeit challenge.


2014 Poisoned Dyce

Actus Quintus] Scene I add. Cunn., Bull. 2020 After straight s.D. Exeunt Officers add. Dyce Re-enter Officers with Barabas and Ithamore Dyce along Wag.

2020 S.D.

2021 alone]

2025+S.D. Aside add. Dyce 2031 he add. Reed etc.

Iew. Who carried that challenge?

Ith. I carried it, I confesse, but who writ it? Marry, euen he that strangled Bernardine, poyson'd the Nuns, and his owne daughter.

Gov. Away with him, his sight is death to me.


Bar. For what? you men of Malta, heare me speake; Shee is a Curtezane and he a theefe, And he my bondman, let me haue law, For none of this can preiudice my life.


Gov. Once more away with him; you shall haue law. Bar. Deuils doe your worst, I liue in spite of you.

As these haue spoke so be it to their soules:
I hope the poyson'd flowers will worke anon.

Enter Mater.



(Aside.) Exit.

Mater. Was my Mathias murder'd by the Iew?
Ferneze, 'twas thy sonne that murder'd him.
Gov. Be patient, gentle Madam, it was he,

He forged the daring challenge made them fight

Mat. Where is the Iew, where is that murderer ? 2050
Gov. In prison till the Law has past on him.
Enter Officer.

Offi. My Lord, the Curtezane and her man are dead;
So is the Turke, and Barabas the Iew.

Gov. Dead?


Offi. Dead, my Lord, and here they bring his body. Bosco. This sudden death of his is very strange. Gov. Wonder not at it, Sir, the heauens are iust: Their deaths were like their liues, then think not of 'em. Since they are dead, let them be buried.

For the Lewes body, throw that o're the wals,

To be a prey for Vultures and wild beasts.

So, now away and fortifie the Towne.

Bar. What, all alone? well fare sleepy drinke.

I'le be reueng'd on this accursed Towne;

S.D. add. Dyce



2045 S.D. Aside add.

2043 I] I'll Dyce Dyce Exit] Exeunt Officers with Barabas; Ithamore, Bellamira, and Pilia-Borza Dyce 2056+S.D. Re-enter Officers carrying 2062+S.D. Exeunt all, leaving Scene II add. Ellis 2063 Prefix Bara. [rising]

Barabas as dead add. Dyce
Barabas on the floor Dyce, Bull.
Barabas discovered rising add. Ellis
Dyce to Bull.


For by my meanes Calymath shall enter in.
I'le helpe to slay their children and their wiues,
To fire the Churches, pull their houses downe.
Take my goods too, and seize vpon my lands:
I hope to see the Gouernour a slaue,
And, rowing in a Gally, whipt to death.

Enter Calymath, Bashawes, Turkes.

Caly. Whom haue we there, a spy?

Bar. Yes, my good Lord, one that can spy a place Where you may enter, and surprize the Towne : My name is Barabas; I am a Iew.



Caly. Art thou that Iew whose goods we heard were sold

For Tribute-mony?

Bar. The very same, my Lord :

To accuse me of a thousand villanies :

And since that time they haue hir'd a slaue my man

I was imprison'd, but scap'd their hands.
Caly. Didst breake prison?

Bar. No, no :

I dranke of Poppy and cold mandrake juyce;
And being asleepe, belike they thought me dead,
And threw me o're the wals: so, or how else,
The Iew is here, and rests at your command.




Caly. 'Twas brauely done: but tell me, Barabas, Canst thou, as thou reportest, make Malta ours? Bar. Feare not, my Lord, for here against the Sluice, The rocke is hollow, and of purpose digg'd,


To make a passage for the running streames
And common channels of the City.

Now whilst you giue assault vnto the wals,
I'le lead 500 souldiers through the Vault,
And rise with them i'th middle of the Towne,
Open the gates for you to enter in,
And by this meanes the City is your owne.


Caly. If this be true, I'le make thee Gouernor.
Iew. And if it be not true, then let me dye.


Caly. Thou'st doom'd thy selfe, assault it presently.

2071 there] here Bull.


2089 sluice conj. Coll., Cunn., Bull.

etc.: Truce 1633: trench Dyce: turret or tower conj. Mitford 2092 2100+ Scene II add. Cunn., Bull. Scene

City] Citadel Wag.

III Ellis

Alarmes. Enter Turkes, Barabas, Gouernour, and
Knights prisoners.

Caly. Now vaile your pride you captiue Christians,
And kneele for mercy to your conquering foe:
Now where's the hope you had of haughty Spaine?
Ferneze, speake, had it not beene much better

To (have) kept thy promise then be thus surpriz'd? 2105
Gov. What should I say? we are captiues and must yeeld.
Caly. I, villains, you must yeeld, and vnder Turkish

Shall groning beare the burthen of our ire;
And Barabas, as erst we promis'd thee,
For thy desert we make thee Gouernor.
Vse them at thy discretion.

Bar. Thankes, my Lord.

Gov. Oh fatall day, to fall into the hands Of such a Traitor and vnhallowed Iew!

What greater misery could heauen inflict?

Caly. 'Tis our command: and Barabas we giue

To guard thy person, these our Ianizaries :
Intreat them well, as we haue vsed thee.

And now, braue Bashawes, come, wee'll walke about
The ruin'd Towne, and see the wracke we made:
Farewell braue Iew, farewell great Barabas.

Bar. May all good fortune follow Calymath.





And now, as entrance to our safety,

To prison with the Gouernour and these
Captaines, his consorts and confederates.


Gov. Oh villaine, Heauen will be reueng'd on thee.


Bar. Away, no more, let him not trouble me.

Thus hast thou gotten, by thy policie,

No simple place, no small authority,

I now am Gouernour of Malta; true,


But Malta hates me, and in hating me

My life's in danger, and what boots it thee

Poore Barabas, to be the Gouernour,

When as thy life shall be at their command ?
No, Barabas, this must be look'd into ;


2105 To kept 1633 to Dyce: To've kept Cunn., Bull. : To keepe Wag. have add. T.B. 2107 villains om. Wag. 2121+ S.D. Exeunt Calymath and Bassoes Dyce, after 2122

2126+S.D. Exeunt Turks

with Ferneze and Knights Dyce, after 2127

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