The Works of Christopher Marlowe

Clarendon Press, 1910 - 664 Seiten

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Seite 187 - Though my heart pants and quivers to remember that I have been a student here these thirty years, O, would I had never seen Wittenberg, never read book ! And what wonders I have done, all Germany can witness, yea, all the world ; for which Faustus hath lost both Germany and the world, yea heaven itself, heaven, the seat of God, the throne of the blessed, the kingdom of joy; and must remain in hell for. ever, hell, ah, hell, for ever!
Seite 522 - COME live with me and be my Love, And we will all the pleasures prove That valleys, groves, hills and fields, Woods or steepy mountain yields.
Seite 28 - Our souls, whose faculties can comprehend The wondrous architecture of the world, And measure every wandering planet's course, Still climbing after knowledge infinite, And always moving as the restless spheres, Will us to wear ourselves, and never rest, Until we reach the ripest fruit of all, That perfect bliss and sole felicity, The sweet fruition of an earthly crown.
Seite 311 - Sometime a lovely boy in Dian's shape With hair that gilds the water as it glides, Crownets of pearl about his naked arms, And in his sportful hands an...
Seite 246 - From little unto more, from more to most: If your first curse fall heavy on thy head, And make thee poor and scorned of all the world, 'Tis not our fault, but thy inherent sin. no Bar. What, bring you Scripture to confirm your wrongs ? Preach me not out of my possessions.
Seite 363 - tis for Mortimer, not Edward's head; For he's a lamb, encompassed by wolves, Which in a moment will abridge his life. But if proud MOrtimer do wear this crown, Heavens turn it to a blaze of quenchless fire ! Or like the snaky wreath of Tisiphon...
Seite 488 - Many would praise the sweet smell as she past, When 'twas the odour which her breath forth cast ; And there for honey bees have sought in vain, And, beat from thence, have lighted there again.
Seite 190 - That sometime grew within this learned man. Faustus is gone : regard his hellish fall, Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise Only to wonder at unlawful things, Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits To practise more than heavenly power permits.
Seite 150 - I see there's virtue in my heavenly words: Who would not be proficient in this art? How pliant is this Mephistophilis, Full of obedience and humility! Such is the force of magic and my spells: No, Faustus, thou art conjuror laureat, That canst command great Mephistophilis: Quin regis Mephistophilis fratris imagine.
Seite 147 - Albertus' works, The Hebrew Psalter, and New Testament ; And whatsoever else is requisite We will inform thee ere our conference cease.

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