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Brown's paper, two extracts from Americanism, ix. 32.
-------, principal master of the female academy, account of him

and the caraitrophe of his family, xi. 242.
Bryant's, Job, defence of his conduct, Philips the dwarf, viii. 49.
Bubble and Squeak, poem, Whig Club of England, xi. 79.
Buchan's, Lori, correspondence with General Wallington, xii. 24.

---, Lord, letter to General Washington, accompanied with a
box, xii. 25.
Buck, Mr. a meinber from Vermont, fays, that Whitney had pro-

posed to bim to corrupt Congress, iii. 47.
Buckingliam, Duke, letters to him from King Charles I. vii, 119.
Buckskin's picture of Virginia, viii. 03.
Bifton, Mr. Jun. mac; his wife eloped with Orleans, vii. 200.
Bull, story of a farmer's, i. 81.
Bulwark of Trub, in oppofition to Paine's Age of Reason, xi. 3.
Buonaparie, the Cut-throat, v.241.
ma's correlpondence with the Pope, v. 303.

antwer to the Pope's leiter, v. 301.
antang -rapacity and cruelty, vi. 39.

- letter to the Doge of Venice, vi. 69.

------ fpeech to his army on quitting the Austrian provinces,
vii. 7.

- kissed at Paris by the five kings, their address to him
to get nd of him, viii. 92.
-- speech in plain Englih, ix. 180.

w speech, and Admiral Nelson's letter, the contrast,
X. 46.
Burke, Right Hon. Edinund, reflections on his death, vii. 103.

's confidency defended, from the letters of Thomas Towns.
end, Esq. vii. 104.

- Mr. opinion on a silent submission to the will of the Ex-
ecutive, xi. 71.
Burning shame, detailed account of the affair between Lyon and

Mr. Griswold, viji. 90.
Burns, Ann, v. Baker, John, an interesting law case, ix. 285.
Burwell's, Mr. Lewis, letter to Mr. Davis, relacive to a conversa-

tion ou the subject of separation of the States, held at his house

by Mr. Giles and others, x. 183.
Buty-body's letter to Mr. Porcupine, vi. 344.
Butler's, Mr. declaration in Congress againit the treaty with Great

Britain, iii. 18. ,
- Mip, taken, vi. 287.

Cabell's, S. J. letter presented by a grand jury, vi. 5.

's, S. J. circular letter, Jacobin's last siift, viii, 148.
Calculation of the losses in two years by the merchants in America,

by the unjust captures of the French, vi. 14. .
Caldwell, Rev. Mr. Mot by an American, and not by a British fol.
dier, ix. 47.


Caldwell employed to procure the presentment of Macmillan,
X. 23.

's, Dr. treatment of the yellow fever, condemned by a
Scotch physician, xi. 284.
Callender's account of the conduct of the army towards the people,
in quelling the Pennsylvania in furieation, i. 307.

- connexion with Lord Gardenston, ii. 5:

coin pariton pilfered from Dean Swift, ii. 8.
- pamphlet, its contents, ii. 13 & 14.
- Political Progress of Britain, remarks upon it, vii. 378.

reflections on the Congress, vii. 369.

, a Scotch patriot, encouraged by Mr. Jefferson, called
the Congreis thieves, viii. 70.
~ , the runaway, a great friend of Senator Mafon, ix.

Calm Observer's letter to Mr. Wolcott, iv. 403.
------ second leiter to Mr. Wolcott, iv. 414.

third letter to Mr. Wolcott, iv. 423.

---fourth letter to Mr. Wolcott, iv. 431.
Calvin and Biain, sensibility, viii. 47.

-'s (old, the showman) verses on Porcupine, viii. 51.
Calvinifts of Nimes massacre doo Catholics, iii. 202.
Caluminies against the French regular clergy, before the seizure of

their estates, iii. 188.
Cambria in Pennsylvania, Rees, Theophilus, and Morgan, decoy's

and destroyers of hundreds of emigrants from Europe, ix. 412.
Camus and Condorcet openly taught atheism, ii. 172.
Canal lottery, Joseph Ball and Co. xi. 23.
Candid recantation, viii. 180.
Cançlidus's letter to Mesirs. MLean and Lang on Porcupine's Can-
oibals' Progress, ix. 29.

e's letter to the editors of the New York Gazette, relative
to his rebuke of Noah Weblier, ix. 39.
Cannibals’ Progress, &c. abridged from the translation of Anthony

Aufrere, Esq. viii. 259.
Cantabel's, French pealant, heroic behaviour and sufferings in the

cause of religion, iii. 206.
Capitulation, connected with the false accusation against General

Washington of having committed inurder, v. 51.
Captures, French, of American veisels, a few remarkable cases,

viii. 460.
Capuchins' convent attacked, and the fathers of it murdered,

iii. 202.
Carey's, Matthew and James, denial of Mr. Fenno's charge, x.60.
Carmarthen, Lord, abstract of letter to Mr. Adams, respecting the

posts on the western frontier, xii. 53.
Carmelites, convent of, where 180 priests were massacred, iii. 90.
Carnot, President, extract from the register resolves of ide
Executive Directory, iv. 148.


Carrier, a mentber of the Convention of Nantz, a Frenchman,
and the names of all the other members, iii. 106.

's, most mocking enormites, iii. 109.

alone put to death more than 40,000, iii. 153.

-, anecdote of him, vii. 59.
Causes afligned for the diabolical change in the French fince the

revolution, iii. 166.
Caution, public, a few days after Mr. Adams's election, iv. 357.

to the Quakers of l'hiladelphia, viii. 125.
Cavan, Patrick, and Smith, Jofeph, magistrates for the county of

Londoun, proofs of Callender's being a runaway, and an inti.
mate of Senator Mason, ix. 2:8.

's, Patrick, Magistrate, declaration that General S. T. Ma-
fon appeared in Callender's behalf, ix. 2 19.
Celebrations of the 4th of July, vi. 241.
Censor, jïi. 1.

-, the periods of its publication and its object, iii. 5.. .
- -, originally called the Prospect from the Congress Gallery,
iii. 7.

---, Political, No. I. contents, "Meeting of Congress, &c.
iii. 7.

—'s remarks on the President's speech to Congress, 7th De-
cember, 1795, 111. 14.

---. caule assigned for the President's retiring in the spring of
1797, iii. 42.

or remarks on the proceedings of the House of Representa-
tives, 111. 40.

-o remarks on Mr. Dayton the Speaker's conduct.
- remarks on Mr. Christie's motion being negatived, iii.

--- on the reception of the French flag, January 5, 1996,

. description of the French flag, iji. 57.

-- examination of a passage or two of the decree of the
National Convention, iii. 61.
- -- picture of the French revolution, iii. 62.

- remarks on the religion of the French, iji. 67.
---- remarks on the President's answer to Adet's letter, iii.

-, Political, No. II. iii. 247.
--- remarks on the appointment of a Stenographer, iii. 261.

Political, No. III. iii. 309.
---- calculation on the gains and losses of the last war in Ame-

rica, iii. 357.
- , Political, No. IV. iii. 369.

No. V. iv. 70.

No. VI. iv. 207.
, No. VII. iy. 277.


jii. 55

Cenfor, Political, No. VIII. iv. 333.

..-'s remarks on an article in the Minerva, iv. 424.
Century, the, dispute concerning it, ix, 209.
Cerberus’s reply to Talleyrand, xi. 125.
Ceremony of burning the law and records on the Yazzoo lands,

vii. 180.
Certificates granted to members of the society of United Irishinen,
viji. 212.

- from the vessels in quarantine at Port Mifflin, on the
charge of mutiny, ix. 12.
Ceruti's most blasphemous regret when dying, iii. 172.
Chabrol, Mr. martyr in the French revolution, iji. 89.
Challier, President of the democratic club at Lyons, ii. 118.
Champre, French Consul, judgment on two vessels taken from the
Americans by the French, viii. 422.

's reply to the Consul of the United States, respecting
neutral powers, viii. 338.
Chaplain, proceedings of the State Legislature in Virginia, viii. 94.

--- to the House of Representatives, names and numbers of
the candidates, vii. 299.
Chaplains, the candidates and their different tenets, vi. 115.
Charity, auction of Mr. Swanwick's library, &c. viii. 19.
Charles, King, I. letters to the Duke of Buckingham, vii. 119.
Charleston, civic festivals of, 1794, vii. 422.
Chase, Judge, his house threatened by Smith's partisans, x. 3.

, Judge, his charge to the Jury on the trial of Cooper, xii. 7.
Charity ! ! ! Claypoole's paper, x. 84. .
Chatel, Mayor of St. Denys, his unjust and cruel death, iii. 190.
Chatham, Lord, his statue destroyed by the citizens of Charlestor.,

i. 112.
Cheating, bruising, robbery, and perhaps whoredom, liberty,

vii. 191.
Chemistry, Mr. George Hunter, what sort of liquor will yield

mott newspapers, X. 162.
Cherin's, French commander, exactions, vii. 157. . .
Chevalier D'Yrujo's letter to the Secretary of State, v. 424.
Chief Justice, his sentence at the trial of M‘Lean the iraitor,

Child, one of ten years old, accuses and causes the murder of his

own mother in Paris, iïi. 102.
Chisholm, Captain, never employed by Mr. Liston, vij. 72.
Chisley, Philip, proofs from him and others of the preva.

lent disregard of the matrimonial tie in republican America,

ix. 339.
Christie, 'Mr. confesses he was the person who introduced Randall

to Mr. Smith and Mr. Murray, üi. 47.
Christian religion, the government of the United States declared
to be in no sense founded on it, vi. 65.


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Christian religion discarded by the United Irisimen, viii. 208. Church lands or giebes, remarks by a laymül, viii. 3.

property, not the property of the public, ii. 7. de plundering, Virginia, resolution of the House of Delegates, viii. 45.

-'s, Dr. behaviour in Mr. Fleetwood's illness, vii. 122. Circular orders from Government against aiming, v. 373. Circumstance respecting the Yazzov lauds pointed out, vii. 181. Cisalpine poor Republic, viii. 186.

- its contents, xi. 170. Cispadane, a question of the Congress there, v. 321. Cispadanian Republic, proclamation of the Congress there, v.

226. Citeaux, Abbey, history of it and its wealth, when seized upon by

the Constituent Assembly, ii. 179. . Citizen's, an honest cheerful, addrets to the Americans, i. 35.

----, a poor one, remonstrance against Mifflin's proclamation, vii. 65.

- , a, letter to Mr. Cobbett, respecting the Bank Directors ' ix. 322. Civic constitution subversive of religion, iii. 195. - feast, revolution in Holland, vii. 159.

-, successes of the French, 'vii. 160. Civis's letter to Mr. Porcupine, vi. 376.

lemarks on Munio's letter to Mr. Pickering, vi. 393.

, attempt to burn Neu-Brunswick, vii. 208. Classes, three, of French partisans, viii. 141. Claypoole's lies respecting Nova Scotia, vii. 18. - -, the Sheriff, hangman of John Roberts and Abraham

Carlisle, xji. 105. Clarke, of New Jersey, his more violent resolutions respecting the

fequestration of all British property, i. 388. Clerical gentleman, Dr. Duché, property confiscated by M‘Kean, with the money he choused the soldiers out of, xi. 48.

- character, debaiernent of it in America, xi. 263. Clergy and vestry of Christ Church, a card sent to them, ii. 22.

-- obliged to swear to observe the civic constitution, ili.

, French, only 4 out of 134 take the oath to the civic con. ftitution, ii. 198.

-, Presbyterian, pastoral letter, ix. 208. Clergyman, a German, his comment on Paine's Age of Reason,

vi. 80. Clifton, Mr. William, Jun. the author of a song on Admiral Nel.

son's victory, x. 69. Climax of the desolating crime of elopement in republican Ame

rica, ix. 344. Clothier, John, versus Sylvanus Planter, a law case, xi. 17.


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