A peerless wife, Band 3


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Seite 274 - She is none of our dainty dames, who love to appear in variety of suits every day new; as if a good gown, like a stratagem in war, were to be used but once : but our good wife sets up a sail according to the keel of her husband's estate; and if of high parentage, she doth not so remember what she was by birth, that she forgets what she is by match.
Seite 297 - ... the beating of their own hearts was all the sound they heard." " It wor the wind," said Maggot. " Iss, that 's what it wor," replied Tonkin ; "come, lev us go down. The wind can't do no harm to we.
Seite 279 - Miss Talbot is absolutely my passion; I think of her all day, dream of her all night, and one way or other introduce her into every subject tions of the principal antiquities in the county of Louth in Ireland.
Seite 222 - NO; MAUD.' WHEN the young baronet reached the corridor he said, in a grave sedate voice, ' I knew your name was Maud ; and I knew your poor father did not like me. I am sure you will believe me when I tell you I never saw him in all my life, never saw youuntil to-day, and never gave him any reason I know of to dislike me. It so happened that I was heir to the property ; it so happened I was poor. I could not help the former ; I tried to do all I could to help the latter, and took an appointment...
Seite 175 - If I do, I'll put in another," replied Donald. "But you can't snap that stick. The Skylark's mast will go by the board first, and then it will be time. enough to look out for ours.
Seite 219 - He drew her arm through his, and they walked on in silence for a moment; then he said, — ' I am not a young romantic man, Miss Ayrton — my life's romance ended long ago — but — but — you have been happy here.

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