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Mos. Forbid it, heaven! quick, let me fly Ard. Speak-But what? Let's have no riddles for help

here. Ard. With sharp reflection: Mosby, I can't bear Can she be innocent, and Mosby guilty? To be so far obliged to one I've wronged.

Frank. To speak my thoughts, this new offiMos. Who would not venture life to save a

cious fondness friend?

Makes me suspect: I like him worse than ever. Ard. From you I've not deserved that tender Ard. Because I like him better? What a

churl! Mos. No more of that-would I were worthy Frank. You are credulous, and treat my

seriof it!

ous doubts Ard. I own my heart, by boiling passions torn, With too much levity. You vex me, Arden. (E.rit. Forgets its gentleness-yet is ever open

Ard. Believe me, friend, you'll laugh at this To melting gratitude. O say what price

hereafter. [Erit the other way. Can buy your friendship? Mos. Only think me yours.

Mosby, having watched FRANKLIN out, re-enters Ard. Easy, indeed. I am too much obliged.

with GREEN. Why recked not your good sword its justice on me, Mos. The surly friend has left him—As I When, mad with jealous rage, in my own house,

wished I you to my ruin?

You see how eagerly the foolish fowl Mos. I loved you then

Flies headlong to our snare: now to inclose him. With the same warmth as now.

At eight the guests are bidden to his banquet, Ard. What's here! you bleed.

And only Michael, of his numerous train, Let me bind up your wound.

Keeps home with his Alicia. He'll secure Mos. A trifle, sir

The keys of all the doors, and let you

in Ard. Your friendship makes it so. See, Frank-With my two trusty bloodhounds. Alicia seems lin, see

Averse at present.

Green. She'll not dare betray us.

Mos. Not when the deed is done. We know

too much. The man I treated as a coward, bleeding, She'll be our prisoner, and shall be observed. Wretch that I am ! for his defence of me. Towards evening, then, upon a slight pretence Look to your wound. And, Mosby, let us hope To pass an hour at draughts, (a game he loves) You'll sup with me. There will be honest Brad-I'll draw this husband home. You'll be prepared shaw,

In the inner room, (Michael will shew it you) And Franklin here, and

l'ill, at a signal given, you ail rush forth, Mos. Sir, I will not fail.

And strangle him. Frank. I shall not come.

Green. Good—'tis a death, that leaves Ard. Nay, Franklin, that's unkind.

No bloody character to mark the place. Prithee

Mos. However, come all provided with your Frank. Nay, urge me not. I have my reasons. daggers.

Mos. Avoids my company! So much the better. Do you seek Michael, I'll instruct the rest. His may not be so proper. (Aside.] An hour Green. What shall the signal be? hence,

Mos. These words in the game, If you are not engaged, we'll meet at Fowl's.

I take you now. Ard. I will be there.

Green. Arden! thou'rt taken now indeed. Mos. 'Till then I take my leave. [Erit Mosby: Mos. His body, thrown behind the abbey-wall, Ard. How have I been mistaken in this man? Shall be descried by the early passenger, Frank. How are you sure, you're not mistaken Returning from the fair. My friend, thy hand; now?

Shakes it? Be firm, and our united strength Ard. No doubt he loves me; and I blush to With ease shall cast dead Arden to the earth. think

Green. Thanks to his foolish tenderness of soul! How I've suspected him, and wronged Alicia. Mos. True ; he, who trusts an old inveterate foe,

Frank. May you be ever happy in your wife: Bares his own breast, and courts the fatal blow. But




SCENE I.--Arden's House.

The appointed signal to his neighbour's wife!

B. Will. Which is the place, where we're to Alicia alone.

be concealed? What have I heard ! Is this the house of Arden ! Green. This inner room. O! that the power, which has so often saved him, B. Will. 'Tis well. The word is, Now I take Would send his guardian angel to him now, you.

(Knocking louder than before. To whisper in his ear his present danger! Green. Ay, there's authority. That speaks the Fly, Arden, fly! avoid this fatal roof, Where murder lurks, and certain death awaits He seems in haste: Twere pity he should wait, thee !

Now we're so well prepared for his reception. Wander- -no matter where_Turn but from

[Green, Black Will, and Shakebag, go hence,

into the inner room. Thou canst not miss thy way—The house is Alic. Now, whither are they gone? The door's theirs.

unbarred. I am suspected— Michael guards the door- I hear the sound of feet. Should it be Arden, And even Maria's absent. Bloody Mosby, And Mosby with him I can't bear the doubt, These are the fruits of thy detested lust. Nor would I be resolved. Be hushed, my fears ! But hark! the fiends approach. Green had hu- | 'Tis Mosby, and alone. [Enter Mosby.] Sir, hear manity.

me, Mosby.

Mos. Madam, is this a time? Enter Green, Black Will, SHAKEBAG, and Alic. I will be heard, MICHAEL,

And mark me, when I swear, never hereafter, Could I prevail on him ! O sir

By look, word, act[Talks apart with Green. Mos. Be damned—your husbandB. Will. What a fair house! rich furniture ! Alic. Ha !

(She screams. what piles of massy plate! And then yon iron chest! Good plunder, comrade.

Enter ARDEN and MICHAEL, Shake. And madam Arden there—A prize worth them all to me.

Ard. Am I a monster, that I fright thee thus? B. Will. And shall that fawning, white-livered

(To Michael. coward, Mosby, enjoy all these?

Say, what has happened since I left the house? Shake. No doubt he would, were we the fools Thou look’st, Alicia, as if wild amazement he thinks us.

Had changed thee to the image of herself. Green. Had he as many lives as drops of

Alic. Is Franklin with you? blood,

Ard. No. I'd have them all.

[To Alicia. Alic. Nor Fowl, nor Bradshaw? Alic. But for one single night

Ard. Neither, but both expected. Green. I'd not defer his fate a single hour, Alic. Merciful Heaven! Though I were sure myself to die the next. Ard. I meant to dedicate this happy night So, peace, irresolute woman-and be thankful To mirth and joy, and thy returning love. For thy own life.

[She sighs. Alic. O mercy, mercy!

Make me not sad, Alicia : For my sake Green. Yes,

Let discontent be banished from your brow, Such mercy as the nursing lioness,

And welcome Arden's friends with laughing eyes. When drained of moisture by her eager young, Amongst the first let Mosby be enrolledShews to the prey that first encounters her. Alic. The villain !

B. Will. Who talks of mercy, when I am here? Ard. Nay, I am too well convinced Green. She would prevent us; but our steady Of Mosby's friendship, and Alicia's love, courage

Ever to wrong them more by weak suspicions. Laughs at her coward arts.

I've been indeed to blame, but I will make thee [Knocking gently at the gate. A large amends, Alicia. Look upon him, Why, Michael !

As on the man, that gave your husband life. Mich. Sir!

Alic. Would take my husband's life!—I'll tell Green. Thou bloodless coward, what dost

him all, tremble at?

And cast this load of horror from my soul : Dost thou not hear a knocking at the gate ? Yet, 'tis a dreadful hazard. Both must die.

[Erit Michael. A fearful thought! Franklin may come, or BradMosby, no doubt. How like a sly adulterer,

shawWho steals at midnight, and with caution gives O let me not precipitate his fate! {Aside.

Mos. I see my presence is offensive there. Who who are these? But I forgive you all.

[Going. Thy hand, Alicia. Ard. Alicia ! No-she has no will but mine. Alic. I'll not give it thee. Mos. It is not fit she should : and yet-per- Ard. O wretched woman! have they killed haps-

thee, too: Twere better, sir-Permit me to retire.

A deadly paleness, agony, and horror, Ard. Nomore-Our friendship, publicly avowed, On thy sad visage sit. My soul hangs on thee, Will clear her injured virtue to the world. And, though departing just departing-loves Mos. Something there is in that

thee : Ard. It is a debt

Is loth to leave, unreconciled to thee,
I owe to both your fames, and pay it freely. This useless mangled tenement of clay.

Mos. For her sake, then; not for my own. Dismiss her pleased, and say thou’rt innocent.
Alic. [ Aside.] O damned dissembler!

Alic. All hell contains not such a guilty wretch. Ard. Come, take your seat; this shall not save Ard. Then welcome death ! though in the Bring us the tables, Michael. [They sit and play. How have Tedoated to idolatry ! Alic. (Aside.) O just Heaven!

Vain, foolish wretch, and thoughtless of hereafter, Wilt thou not interpose?—How dread this pause! Nor hoped, nor wished a heaven beyond her love. When thousand terrors crowd the narrow space. Now, unprepared, I perish by her hate. Ard. Your thoughts are absent, Mosby,

Alic. Though blacker, and more guilty, than B. Will. Blood! why don't Mosby give the the fiends, word?

[Aside. | My soul is white from this accursed deed. Mich. Give back, the game's against him.

0 Arden! hear meAlic. Fly, Franklin! Ay, to save thy Arden's

Ard. Full of doubts, I come, life.

O thou Supreme, to seek thy awful presence. Murder herself, that chases him in view, My soul is on the wing. I own thy justice, Beholding me, starts back, and, for a moment, Prevent me with thy mercy.

[Dies. Suspends her thirst of blood.

[Aside. Alic. Turn not from me : Àrd. Come, give it up; I told you I should Behold me, pity me, survey my sorrows ! win.

[Rises. I, who despised the duty of a wife, Mos. No, I see an advantage; move again.

Will be thy slave. Spit on me, spurn me, sir, Ard. There.

I'll love thee still. O couldst thou court my Mos. Now I take you.

scorn, [Black Will throws a scarf over Arden's And now abhor me, when I love thee more,

head, in order to strangle him ; but Ar- If possible, than e'er thou lovedst Alicia !
den disengages himself, wrests a dagger Mos. Mad fool, he's dead, and hears thee not.
from Shakebag, and stands on his defence, Alic. 'Tis false-
till Mosby getting behind, and seizing his He smiles upon me, and applauds my vengeance.
arm, the rest assassinate him.

(Snatches a dugger, and strikes at Mosby. Alic. O Power omnipotent! make strong his

A knocking

at the gate. arm!

Mos. Damnation ! Give him to conquer! Ha! my prayers are curses,

B. Will. 'Sdeath! we shall leave our work unAnd draw down vengeance where they meant a finished, and be betrayed at last. Let us hido blessing.

the body. Ard. Inhospitable villain!

Mos. Force her away. Alic. O! he dies!

Alic. Inhuman bloody villains ! Ard. O hold your bloody-Mosby too! Nay, [She swoons, as she is forced from the body. then,

[Falling I yield me to my fate. Is this, Alicia,

Enter MARIA.
This the return for my unequalled love?
Alic. Or death, or madness, would be mercies Mar. Mosby here!

My sliding feet, as they move trembling forwards, Therefore beyond my hopes.

Are drenched in blood. O may I only fancy Ard. O Mosby, Michael, Green!

That Arden there lies murdered-
Why have


upon your souls?

Mos. How fares Alicia? Mos. Behold her there, to whom I was be- Alic. As the howling damned: and thou my trothed,

hell And ask no further.

Mar. Unhappy brother! Green. Think on thy abbey-lands

If thou hast done this deed, hope not to escape : From injured Green.

Mercy herself, who only seeks for crimes, Ard. You now are your own judges,

That she inay pardon and reform the guilty, But we shall meet again, where right and truth, Would change her nature at a sight like this.

of prey

So-make what speed you can: I'll wait you Enter MICHAEL.


[Ereunt. Mich. The guests are come-the servants all

SCENE II.-A hall in ARDEN's house. returned. Mos. Alicia, be thyself; and mask thy heart They must pass undescried : gardens and fields

[Mosby lifts up Alicia. Are dreary deserts now. Night-fowls and beasts From every prying eye with courteous smiles. Alic. Thou canst not think me mean enough Avoid the pinching rigour of the season, to live?

Nor leave their shelter at a time like this. Mos. You would not chuse an ignominious And yet this night, this lingering winter night, death?

Hung with a weight of clouds, that stops her Alic. That's all I dread-Might but the silent

course, grave,

Contracts new horrors, and a deeper black, When it receives me to its dark abode,

From this damned deed.—Mosby, thou hast thy Hide, with my dust, my shame !_0 might that

wish. be,

Arden is dead; now count thy gains at leisure. And Arden's death revenged ! 'Tis my sole prayer. Dangers without, on every side suspicion ; If not, may awful justice have her course! Within, my starting conscience marks such wounds,

[Erit Alicia. As hell can equal, only murderers feel. (A pause. Mos. Sister! our lives are thine

This, this the end of all my flattering hopes ! Mar. Though Mosby has shook off humanity, o! happiest was I in my humble state : I cannot be his accuser.

[Erit Maria. Though I lay down in want, I slept in peace : Mos. Follow them, Green, and watch Alicia's My daily toil begat my night's repose; conduct.

My niglie's repose made day-light pleasing to me. Green. I will, but cannot answer for my own. But now I've climbed the top-bough of the tree, O Arden! Arden! could we change conditions ! And sought to build my nest among the clouds :

[Exit Green. The gentlest gales of summer shake my bed, B. Will. Why, what a crew of cowards! And dreams of murder harrow up my soul. In the same moinent murdering and repenting, But hark !-Not yet :-'Tis dreadful being alone. Mos. Give me the ring, that is on Arden's fin- This awful silence, that, unbroken, reigns ger.

Through earth and air, awakes attention more, Shake. There. Will

have his purse

too? Than thunder bursting from ten thousand clouds : Mos. No, keep that.

S’death !-'tis but Michael-SayB. Will. Thanks for our own: we should have

Enter MICHAEL. kept the ring, Were it not too reinarkable.

Mich. Dead Arden lies But how must we dispose of the body?

Behind the abbey-'tis a dismal sight! Mos. Convey it through the garden, to the It snowed apace while we disposed the body. field

Mos. And not as you returned ? Behind the abbey-wall : Michael will shew the Mich. No, sirway.

Mos. That's muchThe night is dark and cloudy-yet, take heed, Should you be questioned as to Arden's death, The house is full of company.

You'll not confess? B. Will. Sir, if you doubt our conduct, do it Mich. No, so Maria's mine. yourself.

Mos. She's thine, if all a brother canMos. Nay, gentlemen


.What's if ? Shake. Pretend to direct us!

I bought her dear, at hazard of my soul,
Mos. For your own sakes-Arden will soon be And force shall make her mine.---

Mos. -Why, how now, coward !
Shake. We know our business, sir.
Mos. I doubt it not.

Enter Maria. There's your reward. The horses both are sad- Mar. The guests refuse to take their scats dled,


you. And ready for your flight.

Alicia's grief too borders on distraction. B. Wiủ. Use them yourself:

Thy presence may appeaseI hope we're as safe as you.

Mos. Increase it rather. Mos. Why, gentlemen--Arden! I used thee Mar. Michael, your absence too has been obr

{ Aside.

served. B. Will. We shall take care, however, for our

Mos. Sav we are coming. [Exit Maria. own sakes.

Mich. One thing I'd forgot. [Returning Mos. 'Tis very well-I hope we all are friends. Soon as the company have left the house, So-softly-softly-- Michael, not that door- The ruthians will return.

(Michael going out at the wrong door. Mos. What would the villains ?


Mick. They muttered threats and curses,

Enter MAYOR, 8c. And seemed not satisfied with their reward.

[Erit Michael Mayor. Go you with these, and do as I directe Mos. Let them take all. Ambition, avarice, lust, ed.

(Ereunt officers and others. That drove me on to murder, now forsake me. I'm sorry that the duty of my office Oh Arden! if thy discontented ghost

Demands a visit so unseasonable. Still hovers here to see thy blood revenged, Mos. Your worship doubtless were a welcome View, view the anguish of this guilty breast,

guest And be appeased!

[Exit. At any hour; but wherefore thus attended ?

Mayor. I have received a warrant from the SCENE III.- A room in ARDEN's house. A table council, spread for supper.

To apprehend two most notorious ruffians;

And information being made, on oath, Green, Bradshaw, Adam Fowl, ALICIA,

That they were seen to enter here to-night, MARIA, &c.

I'm come to search. Brad. Madam, be comforted.

Green. I'm glad it is no worse. (Aside. A. Fowl. Some accident, or business unfore- Mos. And can you think, that Arden enterseen, detains him thus.

tains Brad. I doubt not of his safety.

Villains like those, you speak of? Were he here, Alic. I thank you, gentlemen; I know you loved You'd not be thanked for this officiousness. My Arden well, and kindly speak your wishes. Mayor. I know my duty, sir, and that respect,

So justly due to our good neighbour's worth. Enter Mosby.

But where is Arden? Mos. I am ashamed I've made you wait: be Alic. Heavens! where indeed ! seated.

Mar. Alicia, for my sake

[Aside. Green. Madam, first take your place.

Alic. If I were silent, Alic. Make me not mad

Fach precious drop of murdered Arden's blood To me henceforth all places are alike. [Sits. Would find a tongue, and cry to Heaven for venMos. Come, since we want the master of the geance! house,

Mayor. What says the lady? I'll take his seat for once.

Mos. Oh! sir, heed her not; Alic. Dares he do this?

[Aside. Her husband has not been at home to-night, Mos. I'm much afflicted, that he stays so late; And her misboding sorrow for his absence The times are perilous.

Has almost made her frantic,
Green. And he has enemies.

Mayor. Scarce an hour,
Though no man, sure, did e'er deserve them less. Since I beheld him enter here with

. This day he was assaulted in the street. Mos. The darkness of the night deceived you, sir; Green. You saved him then.

It was a stranger, since departed hence. Mos. Would I were with him now !

Mayor. That's most surprising ! No man knows Mar. She starts, her looks are wild. (Aside.]

him better. How fare you, madam?

Frank. [without] Within there-ho-bar up Alic. I'ın lost in admiration of your brother.

your gates with care,
Mar. I fear her more than ever. (Aside.]- And set a watch. Let not a man go by-
Madam, be merry.
Mos. Michael, some wine. Health and long

FRANKLIN, and others, enter with lights. life to Arden,

[Rising. And every tongue, that gave not its consent Alic. The good you wish, and have procured To Arden's death, join mine, and cry aloud for Arden,

[Rising. To Heaven and earth for justice. Honest Arden, Light on thyself!

My friend, is murdered ! Mar. For Heaven's sake!

Mayor. Murdered ! Alic. Give me way.

[Comes forward. Green. How? Let them dispatch, and send me to my

husband : Mos. By whom?

[All rise. Frank. How shall I utter what my eyes have I've lived too long with falsehood and deceit.

(Knocking at the gate. Horrid, with many a gaping wound, he lies
A. Fowl. What noise is that? [Erit Michael. Behind the abbey, a sad spectacle !
Brad. Pray Heaven, that all be right! O vengeance ! vengeance !
Mos. Bar all the doors.

Mayor. Justly art thou moved.

Passion is reason in a cause like this.

Frank. Eternal Providence, to whose bright eye
Mich. We are discovered, sir! [To Mosby. Darkness itself is as the noon-day blaze,
The mayor with officers, and men in arms. Who brings the midnight murderer, and his deeds,
Vol. I.




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