The Human Rights Reader: Major Political Writings, Essays, Speeches, and Documents from the Bible to the Present

Micheline Ishay
Psychology Press, 1997 - 518 Seiten
In every age there have been voices speaking out against oppression, voices that refuse to be silenced and that, whether through peaceful reform or violent revolution, lead the way to the liberation and transformation of society. Today, from the International Women's Conference, to Amnesty International and the debate over humanitarian intervention, global interest in human rights is strong and growing. This anthology provides the first comprehensive historical perspective on human rights, covering influential figures, ideals, movements and strategies. The Human Rights Reader explores the changing concept and practice of human rights through the writings of religious humanists, classical and modern thinkers, major legal documents, political speeches, key theoretical approaches, philosophical works and issues of contemporary relevance. Gathered from a variety of disciplines and sources, Micheline Ishay has selected readings to reflect the range and depth of the human rights debate across cultures and history. Beginning with the early origins of human rights, she follows the debate through the Enlightenment, the Industrial Age, the World Wars and anti-imperialist struggles. Several selections illustrate how the debate has been picked up by new social movements, such as environmentalists and gay rights advocates. Visionaries, activists, and politicians have disagreed on how to achieve or even define human rights, sometimes working together and sometimes in opposition. This reader provides a comparative overview from which to examine not only the debate, but how rights were gained or lost. As such, it offers us lessons for the present and hope for the future.--Publisher description.

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The human rights reader: major political writings, essays, speeches, and documents from the Bible to the present

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Ishay (Graduate Sch. of International Studies and director of the human rights program, Univ. of Denver) takes a historical approach to human-rights literature in this book. Her introduction ... Vollständige Rezension lesen


Religious Humunism Und Stoicism
The New Testament c 50
I0 Magna Charta I2I5
In Defense of the Indians c 1548
liberdism Und Human Rights
Judgement on Perpetual Peace 1756
Treatise on Crimes and Punishments 1766
The Universal Suffrage 1850
The AntiDühring 1878
The Universalism of the Left 1996
How to Adlieve Human Rights?
A False Dichotomy 1996
Contemporary International Documents
European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights
United Nations International Covenant on Economic Social

I6 Maximilien de Robespierre On Property Rights 1793
What is Property? or An Inquiry into the Principle
PierreJoseph Proudhon The Principle of Federalism 1863
American Convention on Human Rights 1969

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Über den Autor (1997)

Micheline Ishay is Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies at University of Denver, where she is Director of the human rights program. She has been a Visiting Professor at The University of Tel Aviv, the University of Maryland, and as Lady Davis Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and speaks regularly on a variety of human rights and foreign policy issues. Ishay is the author or editor of The History of Human Rights (2004), The Nationalism Reader (1999), and Internationalism and Its Betrayal (1995).

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