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more remote signification, by what metaphorical application, by what elliptical use, a Preposition indicates fo many and so various kinds of relation between one object and another, would be a work of more subtle disquisition than might here be proper. To point out the number of words, which in the Greek. Language are diversified in their significations by the Prepositions prefixed, would exceed the limits of an INTRODUCTION; Suffice it then, that in explaining the different meanings of Compound Prepositions precifion has been consulted as far as porfible ; and that such Examples are cited, as may leave the Scholar not altogether uninstructed on the subject..

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When these examples have been properly render'd, it will be time to proceed to the Select Sentences from the CYROPÆDIA of XENOPHON.


In giving these Select Sentences, the first object in view is to teach Style. For this purpose, no Author could be so properly chosen as XenoPHON, because he of all others is the most chaste, pure, simple, and elegant in his style and Diction. From the necessary attention which must be paid in going through this work, some portion of his admirable Manner may possibly be caught.

The next point intended was to exhibit a short Specimen of SOCRATIC Morals, It must be confessed indeed, that in their present form these Morals will lose much of that easy, natural, insinuating mode in which they are taught chiefly by Dialogue in the beautiful Original; but even as they now appear, they still retain enough


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of their intrinsic excellence, to be useful towards cherishing an ingenuous love of true glory, that noblest incentive to all things laudable ; towards encouraging habits of industry and attention, habits indispensibly requisite to the generality of Mankind, for the attainment of any kind of perfection, whatever

may be their pursuits; and towards inculcating principles of temperance, prudence, justice, fortitude, philanthropy and goodness, virtues without which the mind of Man cannot aspire to any degree of elevation or dignity, but with which it may rise superior to all that is mean, base, ungenerous, unkind, unsociable.

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With the preservation of Grecian Literature is connected the cause of Tafte, Freedom, Virtue, and Religion :


for the 'GRE E K WRITINGS present us with the most perfect Models for Composition in all kinds, whether in History, Oratory, or Philosophy; whether in Pastoral, Elegiac, Lyric, Epic,' or that which excells all others, Dramatic Poetry: they inspire us with a noble contempt of Tyranny and Defpotism, and with generous disdain of that abject servility, which debases the subjects of arbitrary power : and partly by Philosophers, but more fully, forcibly, infallibly, and authentically by the EVANGELISTS and Founders of CHRISTIANITY, they teach us our duties to God and Man.

IF Grecian Literature be thus important, it surely deserves the highest

1. See Preface to MATTAIRE'S GRÆCÆ LINGuÆ DIALECTI; and the last Chapter of Harris's HERMES.


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encouragement: and every the least work, that tends to the cultivation and understanding of the Greek Language, may with reason hope for some favour from the Public.

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