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circumstances, from many dispirited, and aftonished looks: so that from its greatness ic is not easy either to suppress it by words, or to excite courage by leading up against the enemy, or to revive their spirit by retreating : but by how much the more you encourage them to be in good heart, by so much the more they. think themselves to be in worse dangers.”

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68. “ If indeed hereafter in the enterprizes of war the victories shall be (to them,) whoever can number the greater multitude, then you

fear for us with reason, and we are indeed in dangers": but if, as before, so now also, battles are determined by those who fight well, you will not at all be disappointed by being in good heart: for with the help of the gods, you will find many more willing to fight amongst us, than amongst them.”

69. “ GOBRIA'S thought us fome poor people, because we did not come abounding with Daricks, and drank not out of golden cups: but if we do this, he may know, said he, that it is poffible for men to be generous even with- . out gold."

70. Upon this they went away to their tents; and as they went along, discoursed with each other how retentive in memory CyRus was; how he gave his orders, calling by name those whom he directed. But CYRUS did this from attention: for it seemed to him to be altogether wonderful, if artificers truly


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βαναυσες ισημι, η εαυτου τεχνη έκασος, το εργαλειον το ονομα, και ιατρος οιδα και το οργανον και το φαρμακον ος χραομαι πας το όνομα


έτως ηλιθιος εσoιμω, ωσε εκ εισομαι ο υφ' αυτος ηγεμων το ονομα, αμι αυτος οργανον χράομαι, και όταν ωe9κατελαGoν τις βελημα, και όταν εφυλαξα, και όταν εθαρρυνα, και όταν εφοβησα. Και όταν ετιμησα δε σoτε τις βελοιμην, πεεπεν αυτος εδοκεον αμι ονομαι προσαγορευω. Εδοκεον δε αυτος ο γιγνωσκομαι δοκών ωο ο αρχων και

το καλος τις ποιων δραομαι μαλλον ερεγομαι, και το ακρος τις ποιεω μαλλον προθυμέομα απέχομα.

71. Κυρος δε ως ηθομήν το γεγονος, υπήνταον τε 1 και Καδεσιος, και οσις ιδοιμι τετρωμενος, αναλαμβανων, έτος μυ ως Γαλατάς απεπεμπον, όπως θεραπευοιμω. ο δε αλλος συγκατεσκηνον, και όπως και επιτηδειος εχοιμι συνεπιμελεομην, παραλαμβανων και ο ομοτιμος Περσης

σωεπιμελητης" (εν γαρ τοιχτος ο αγαθος συνεπιπονέω εθελο) και ανίωμδυος μεντοι ιχυρως δηλος ην.

72. Ανθρωπινος μεν το γεγενημενος παθος. Το γαρ' αμαρτάνειν και ανθρωπος ων, έδεν, oίμαι, θαυμασG. Αξιος γε μεντοι ειμι και το εριημενος έτος πραγμα απολαυστε τις αγαθG.

know the names of their tools, each of his own art; and a physician knows the names of all his instruments and medicines, which he uses; but a general should be so absurd, as that he shall not know the names of the commanders under him, whom there is a necessity for him to use as instruments, both when he wishes to seize upon any thing, and when to guard, and when to raise courage, and when to strike terror. And when indeed at 'any

time he wished to honour any one, it feemed to him to be fit to speak to him by name. For those who thought themselves to be known by their general, seemed to him also to be more desirous of being seen doing something noble, and to be more earnest to abstain from doing any thing base.

71. But when Cyrus perceived what had happened, he met the CADUSIANS, and whomsoever he saw wounded, receiving him, he sent him to GADATAS, that he might be taken care of: but he put the others in tents togegether, and was himself attentive that they might have things necessary, taking from the PERSIAN nobles, assistants in this care: (for on such occasions the good are willing to labour jointly:) and indeed he appeared plainly very

much concerned. cs 72. The.calamity which hath happened is such as is incident to'man. For I think it not at all wonderful, that being men we should err. But indeed we are deserving of reaping some advantage from this affair that has happened.”

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73. Το δε αλλος χρημα συ απαγωγων φυλαθω, εφω, ες' αν εγω ' ιδω εχων, ώςε και συ μη ηταομα αντιδωρεμενος και δε σλαων εγω δες απιριμι, η λαμβανων παρ' και εγω, μα ο θεος οιδ' οπως αν δυνα

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αυτος, συνδεετ,


74. Επειδή δε δειπνον ωρα ην, καλεσας ο Κυαξαρης ηξιον ο Κυρος, Δια 1 χρονος ειδων ο δε Κυρος ω

ειπον, Μη δη συ κελευω, ω Κυαξαρης. Η χ οραω ότι έτος ο παρων υφ' εγω πας επηρμενος παρειμι και εκαν καλως αν σρατοιμί, α: ετος αμελών και η εμος ηδονη θεραπευω δοκριην αμελεομαι δε δοκών και στρατιωτης, ο μεν αγαθος, πολυ αν αθυμοτερος αγνοι

πονηρος, πολυ υβρισοτερος.

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75. Ωασερ και όταν μαχομαι δεη, ο πλάτος χαρωσαμενος αλκιμωτατος δοξαζομαι ειμι, έτω και, όταν σε δεη και βελη, ο σλισος ομογνωμων 4 εγω σοιησας, έτος δικαίως αν λεκτικώτατος της και πρακτικώτατος κριναιμην αν αμι.

76. Ουκ οιδα μεν έγωγε ατι δει και λογος, όπο αυτος το εργον δεικνύω το κρατιςος. Πας γαρ επισαμαι ότι ομε μενων λαων κακος σοιέω και ο πολεμιος

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73. “ But having carried back the other riches, do you take care of them, said '

he, till you see me having (poffeffions) so as not to be overcome by you in making a return of presents : for if you were to go away having given more things to me, than what you receive from me, in truth I know not how I could be otherwise than alhamed.”

74. But when it was the hour of supper, CYAXARES having invited Cyrus begged him, since he saw him after a long interval of time, to sup with him. But Cyrus said, Do not bid me, O CYAXARES. For do not you see, that these who are present are all come here instigated by us? I should not then do. well, if neglecting them I should seem to be attending to my own pleasure: for foldiers who think then felves neglected, if they are brave, must become much more dejected, but if they are vicious, much more insolent.”


“ And as when it may be necessary to fight, he who has fubdued the most is thought to be the stoutest, so also when there may be need of counsel, he who has rendered the most men unanimous with us, he may justly be accounted to be the most powerful in speaking, and most effective in business."

76. Truly I do not know if there is at all need of words, where facts themselves thew what is best to be done. For we all know, that by remaining together we do the enemies

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