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The twenty-first volume of the Museum is now completed, and the publisher most heartily thanks the patrons who have brought him so far on in his work.

The new series which is now to begin, will show that with the increase of his sale he is willing to incur additional expense. The size of the work will be greatly increased; and after a few weeks we shall print it upon a new and very beautiful type now casting for the purpose. Perhaps we may not have this type before the April number.

There are now advertised several reprints of British Magazines and Reviews, exactly as they come from the press. But as we are confident that we can give in two thousand pages a year, (equal to four thousand pages of the English editions,) all that is desirable to our readers—all that is worthy of preservation—we confidently hope for a continuance of the increase which the last year and this have made in the number of our purchasers.

215 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, November, 1832.

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