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tal houses in the cotton branch baving stop- of God, and his righteousness; and all these ped payment. One of them has stopped for things shall be added unto you."--Total of upwards of 400,00ol. ant it is faid is under this year's collection 10471. acceptances to the amount of 1,000,000l. 10. One of his Majesty's messengers aranother is 200,cool. deficient, and many in- rived at the office of the Marquis of Carmarferior houses are involved in this unexpected then, his Majesty's principal fecretary of event, which also extends to Liverpool, Man- Itale for foreign affairs, with the ratification chester, and many other trading towns. There on the part of the States-General of the failures are likely to draw with them the United Provinces, of the treaty of Dcfensive molt extensive consequences. The county Alliance signed at the Hague the 15th of of Lancaster, it is feared, will be much af- April latt, which was exchanged there on fected by them. In Manchester and its en. the 8th inft. with bis Excellency Sir James virons, it is computed that not less than Harris, K. B. his Majesty's Ambatiador Ex. 25,00ol, worth of bills of only five pounds traordinary and Plenipotentiary to their High each, were in circulation amongst the work- Miglicinelles, against his Majesty's ratifica. ing manufacturers. In London there are tion by the deputies of the States General. few monied persons who are not billholders This Gazette contains the ceremony of infor large lums; upwards of 40,000 persons vesting Sir George Yonge, and Sir Alexander in the various branches of their manufactures, Hood, vice-admiral of the biue, with the and others depending on them in town and order of the Bath, country, are, by this unfortunate circum

13. The expence already incurred by car. Itances, for a time out of bread.

rying on the prosecution against Warren 8. Was held the Anoiversary Meeting of Hattings (as delivered to the House of Com. the Sons of the Clergy. The fermon was mons) is as follows:-preached by the Rev. Phipps Weston, B. D. Expence of erecting the Court 3044 Prebend ry of Lincoln, Canon Residentiary Furnishing the same

714 of Wells, and Rector of Witney, Oxford- Monies advanced to the Solicitors Thire, from the sixth chapter ot St. Matthew, for the Prosecution

8058 “ But seek ye airft the kingdom

P R E F E R M E N T S. THE Right Hon. Charles James Fox, Re- vice Jeremiah Pemberton, esq. promoted to

corder of Bridgewater, vacant by the the chief justiceship of Nova Scotia. death of the late Earl Poulett.

The Rev. John Acland, rector of Brod. Dr. Berjamin Mosely, to be physician to clift, to a prebend of Exeter Cathedral, his Royal Highness the Duke of York and his The honour of kniglihood on Col. James household

Campbell. Th Rev. Mr. Potter, translator of Eschy- Lord Belgiave has taken his seat in the lus and Sophocles, to a prebendal Itall in House of Commons, for East. Love ; Lord Norwich cathedral.

Bernard, for Totness ; and Lord John Ruí. The Righii Hon. Hugh Lord Fortescue, to

feil, for Tavistock. be Lord Lieutenant of the County of Devon,

The Rev. William Hagsite to be Chaplain and the city and county of Exeter.

to the Royal Hospital near Chelsea, in the

room of the Rev. William Jennings, deThe Rev. Francis Barnes, B. D. of King's

cealed. College, to be Malter of Peter House, Cum.

Weitminster Regiment of Militia, Joha bridge. vice the late Bithop of Carlile.

Macnamara, esq. to be Colonel, vice Col. Edward Christian, of Gray's-Inn, eiq. to Chauvel, deceased; and Tbo. Gordon, esq. be professor of common law, at Cambridge, Leutenant-Colonel, vice Dennis O Kelly,

elq. decealed. M A R R I A G E S. F FRANCIS Fownes Luttrell, efq. of the ford, to Miss Mary Acklom, daughter of

Middle Temple, to Miss Drewe, of Capt. Acklom. Grange, Devon.

The Rev. Dr. Dowsor, pint: al of St. Thu Rev. John Rowe, of Shrewsbury, to Edmund-Hall, to Mits Hau kelwell, of Miss Claike, liter of Richard Hall Clarke, eiq. Oxford. of Brudewell, Devon,

The Rev. Benjamin Newton, chaplain to Henry Read, eiq. of Crowood, Wilts, to the Duke of Portland, to Miss Fendal, of Great Miss Ednionitone, daughter of Sir Archi- Portland ftreet. bald Eumonitone, hart.

The Rev. James Commeline, of Glocefter, Richard Smith, of Bent-hall, near Chelms- to Miis Newton, of Hempitead.


The Rev. Thomas Hind, rector of Audley, The Rev. Henry Wilson, rector of Kirby in Oxforuthire, to Miss Hamer, of Hamer- Crane, in Norfolk, to Miss Sumpter, daughter Hall, near Rochdale.

of Tho. Sumpter, esq. of Histon. At Macclesfield, Mr. Tho. Mather, to Capt. Simon Bilic, in the service of the Miss Brocklehutt, a young lady possessed of East-India Company, to Miss llison, od 20,00ol.

Edinburgh. Sir Egerton Leigh, bart. to Mrs. Beau- Lieut. Connel, of the marines, to Miss champ, daughter of the late Sir Edward Tupper, daughter of Col, Tupper. Boughton, bait.

James Peter Auriol, esq. of StratfordRich. Hype Price, esq. of Manchester, place, to Miss Emmeline Jelf, daugliter of to Miss Maria Smilter, of Sheffield.

the late Andrew Jelf, esq. of Pond bills, J. H. Browne, of Badger, in Shropshire, Surrey. esq. to Mifs Hay, eldeit daughter of the late Col. Strawbenzee, in the service of the Hon. Elw. Hiy, Gweruor of Barbadoes. Hon. East-India Company, to Miss Cookson,

Samuel Crawley, esq. of Keysoe, in Bed- of Wakefield. fordshire, to Miss Eliz. Rankin, niece of the Gilbert East, esq. eldest son of Sie late Charles Mellish, esq. of Ragnall-hall. William East, bart. 1o Miss Jolliffe, eldest

The Rev. Charles Ashfield, to Miss Wod- daughter of William Jolliffe, esq. ley, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Wodley, one The Rev. Dr. Cleaver, first Chaplain to of his Majesty's Justices for Berks.

his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of IreJohn Mill, esq. of Lambeth, to Miss Hodge, land, to Miss Wynne, daughter to the Righa of S'epney Causeway.

Hon. Owen Wynne. Sir Edmund Ameck, bart, rear-admiral of Sir Nicholas Conway Colthurst, bart. to the red, and member for Colchester, to Mrs. Mifs Harriot Latouche, daughter of the Rt. Smithers, a widow la ly from New York, Hon. David Latouche.

Robert Entwistle, esq. of Bethnal-Green, Sephen Ludlow, esq. of Peney-Gored, to Miss Aun Mansell.

Pembrokeshire, to Mrs. Mary Williamson, Dr. Davies physician at Carmarthen, to of Duke-street, Aldgate. Miss Susan Saunders, second daughter of the Mr Stovin, of Newark-upon-Trent, to late Erasmus Sanders, of Pentree, io Pem- Miss Diana Sabine, one of the daughters to brokeshire, eiq.

the late John Sabine, esq. Colonel of the In Dublin, Mr. Whaley, second brother Colstream regiment of Guards. to the lady of the Attorney-General of that Capt. Speediman, of the Hon. East-India kingdom, to the Hon. Lady Ann Meade, Company's artillery at Madrass, to Miss M. daughter of the Earl of Clanwilliam.

E. Darke, daughter of Mr. Darke, of Luck David Fell, esq. of Caversham-Grove, Ox

gate-bill. fordihire, to Miss Gardiner, of Reading. Dr. Hodson, of Hatcon-street, to Miss

Edward Addison, esq. of Surrey-street, to Clarkson, of Market-Itreet, St. James's. Miss Jane Camphell, daughter of Major Henry Sirechy Amiel, erg. of Great MaJames Campbell, memher for Culrors, &c. rybone-street, to Miss Charlotte Court, of

The Rev. Matthew Wilson, A. M. fellow Cecil-street. of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Miss Bar- At Canterbury, the Rev. William Grewis, of Marshall's, near Romford.

gory, rector of St. Andrews, to Miss CaRev. Mr. Hayes, of Dean's-yard, Weft- tharine Sayer. minster, to Mrs. Farar.

At Gretna Green, Capt, Oakes, of the At Milton, Mr. George Bayden, jun. of Navy, to Muís Crauford. Pewsey, to the Widow Chandler, oi Little The Rev. George Waddington, of Christ's Salisbury. It is remark:ble that this lady's College, Cambridge, to Miss Yorke, daugh- : first husband was twice as old as herself ter of the Hon. and Right Rev, the Bithor when Miarried, and that she is as old again as ber present hub.ind.

APRIL 18, 1788.

20. Mr John Barrow, of Great George AT Paris, George, le Clerc, Count d: Straet, Westminster.

Buffon, Lord of Montbart, Marquis 21. Mr. Thomas Ridgeway, auctioneer. of Rougemont, Viscount of Quincy, In- Charles Austin, esq. surgeon to the Intendant of the King's Gardens, Cabinets' of dia i department, North America. Natural History, Membır of the French 22. Sir Charles Philip Jennings, bart, Acadeiny, Royal Society in London, Berl n, Robert Leman, of Wickenham-market, Potcribu'sh, Bologna, Florence, Edi hur h, esq. He was high-meriff for Suffolk in Philadelphia, Don, &c.



of Ely.

The Rev. Algernon Frampton, B. D. Lately at Cork, Sir Paul Banks, knt. rector of Tokenham, in Wilts.

captain of the 20th regiment of foot. Lady Fleming, aged 88, relict of Sir Wil- 9. Peter Denoyer, esq. liam Fleming, bart. of Rydal, in Weftmor- John Edward Bontflower. esq. one of the Jand.

fixty clerks of the Court of Chancery. Richard Sail, esq. of the General Poft- Thomas Brandreth, esq at Houghton Regis, otice.

near Dunstable, juttice of peace for Bed. 23. At Newcastle, Major March, late of fordthire. ebe 79th regiment.

10. Mr. Godbehere, an American refugee. 26. Mr. William Blizard, at Barnes in At Bath, the Hon. Mr. Radcliffe, lon le Surry, aged 86.

the Earl of Derwent water, and uncle to the George Litchfield, esq. many years one of present Earl of Newburgh., the Solicitors of the Customs.

Mrs. Foley, relict of William Foley, esq. Lately Mrs. Elizabeth Ruffel, of Lewes, of Priestwood, in the county of Stafford. Sofsex, aged 94.

Mrs. Macpherson, at Kennington, 27. John Ridley, esq. clerk of the west Lately, the Rev. Egerton Leigh, rector of road in the General Poft-office.

Murston, near Sittinborne, Kent. 28. Leonard Samuel Nalkall, esq. for- 12. At Walton, Mrs. Catharine Haynes, merly a barrister at law,

aged 103 years. Major Francis Drake, of Lillingston Mr. Jasper Thomas, formerly a mercbant Lovel-Hall, Oxfordshire.

in London, aged 105 years and odd months. Lately the Rev. Mr. Collinson, Fellow of Mr. Thomas Hodgson, at Mile End, St. John's College, Cambridge.

aged 85. 29. Mr. Roger Hog, merchant, in Ni. 14, At Stockton, Mr. Leonard Robinson, cholas Lane.

merchant at that place, and one of the partThe Right Hon. Lord Boringdon, colonel ners in the Durham Bank. of the Devonshire militia. He was created Mr. John Snaith, banker, Mansion-house a peer in 1784. He married in 1969, street. Theresa, filter of the late Earl of Grantham. John Barrington, esq. of Hatfield Broad

Mrs. Mary House, at Wimbledon, aged Oak, Eflex, aged 78. 96 years.

Mr. Middleton, dancing-master. 30. At Denver in Norfolk, the Reverend 16. Edward Taylor, esq. Brick Farm, James Hicks, M. A. rector of that parish. Surry.

Lately, at Colchester, John Whaley, esq. Rachael Lady le Despencer, aged 82, wi.

May 1. At Lord Corke's, Somersettire, dow of Sir Robert Austen, bart. Jane Dowager Viscountess Galloway.

Mr. Adams, teacher of the mathematicks. 2. James Beck, esq. latcly arrived from Lately, Mrs. Mary Lekeux, relict of Peter Bombay.

Lekeux, esq. Church-street, Spital Fields. Mrs. Pearson, relict of Mr. James Pearfon, 17. The Rev. Samuel Pratt, M. A. Fel. late minister of St. Julian's church, Shrews. low of Emanuel College, Cambridge, and bary.

fub-master of the free grammar-school, Nathaniel Peach, esq. at Bownham-house, Norwich. Gloucestershire.

18. Henry Walter, esq. late of the Board Alexander Mitchel, esq. of Crayford, in of Trade at Bengal. Lent.

Mrs. Elizabeth Pelham, sister of the late 3. Mr. Alexander Eddie, seedsman, of Henry Pelham, erg. commiflioner of the the Strand.

Victualling-office. Lately, Mr. James Sorell, of Spital Square, 19. Miss Eliz.beth Maria Gore, daughter

of John Gore, esq. deputy-lieutenant of the Lately, Mr. William Fox, at Melbourne- Tower, aged 19. Hall, Lincolnshire.

The Rev. Samuel Badcock, of South s. Charles Jackson junior, esy. of the Molton, Devonshire, author of several po. General Poft office.

lemical performances. Mr. Jarvis Adams, vestry-clerk of Christ 20. Joseph Girdler, esq. justice of peace church, Newgate-street.

for Middlefex, aged 80. 6th. At Shrewsbury, Capt. Campbell of 21. Dr. Pye, prebendary of Rochester, the 34th regiment.

Mr. Thomas Wilson, land-waiter. Abraham Spooner, erg. ef Eimdor, 22. The Right Hou. Lady Mulgrave, aged 98.

ERRATUM-P. 303. for Sir Charles Knowles, ' ad Charles Knowler,







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For J U NE, 1988. [Embellished with, 1. A Portrait of Mr. NOLLIKINS, the Statuary. 2. A View of the

CHURCH of STOKE POGeis, where Mr. Gray is buried. And 3. A View of the


Page Account of Joseph Nollikins

of Veshno-Sarma

423 Observations on the Olla Podrida, Micro. Frelton's Poems on several Subjects:

ib. cosm, and Cosmopolitan

388 || Ann Yearsley's Poem on the Inbumanity Five ancient épitaphs ; including one by of the Slave Trade

Queen Elizabeth, the others by the Lady Hill's Address to the Public ib. Countes of Oxenford

389 | Account of the Trial of Warren Hastings, Similar Pallages in ancient and modern Esq. (late Governor-General of Bengal) Authors

391 before the High Court of Parliament, On Signora Piozzi's Publication of Dr. for High Crimes and Misdemeanors,

Johnson's Letters. Stricture the Se- [continued]
cond. By Signor Baretti

Account of Stoke Pogeis, in Bucks,

440 Observations made in a Tour in Swisser- Journal of the Proceedings of the Fifth

Jand, in 1786. By Mons. De Lazowski Sesion of the Sixteenth Parliament of [continued]

399 Great - Britain : including Lords DeFragments by Leo. No. XIII. including bates on the Insolvent Debtors and In. a Critiw on the Samson Agonistes of terlude Bills

441 Milton, in Refutation of the Cenlures -Commons Debates on first Charge of Dr. Johnson

401 against Sir Elijah Impey-Canada Pe. Letters between Dr. Harris and Mrs.

tition-Wool Bill-Expences of HaMacaulay [continued

406 tings' Impeachment-County Election Philosophical Intelligence : including Bill-Sir W. Dolben's Bill for regu

Abridgemeat of the Analysis of the lating the Transportation of Slaves to Aerated Ponderous Earth from Alston the Wett-Indies from Africa-Mr. Moor--Variation of the Magnetic Dundas's India. Budget-Increale of Needle, observed at Laon by Le P. the India Company's Capital, &c. 442 Cotte, in the Course of the Year 1787 Account of the Theatre at Birmingham 449

Of the Scouring Drops to take off Theatrical Journal; including Account Spots of Grease, Oil, &c. from Woolten of several new Performers, with Mr. Cloth, Silk, &c.


Smith's Address to the Audience on The London Review, wimh Anecdotes quitting the Stage, and some Memoof Authors.

rials of his Life-A new Comedy, The Parian Chronicle; or, the Chronicle called False Appearances, trandated by

of the Arundelian Marbles, with a Dir- General Conway, as performed at sertation concerning its Authenticity 411

Richmond House

ib. Mulligan's Poems, chiefly on Slavery and Poetry; including Noon, and other Pieces, Oppression 415 original and selected

451 Marthall's Rural Economy of Yorkshire 417 Ode, Dresses, Ball, &c. of the King's BirthRaper's Differtation on the Gypsies 418 day

454 Memoirs of the American Academy of Foreign Intelligence

457 Arts and Sciences, to the End of the Monthly Chronicle, Preferments, MarYear 1783

420 riages, Obituary, Prices of Stocks, Wilkius's Translation of the Heetopades Grain, &c.

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The View from Liverpool is received, and is in the engraver's hands. We are obliged to our Correspondent for it.

Junius is mistaken in suppofing we have any spleen towards Mrs. Piozzi. The reverse is the fact, if we have any bias at all. A Literary Journal should have no prejudices. - As Mr. Baretti has given his name to the public, we do not think ourselves at liberty to print any answer unless authenticated with the writer's name. We apprehend also the Lady herself would not approve of such a defence as that sent us. The manuscript is destroyed (unseen by any person), according to his desire.

We have received a number of letters in the course of the month. The approach of sum-
mer, and the recess of Parliament, will shortly enable us to pay off our arrears.
The Hymn to the Muses in our next.- Also answers to our Correspondents.
AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from June 9, to June 14, 1788.

Wheat | Rye Barl. Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.
S. d. s.
d. s. ds. d. s. d.

Wheat Rye Barl. Oats Beans London

5 813 212 7111113 Eflex 5 710012

5 4 2 112 42

7 Middlesex


5 7/2 92 Surry 6

33 II

Lincoln 5 73 51 103

213 7 York

5 103

03 4 Bedford 5

3 32 52 03

Durham 5 84

03 00 or 812 6

Northuniberl.5 43 52 71 103
Huntingdon 5 50

Cumberland 6

03 103 02 Northampton 5 23

9 2 II

Westmorld. 6 84 83 4 2 IO

80 0 12. 912 035

Lancashire 6

50 03 6 2 Leicester

4 3 72 91 93 5

Cheshire 6 43 113 40 Nottingham 5 10 5 2 91 113

Monmouth 6 Ilo 03 2.1

90 Derby 00 02 Somerset

82 Stafford

Devon 6

02 81

70 Selop 5 Cornwall 6 o'o o 2 10't

70 Hereford

0 2


5 70


03 7 Worcester

2 102 33


5 50 02 102 13 Warwick 5 01113



52 14 Gloucester 81

o 2 71 103



I 2

9 2 13 9 Berks

WALES, June 2, to June 7, 1788. 02 10 2

3 Oxford

ore 102 5

33 4

North Wales 6 0 4 713

5 ,
12 82

South Wales 5 814 512 1011 613 0
M A Y.



N. N..



21-29 95

64 N.E. 30--29



N. 31-29 ୨୦






S. I-29 99 57 25-29 56

62 S. W. 62


N. E.


65 3-30 N. E, 27-29


- 50 61

S. 4-30 05 60

PRICES of STOCKS, 5-30 20

N. W. 69

June 27, 1788. -17

N. Bank Stock, 171 *a Old S. S. Ann. 7-29


N. E.

New S. S. Ano, shut 8-30 09

59 18


New 4 per Cent 1777, India, Stock, shut 930

94 2 7-8ths

India Bones, 70 pr. E. 18 30-30

N. E,

5 per Cent,Ann. 1785, New Navy and Via.

58 11-30


Bills 62

N, E, 12-30 - 04

3 per Cent. red. 74 la Long Ann.

N. E. 13-30

64 05

3 per Cent Conf. hui Ditto Short 1778 and

60 14-30 04

75 for the op. 1779, 13 9-16ths a 63

N.N.E. 15-30

3 per Cent. 1726,- 5-8ths 16–29 97 60

3 per Cent. 1751, shut'Exchequer Bills, 66

N. 17-29

3 per Ch, Ind. An.

Lottery Tick. 161. 18-29 85

S. South Sea Stock, hut Irih ditto,



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