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11. His Majesty, attended byone cquerry with which you have provided for the leveand two servants on horseback, palled through ral branches of the public service. the Strand to Somerset Place, at eleven

My Lords and Gentlemen, o'clock, and inspected the Military Hospital,

" No object is nearer to his Majeliy's leat which was erected for the purpose on the

than the prosperity of his faithful fubjects of 'Terrace, on the front towards the Thames;

Ireland. And I reflect with pleasure that and was graciously pleated to express his

your example and influence in your several admiration of the general construction.

counties cannot fail to advance that prosperity, The Hospital is 84 feet by 22, the height by encouraging babits of industry in the people, at the file is 8 feet, at the top 11 ; there are

and impreiling upon their minds a due reabout 300 pieces, from 670 to 699 screws fpect for the laws. I am happy that the there are on each side oine openings of national tranquility and security enable you about three feet and a half in length, and two

to attend to those important objects with pefeet wide, wbich occasionally push up, and

culiar advantage. have the effect of 2 Venetian window, in

" I trust that it is unnecessary to repeat order to admit the air. On each side are

my acknowledgmeots for the confidence twenty windows, of one small pane of thick

which you have so kindly reposed in me, glais--the top beams go on hinges-the top

and to assure you that the livelicít emouons is coppered.

of gratitude and

Hection will excite my utThe inventor is Mr. Wyatt. The Hol

molt exertions for the welfare and happiness pital may be removed in two wassons, and of this kingdom.” the present one is intended for the West In

After which the Lord Chancellor, by his dies.

Excellency's command, said,
The King viewed the apparatus from the
Navy Office Hall, and inspected none of the

My Lords and Gentlemen, Public Offices, except the Stamp Office Board

“ It is his Exceliency the Lord LieuteRoom. The building was taken entirely to

pant's pleasure that this Parliament be propieces in 14 minutes, and put op again in 40, rogued to Tuesday the 17th day of June so that it was taken down and put up within

next, to be then here holden ; and this Par6 minutes of an hour.

liament is accordingly prorogued to Tuesday 19. Yesterday afternoon Francis James the 17th day of June next.” Jackson, Esq. arrived at the office of the 22. They write from the Cape of Good Marquis of Carmarthen, bis Majesty's Prin

Hope, that Commodore Philips, with the cipal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Botany Bay fleet, arrived there the 13th of with the treaty of Defensive Alliance be. October, the passage froin Rio de Janeiro tweeg his Majesty and the States General of having been very favouranle, in five weeks the United Provinces, which was figned at

and four days. Two perfons died, one of a the Hague on the 15th inftant, by his Excel fever, the other fell over-board and was leacy Sir James Harris, Kniglit of the Bath, drowned. his Majesty's Amball.der Extraordinary and

25, Mr. Palmer returned to his employPlenipotentiary to their High Mightinelles, ment at Drury-lane Theatre chis evening, and and by the Deputies of the States General

was received with the warm welcome which duly authorized for that pupose.

an Englith audience always gives to a favourExtract of a letter from Dublin, April 19.

ite. The Royalty Theatre is said to have " Yelterday his Excellency the Lord

been hired or purchased by the East India Lieutenant, escorted in the manner usual on Company to b: converted into a warehouse. State occasions, proceeded to the House of The Court of King's Bench have this week Peers, whither the Conimons being lummo- determined that a woman was competent in ned, his Excellency delivered the following serve the offices of Commillioner of Sewers ipeech from the throne :

and Overseer of the Poor. Mr. Justice My Lords and Gentlemen,

Amhurst observed, that the statute of ElizaThe very conftant and zealous attention beth mentioned substantial housekeepers as which you have given to the dispatch of pub. the persons who were eligible, which comlic business, enables me at this early period prehended women as well as men; and he of the year to close the Seilion of Parliament. instanced a parish in which a woman was And I feel the highest gratification in ex

elected and served the office of conttable. prelfing to you his Majesty's entire fatisfaction 28. A letter from Paris, dated April 21, in the temper and wisdom which have unie says, “The recalling the Duke of Orleans, formly diftinguished your deliberations. who has been here fince last Wednesday, disa • Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

fured an undescribable joy among every class “ I am commanded by his Majesty partj- of individuals. His first visit after his return cularly to thank you for the warm attention was to his Majesty at Versailles. Not the which you have shewn to the honour and lealt disturbance in the streets adjacent to the interest of his crown, and for the liberality Palais Royal luas happened,



; to the command of the Royal Charlotte Canons Refidentiary of St. Paul's Cathedral. yacht at Deptford.

Henry Charles Selwyn, esq; to be Lieute. War-Ofice. 151h reg. Light Dragoons, ' nant-Governor of Muniserrat, in the room of Lieut. Samuel Wright is appointed captain of General Carpenter. a troop, by purchase, vice Lord Gray.

Edward Lord Bishop of Oxford, to hold in 3ift reg. foot, Major William Cotton, cominendam with his bishopric, a canonry of Lieutenant Colonel, by purchase.

Christ Church, Oxford, with the rectory of Brevet-Major Charles Green, Major by Batsford, in Glou eltershire. purchase.

The Rev. James Burton, M. A. to be Lieut. Robert Arbuthnott, Captain of a reader and preacher to his Majesty's house. company, by purchase.

hold at Hampton-court. Gabriel Stewart, esq. to be Governor of Capt. Hill, of the guards, to be Fort-Major Portland Castie.

of the Tower of London. Hale Young Wortham, esq. to be Geotle- The Rev. Samuel Weston, M. A. to a man l'her Daily Water, in Ordinary, to his prebend in Canterbury Cathedral, void by reMjesty, in the room of Sir William Fitz- fignation of the Rev. Dr. Farmer. herbert, bart. resigned.

The Rev. Charles Fynes, B. L. to a preRichard Byron, etq. to be Groom of his bend of Westminster, void by the death of Majesty's Privy Chamber, in Ordinary, the Rev. John Taylor.

The Right Reverend Doctor Edward The Rev. Samuel Horsley, D. L. to the Smallwell, now Bithop of Si. David's, to be See of St. David's, void by the Translation of Bithop of Oxford, vice Dr. Bucler, tranNated. the Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward Smallwell to the

Edward Codd, gent, to be Common Clerk Bishopric of Oxford. of Kingston upon Hull.

The Rev. Tho. Hughes, M. A. to be Caift reg. of dragoons, General John How. non of Worcester, voiu by the death of the ard, to be Colonel, vice Benj. Carpenter, dec. Rev. William Jennings.

Captain Charles Lyons, fort-major of Thomas Kirkman, esq; to be Deputy Halifax, to be fort-major and barrack-master Fort-Major of Duncanron Fort. of St. John's illand, vice Jolin Macdonald, re- Jeremy Pemberton, esq; to be his Majefigned.

sty's Chief Justice of the province of Nova Capt. Lieut. John Hodgson, of the 4th Scotia, vice Bryan Finucan, esq; deceased, foot, to be fort-major at Halifax.

Thomas Walpole, eiq; his Majesty's MiThe Lord Bishop of Carlisle, to be Dean nister Plenipotentiary to the Elector Palatine, of Windsor, in the room of Dr. Harley. to be his Envoy Extraordinary to his Serere

The Rev. Dr. Farmer, Master of Ema. Highness.

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A Tu Llanowrin, in MontgomeryMire, Bath, to Miss P. Farren, fister to Miss Far

Howel Gedorbir, esq. of Llyn-Balog, ren, of Drury-lane Theatre. to Miss Aollad, of Pant-y-Cachdu.

George Harrison, ele. Norroy King of Mr. Morgan, of Chigwell in Eflex, to Arms, to Mrs. Bithop, widow of George Miss Jane Jenour, of the same place. Bishop, eiq. late of Sydenham.

George Taylor, esq, brother to Clement David Denne, eiq. of Lyud, in Kent, te Taylor, esq, member for Maidstone, to Miss Miss Cobb, only daughter of Robert Cobb, e'q. Ailen, daughter of the late Captain Allen. Mr. James Morgan, of L’lk, aged 69, to

The Rev. William Blunt, of Springfield- Mrs. Mary Phimps, of Mamilad, aged 72. Place, in Suflex, to Miss Glanville, of Catch- Thomas Chaplin, esq, to Miss Webster, french, Corowal.

only daughter of the late Sir Godfrey WebAt Axbridge, the Rev. Mr. John Boak, iter, bait. of Battlo-Abbey, Sussex. to Miss Mary Rawlins.

John Pugl), esq. of Dolgelly, in MeriJohn Dickson, of Stockwell-Place, efq. oneththire, to Miss Caroline Tomlinson, to Miss Toulmin, of Walbrook.

daughter and coleiress of the late Alexander The Rev. Mr. Scraggs, Master of a Tomlinson, esq. of Langdon-hall, in Cum.. Grammar School at Bridgewater, to Miss berland. oweriog.

At Haversordwest, John Inge, cq. of Mr. Knight, of the Theatre-Royal in Lower Brook-street, to Miss Lucy Jennings, MON T H L Y

0 B I T U A R Y.


youngest daughter of the late Robert Jen- Charles Sturt, esq. member for Bridport, nings, esq. of Westminster.

to the Right Họn. Lady Mary Anne Ashley, The Rev. D. Williams, of Wroughton, only daughter of the late Earl of Shaftsbury. Wilts, to Miss Matchews, filter of 1. D. The Rev. Mr. Shillito, to Miss Mayhew, Matthews, esq. of Broadgate, near Barn- sister of the late William Mayhew, esq. reftaple.

corder of Colchester. The Hon. Mr. Justice Wilson, to Miss At Clapham, Samuel Shore, esq. of Adair, only daughter of Mr. Serjeant Adair. Meersbrook, near Sheffield, to Miss Flower,

Mr. Herbert Rogers, to Miss Mathers, daughter of Freeman Flower, cfq. of Claponly daughter of William Mathers, esq. fam. Alderman of Worcester.

In London, Henry Calverley Cotton, csq. John Shuckburghi, esq. to Miss Venour, brother to Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, bart. daughter of the late John Venour, efq. to Mils Lockwood, only daughter of the late

Lambert Theodore Walpole, esq. nephew John Lockwood, esq. to Lord Walpole, to the Hon. Miss Margaretta At Mary-le-bone church, Captain GamClive, youngest litter of Lord Clive.

bier, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Louisa The Rev. Mr. Sutton, Vicar of Hales- Matthews, daughter of the late Daniel MatOwen, to Miss S. Clarke, of Bridgenorth, thews, esq. of Felix-ball, Eflex.

The Rev. Richard Pritchett, Rector of Francis Love Beckford, esq. of BasingLeyham, to Mrs. Newcome.

Park, H.mpshire, to Mrs. Lloyd, widow of The Earl of Dundonald, to Mrs. Mayne. Richard Beonet Lloyd, esq. MONTHLY OBITUARY for APRIL 1788. JULY 15, 1787.

Cobbold, Student of Trinity College. AT Calcutta, Lieut. Col. Wedderburne, 25. At Bromley, Mrs. De Brissac, aged 81.

of the East-India Company's service, William Cuming, M.D. F. S. A. at August 1, 1787. Ar Bombay, John Dorchetter, one of the Senior Fellows of the Blakeman, erg. Physician General.

Royal College of Physicians at Edinburgh. March 12, 1788. Mr. W. Palmer, at Lately at Calais, James Tekell, of the Bradford, aged 84; formerly a Surgeon and Inner Temple, esq. Apothecary there.

26. Mr. Stephen Cazalet, of Austin19. Captain Hughes, New King-street, Friars. Bath.

At his seat at Bramling, aged 81. Admiral 20. The lady of the Hon. Mr. Wenman, Sir Charles Knowles. He was appointed a being the second time le has become a wi- Captain in 1745, and superannuated on Rear dower in the space of thirteen weeks. Admiral's halt pay in 1770.

The Rev. Richard Owen, Rector of Rhor- At Callercoate in Northumberland, James colin in Anglefea.

Mills. He was a fisherman in 1715 at 21. Dundas Charles Crant, son of Sir Bamborough, when Lance Earington took James Grant.

Holy. Iland Castle, and was in company 22. George Cornelius Swann, esq. at with the country people raised in search of York.

him ; at the age of 82 be married a widow, At Blandford Park, the fea: of the Duke and by her had three children. of Beaufort, aged 21, William Evelyn, erg. Mr. Halliday, sugar-refiner at St. Paul's only son of William Evelyn, esq. Member Wharf. for Hythe. His death was occasioned by the

Lately at Paris, Judith de Ligonier, in hurt he received in consequence of a fall from the hundredth year of her age. She was firit his horse as he was hunting a few weeks cousin to the late Lord Ligonier. ago. He afterwards appeared tolerably re- 27. James Melliar, M. D. of North covered, but hy overheating himself with riding, Cadbury in Somerset/hire. à pain in his head was brought on; he was At Portsmouth, Mr. William Tattun, trepanned, and died in two days.

John Kilvington, esq. Red-lion Square. Lately at Oxford, Dr. Thomas Chapman,

The Rev. Charles Bishop, Rector of Elk- Rector of Navestock in Effex, and formerly Hone and Rudford.

of Trinity College in that University. 23. Captain Edward Collier, command.

28. Io Granby-Row, Dublin, the Hon. ing an invalid company at Chester.

Baroness Dillon. Francis Throckmorton, esq. at Lisbon. The Rev. Mr. Wright, Rector of Birkin

24. Mr. Samuel House, only son of the in Yorkshire, aged 72. celebrated Samuel' House, of Wardour-street, At Eltham, Mr. Joseph Middleditch, Soho.

formerly a grocer in Budge-row. The Rev. Mr. James Dalton, at Stanmore, The Rev. Charles Wesley, brother to the aged 74.

celebrated John Wesley. Lately at Caius College, Mr. Thomas,

aged 95:


Mr. William Lyon, one of the Yeomen esq. late Captain of the Ponsonby East Indiaof the Guards.

The Rev. Jonathan Shutt, Rector of North 9. Mr. William Tweedie, son of Robert Witham in Lincoloshire.

Tweedie, esg. of Antigua - Ireet, Edin23. Fran.llowat, Lieutenant in tie Navy. burgh.

At Cheihunt, the Rev. Thomas Griffin, Mrs. Catharine Beck, laft surviving fifter A. M. Senior Fellow of St. John's College, and co-neiress of Sir Justinian Beck, bart. in Oxford, and one of the Preachers at White- the 77th year of her age. hall.

10. At Rushall, Wiltfire, aged 73, EdLately, Mrs. Baskerville, widow of the ward Poore, esq. celebrated Mr. Baikerville of Birmingham. The Counters Dowager of Hopetoun.

30. Mifs Saxby, only daughter of Mr. Mr. Blunt, linen-draper, Charing-cross, Saxby, Water-Bailiff.

Lately, Mr. Thomas Coe, of Newgate Lately, at Much Haddam, Hertfordshire, ftreet. Sir Richard Chase, Koight.

11. Alexander Ramsay, esq. of Burnrig, 31. The Right Hon. Lady Viscountess Scotland. Vane. Those who may be curious after anec- 13. Mr. Thomas Preston, late wiredotes of this lady, may receive ample satise worker, New Surrey -street. faction from the novel of Peregrine Pickle, Mr. Palmer, of Bath, father of Mr. where her history, written either by herself Palmer of the Post-office. or by her direction, is to be found.

34. At Hinton St. George, Devonshire, At Weston, in Hertfordshire, the Rev.

Earl Powlet, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Joseph Reed, near 57 years Vicar of that Rotuloruin of the county of Devon. place. His immediate predeceffor held it 64 Miss Nickless, niece to Mr. Clements, years,

St. Paul's Church-yard. April 1. Mr. Thomas Kent, late Drug- At Elverbam, in the county of Southampgift in Aldersgate-street.

ton, Sir Henry Calthorpe, senior Knight of 2. Mrs. Prudence Rowe, formerly of the Bath, aged 71. Leigh, in the county of Somerset.

15. Mrs. Dykes, wife of Mr. Dykes, 4. Ralph Aldus, esq. Member of the Atorney, Shadwell. Corporation of Curfitors.

Sir Philip Jennings Clerke. Mr. John Clark, son of Mr. Thomas 16. Mrs. Delany, aged 88, widow of Clark, coal.merchant, New Brentford.

Dr. Delany, Dean of Down, and niece to At Framlingham in Suffolk, Mrs. Ann George Granville, Lord Lansdowne, Butler, a maiden lady, aged 107 years. She Thomas Chowne, esq. of Sussex. was formerly Maid of Honour to Queen Mr. Thomas Rogers, jun. Banker, at Anne, and a relation of the Duke of Or.

Newington-green. mond's, on whose disgrace the retired to the

17. The Rev. John Boys, Vicar of Redabove town,

bourn in Hertfordthire, aged 74. 5. Miss Worlidge, daughter of the late 18. Mr. John Blake, FenchurchEdward Worlage of Milibank.

Itreet, Mrs. Bell, aged 87, relict of William

19. Lord Viscount Kilcoursie, son of the Bell, Eiq. of Greenwich.

Earl of Cavan. Mr. John Bland, son of Mr. Bland of

20. Mrs. Herdsfield, a: Bakewell in DerMincing-lane, aged 16.

byshire, sged 73. 6. Mrs. Catharine Roland, aged 74, for

Mr. George Colebatch, bricklayer, Mi. merly one of the most eminent dancers on

nories. the Englith flage.

Richard Colville, esq. Wisbech - hall, The Rev. Mr, Davison, a DifTenting Mi

Cambridgeshire. nifter, at Backing in Eliex, aged 85.

22. Mr. John Hill, Deputy Marshal of Lately, Mr. Cain Adams, Attorney, Dean- the King's Bench, and Tipitaff to Lal of Street, Soho.

Mansfield, Lately, Thomas Walford, esq. at Sibford

23. Capt. Edward Speke, after a thort Farris in Oxfordshire.

iliness, occafioned by a fall he had down 8. At Bath, Richard Rigby, esq. Member fairs. for Tavistock, and Master of the Rolls in

24. John Medow's Theobald, of Henley, Ireland.

Esq. He served the office of Higio Sherut Lately, Mr. Thomas Noxen, Schoolmaster, fur Suffolk in 1787. az Coveutry, formerly Sheriff there.

25. Capt. James Brown, late Conman, Lately, in the Ten pie, William Hammott, der of the Alfred East-Indiaman.


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For MAY, 1988. [Embellished with, 1. A Portrait of the Right Hon. Earl CAMDEN, Lord President of the

Council, engraved by Holloway. And 2, A VIEW of Dr, LETTSOM's House at
GROVE:Hill, near Camberwell.]


Page An Account of the Rt. Hon. Charles Pratt, Kelham's Domesday- Book Illustrated 337*

Barl Camden, Lord President of the Brother Peter to Brother Tom. An ExCouncil

307 postulatory Epistle. By Peter Pindar, A Copy of a very remarkable Instance of Esq.&c. &c. &c.

old Age, and numerous Offspring 308 || Account of the Trial of Warren Hastings, Letter from Sir William Fordyce on the Esq. (!ate Governor-General of Bengal)

Advantages of Inoculation, instanced in before the High Court of Parliament, the Hon, and Rev. Mr. Stuart's Success for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, at Luton, Bedfordihire 309 [continued]

337 State Papers : including an Account of Journal of the Proceedings of the Fifth

the Net Produce of the Duties of L'uf- Setion of the Sixteenth Parliament of toms, Excise, Stamps, and locidents, Great-Britain

353 between the 5th of April 1787, and

Observations made in a Tour in Swifler. the 5th of April 1788

310 land, in 1786. By Mous. Lazowski 361 A Summary and Recapitulation of the Observations on the Titles of Miscellane. Heads of the Budget

312 ous Writings, and of Titles in general 364 On Signora Piozzi's Publication of Dr, Dr. Johnson's Description of the Ife of

Johnson's Letters. Stricture the Firft. Ske, and of the Manners of the loha.
By Signor Baretti

bitants of the Hebrides

367 Original Letters between Dr. William Account of the Life of Baron Trenk Harris, Thomas Hollis, Esq. and Mrs. [concluded]

370 Macauley

Theatrical Journal ; including the Intro. Account of Job Charnock, Founder of ductory Lines fpoken by Mrs. Wells Calcutta, in the Eaft-Indies


before her Imitations- Account of Letter respecting Baron Trenk


Animal Magnetism, a Paice, hy Mrs. Some Account of Grove-Hill, ncar Cam

Inchbald-Stuart's Stone Eater, an Inberwell

321 terlude ; and Marian, a Comic Opera, The London Review, with Anecdotes by Mrs. Brookes—Prologue and Epiof Authors.

logue spoken at Free-Mason's-Hall Greatheed's Regent. A Tragedy 324

before Jephson's Julia-- Prologue for Lady Wallace's l'on; or, The Follies of the Farce of the Guardian, spoken by Fashion. A Comedy.


Mr. Fector-Epilogue to the Deuce Rules for drawing Caricaturas : with an

In Him, spoken by the same

370 Essay on Comic Painting


fo : ; including Ode written after via A Tour, Sentimental and Descriptive, filing Prestonpous-Occafiona! Sanzas

through the United Provinces, Austrian on the Publication of the three last VoNetherlands, and France

ib. lumes of Mr. Gibbon's History, by The Prince of Angola. A Tragedy 330

William Havley, Esq. &c.&c.

374 The Cottagers. A Comic Opera. By Foreign Intelligence

377 Miss A. Ross.

331 Monthly Chronicle, Preferments, Mar. De Lolme's Observations relative to the riages, Obituary, Prices of Scocks, Taxes upon Window Lights, &c.

336 Grain, &c.

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And J. D EBRETT, Piccadilly.
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