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IV. But, ah ! my sympathiy can nought avail, Whilft rig 'rous salutes “purge the general

weal." Adjur'd hy eloquence thy victims rise, And bleeding Itand confess'd to British cyes : Their dark soul wrongs tlie sorrowing Begums

speak, And blanch the ruhies of each beauteous cheek. -Then say, one ray of hope doft thou retain, And think it thou these appeals can all prove vain :

[revile, Yes! Though whole nations Thall thy deeds Still fhalt thou find relief in ******s smile!

Perchance with him in gloomy triumph Mare,
And see their prayers for juftice-loft in air !
So shalt thou ftill on iv'ry beds repose,
And hidden bulses long-lott rays disclose.
Then round Cliy leafy honors shall I twine;
To thee my rise was due—my joys thall then

be thine, The beauties of these Stanzas are sufficiently obvious ;--the orientalism of some paisages, the pathos of the whole, and above all, the gratitude of the honorable writer, must be of themselves too impreffive to require any comment or elucidation.



Does calm Indifference dwell " On the low mead, or mountain /we!!? " Ob tell me where, " For thou shalt find me there."


Es, on the mountain's haughty (well,

And in the proftrate dell,
And where the Dryades fing their shades-
There may'tt thou nieet the maid serene,
Or trace her on the zephyr'd green,
Whilft day's carnation gently fades.
Doth Nature make the prospect vaft,
With rocks o'erhung, and rivers cast,
Tumbling headlong to their base ?
Do seas stretch out their foamy plains,
Compelling with their crystal chains
Wide continents t'embrace?
All these attract the smooth-brow'd fair.
Or where can Art evince her powers,
Where, Science Thew immortal flowers,
And gay Indifference-haite not there?
Whilft Passion Narrows up the heart,
TASTE can no ray of bliss imparı;
One strong idea grasps the mind-
Extends itself through all the soul,
Thro' every vein its furies roll,
And tears with fangs unkind.

When NEWTON !rod the starry roads,
And view'd the dwellings of the Gods,
And measur'd every orb-
Did filly Love his steps attend,
His mighty purposes fuspend,
Or bis grand mind absorb?
When intellectual LOCKE explor'd
The soul's sad vacuum, where no hoard
Of budding young ideas lay-
Ob tell, thus rob'd in Wisdom's stole,
Did Love's coarse torch his view controul,
Or light hins in the darksome way?
Ha! Della CRUSCA, cease to feign,
Thy check with red repentance stain,

For having feign'd so long;
Quick seize thy lyre, sweep each bold string,
O'er every chord thy music ding-
To calm INDIFFERENCE raise the song!

Propitiare first, then with her hafte
O’er the globe's peopled, motley walte ;
Watcb CHARACTER where'er it runs ;
Drink newer air, see fiercer suns;
Seek the biand realms where first the morn
Pours dawn-light from her beamy horn;
Pours (cent and colours o'er the vale,
And wakes ils fong, and wakes its tale,
Mark how CONFUCIUS' feebie race
(Whole records vaft fail not to trace)
Toimitation still confine
Their powers, oor deviate from its line.
Their foutren thouiand glowing springs
Palling thro' their yearly rings,
Not one suggestion left behind,
No Art, oor Virtue more refin'd;
Philosophy no inroads male,
But mute, within its awful thade,
Its thoughts uccult arrang'il-
Whilst Learning, blindfold in its pen,
This costly precept gave to men,-
“ Be wise, but be unibang'd.”

Halte !-leave th'insipid herd-away!
Where EGYPI's sons imbrown abe day,
For there primeval Wisdom formidler

And Science first was taught to breathe.
Oh linger here! the classic clime
Demands, and will reward thy time.
Here th It thou seek th' immortal dome
Where Pleasure triumph'd over RoME;
And tread where CLEOPATRA trod,
A:nd moisten with thy tear the fod
Where Tatte and Love their banners ward,
Soatching from the grave Old Time
Whole life falt-fading rapture favod,
And planix-like reacw'd its prime.


Then find the myrtled comb,

Bleft Poetry, compel thy lyre
The now unenvied lover's home.

To found the loud immortal praise
But left thy pensive steps thould stray, Of those who cherith'd thy proud bays,
To guide thee in the unknown way,

And fed tliy near-ex:inguish'd fre!
The moon her bright locks quick unthrouds, Thy pencil, PAINTING, dip ir fhades,
Her veil of goffamour-thin clouds

To last till Europe's glory fadesDiffolves to air, and her soft eye

Thy trophy'd canvas shall be fame Thro' the palm-grove's haughly thade, To those who nurs'd thy infant art, And the lofty aloed glade,

And bear to mightier Thores the name! Shall guide thee where thy long-nw'd figh, Swiftly, my DELLA CRUSCA, turn Breach'd o'er the mingling lovers' duit,

To where the Mediceao urn Shall gratify their hov'ring souls

The once proud city hallows Atill, Beyond an Empire's vosive bus.

There thy fine taste may drink its fill. Is a soft willow bending near,

O rather flyWhose drooping leaves (peak gricf firicere?

For ever thun her tempting skies, Its Jrooping leaves, ah! gently seize,

For there, if right I ween, the maid INDIF. The happy violence will please

FERENCE dies ! Bend its tender Aaccid boughs

ANNA MATILDA. (Mute'ring fost mysterious vows) Into garlands-leave them there, OFFERINGS to the love-loft pair.

These duties paid, with ling'ring look,

With heart by fileet Sorrow shook,
The marbled defart next explore,

Where Beauty's glance, and Learning's lore,

Ages long past the foul beguild.-
On think! in that unletter'd wild

THREE cups of wine a prudent man may LONGINUS wrote, ZENOBIA (mil'd!

The first of these for Constitution's fake; Where now a humbled column lies, Stream'd radiance from impaffion's eyes;

The second to the girl he lores the bett; The roof where odious night bires rest,

The third and last to lull him to his reft,

Then hoine to bed! But if a fourth he pours, Once shelter'd Wit, once ccho'd Jeit; Where peasants' combrons oxen stall,

That is the cup of folly, and not ours; TER PSICHORE swam thro' the ball;

Loud noisy talking on the fifth attends;

The fixth breeds feuds and falling-out of Serpents coovolve where music thrillid,

friends ; And loft Palmyra's fate's fulfill'd.

Doth splendid (cenes thy light heart prize? Seven beget blows and faces stain'd with gore; Fly to l'alin's downy akies!

Eight, and the watch-patrole breaks ope thie Whicre Fucy's richest Strokes abound,

door; Where Nature's happiest points are found.

Mad with the ninth, another cup goes round, The Pleasure, here--a roly band !

And the swillid fut drops senseless to the Link'd to her car with flow'ry chains,

ground, Bear their rapt goulders o'er the plains,

From THEOPHILUS. And strew their glories o'er her land. The dulcet groves burst with rich notes, IF love be folly, as the Schools would prove, Cauglit by a thousand trembling throals; The mau must lose bis wits who falls in . The wavy rivers as they fly,

love; Their lot embroider'd bounds between, Deny him love, you, doom the wretch to Whole glowing tinys be gem the green,

death, Bear on their curls th' extatic figh;

And then it follows he must lose his breath, The breeze detain d rests its pure wing, Good footb! there is a young and dainty maid Tolicar blett Love its triumphs fing.

I dearly love, a ninstrel she by trade; And alı! be Italy ne'er uam'd,

What then? Must I desere to pedant rule, Without a paure to those so fam'd

And own that love transforms me to a fool? The glorious Medicis!

Not I? so help me! By the Gods I swear, On SCULPTURE, dit thy pillar high, The nymph I love is fairest of the fair ; And grave the name amidst the sky!

Wise, witty, dearer to her poet's sight, Its bale, let marble Surrow fend,

Than piles of money on an author's night. And chit!! Woes in high relief

Must I noc love her then? Let the doll lui, Look ther moulterable grief,

Who made the law, chey it! I wily not. And mate Despair its trctics rend.

[ To be Continued.]


MIND, Maria, such as thinc,

Where wit and judgment always shine,
From every object c30 extract
Its moral faithful and exact.
Endu'd with Fancy to pursue
And bring each shining thought to view ;
And secondevi hy all, we know,
That graceful language can bestow ;
E'en trifles from thy wit and sense
Are instantly of consequence.-

Not long ago, -the hour was late,
That we in sober tete-a-tete,
With various good and ill success,
Pursu'd our wonted Game of Chess !
As I, long medicating, strove
To make one great decisive move;
Whore powerful influence mould subdue
Whate'er my gentle Foe could do;-
My head, reclin'd my hand upon,
Maturely weighing pro and con, -
And all my soul (tho' close by you)
With Cbess, and only Chefs, in view ;-
By lucky chance difturb'd, I found
You too, in serious thought profound,
Full on the motley Board, intent,
Your animated eye was bent,
And (as its language oft I seek,)
Metivought it fpoke, or feem'd to speak,
A mind that rang'd a wider field,
Than the mere Game itself could yield.
Long time, unmark'd by you, 1 view'd,
And strictly all their course pursu'd',
As o'er your faithful features stole
The secret workings of your soul.
If Love's foft uniou can impart
A mutual pow'r to read the heart;
Or if its best and purest fire
Can kindred leotiments in(pire ;
Maria will not be surpriz'd,
To hear 'twas thus the moraliz'd:
How well yon chequered board (where

6 And It ade alternate meet the light)
By just comparison deciares
" This mortal state of joys and cares:
• More striking yet the lelon grows,
" When long and well observ’d, it thows,
" That 'tis by sbe surrounding hade
The spot of ligbe is wholly made ;
" And tbar remov'd, in vaid the eye
“ Would seek the other to d-cry.
“ Thus pain not full, but just in sight,
" Gives birth to pleasure a:d delight;
“ And wanting it, this life would be
" A scene of dull vacuity. -
" Yet many a wise and wholesome liw
“ Th'attentive mind from Chefs migrie draw.
" The men in order due dilpos d,
“ Of many a various rank compos'd
“ The powerful Queen, the bumble Pawn,
“ The Bishop, tho' not feev'd in lawn;

“ The puzzling Knight, the Cafile ftrong,
" To each their levei al moves belong :
W'hicbrightly kept to will ensure
" Succes, or Fame at least procure.
" Alike to life this rule applies,
" And well observ'd is to be wise:
For shame and jus contempo fucceeds
" II bencver beadfrong Foly treads,
6. Bewilder'd, in a diffcrent rout
To ibat which Nature pointed out.
" Here rashness of severely check'd,
166 Makes enterprize be circumspect :
" For if we fail each pomnt to weigh
“ With due precision ere we play;
“ If in our minds be not pursu'd
" Whate'er the future may include;
“ Disgrace succeeds, and certain loss
" Will the most Aattering prospect cross;

I'hilft cool refolve and prudent care,
Above or rashness or despair,
6. Willof: the bopeless game retrieve,
Ard Vict"ry's well-earnid palm receive,
“ Here Pride nisjudging well may learn
" The worth beneatb it to discern;
r: Whene'er a Piecc is forc'd to own
“ les safety to a Pawn alone ;
“ Or further to enhance the shame,
" A Pawn perhaps secures the Game.
Here no rude boft'rous sounds are heard,
as of mirth indulg'd, or vow's preferr'dim
" Here decent filence reigos alone''.

But here, alas ! the clock Aruck One-
The magic of that single stroke
Your train of deep reflection broke;
And ftiflcu miny a thought refin'd,
That Itul was oothing to your mind.
The game deseri'djetir'd to relt,
The muse my conscious fiumbers bless'd;
And then inspir'd this bumble lay,
Chefs and Maria lo display. G. C.


By Miss K EMBLE.
AN it he fancy all-ah no!
The beixtiaz beart, the cheek's high glow,

Deciere, alas ! too plain,

That no ideal pain
Throbs in cach pulse, and from my breast
Steals its content, ils wonted reft.
Say, does Imagination guide,
And over all my though's preside ?

Does Fancy prompt the righ,

Does she initruct the eye,
Ardent to gize when thou art near,
Abfent to drop the tender ter ?
Tho' frequent borne upon her wing,
Of groves and iylvan Mhades i fing,

I orn not now her (wy;

Alas!, co Love a prey,
My soul acknowledges liis chain,
Of real torments I complain.

She o'er my drearos indeed is Queen,

Submitted to their tyrant swzy,
And as the pleases paints the scene,

On earth we roam by Jove's decree,
She not affects the heart ;

-A woman and a child obey,
She points no love-barb'd dart ;

Who nor can realon nor can see.
The Morning drives her from her throne,

Urg'd hy caprice, alike they change, And Reason must her spells disown.

- As Fancy wills-ibzir face and mind. But let me not disclaim her power,

Under such masters doom to range,
Her potent (mile may footh the h ur,

What bliss can mortais liope to find ?
When far from me and love,
In other climes you rove,

Her airy wand may care impait,

By the Save And sooth my agonizing heart.

REASON in vain condemns my choice, On the FIRST of APRIL.

And Itrives to quench my amorons fiame ; NOM OW dawns the day to Folly ever dear,

Th’harmonious sounds of thy sweet voice And deem'd by her the fairest of the

Prove Love and Reulon are the same.
year ;

In vain may Reason's piercing eye
April's first morn, diftinguish'd for her birth, Seek for some fault in disapprove,
To Sloth the gives the day, the night to Thine-far more dazzling-her's outvie,
Mirth ;

And prove that Realon's blind as Love. Comes when the hooting Owls begin their flight,

Verses from a CURATE to Lord NUCENT. For Folly keeps her holy day at night.

LENY not thy {pacious feat, WRITTEN at one of the HERMITAGES

Beyond my hopes and wishes great ;
at MONSERRAT E in Spaix.

Nor do thy woods, thy lawns, and lake,
By T. CLIO RICKMAN, in 1785. My unambitious quiet Make.
ERE rais'd 'bove earth, and all that earth But chearfulness which never fails,
can give,

And wit liumane which never rails ; “ The world forgetting, by the world for. Bounty which bids the wretched live, got;''

Nor waits their pray'r to feel and give;
Sequefter'd from the haunts of men you live, All theie my envious bofom iting ;
And Angels guard, and bless your facred Thcle fit the Curate and the King.

With pitying eye you view the scenes below,

A NOSE GA Y. The while remembrance wakes the gush- THE Violet is modefty: ing tear ;

For it conceals itself;
Ah! 'tis indeed a world of pain and woe, Tlie Rose is likewile moderiy,
And Heav'n was kind to guide your foot- Though it reveals itsel;
Iteps here.

For i: a blush betrays.
The pageantry of grandeur, state, and wealth, The Jasmin News us innocence,
And all the idle bustle of the tbrong ;

So chatle and pure its bue ;
Commerce impure, and prostituted health, The Hyacinth sweet cittidence,

Ah! none of these to your retreat belong. Which berds to hun ou view; Here, with yourselves conversing day by day,

'Tis fancy thus pourtrays. A bleeding Saviour ever in your light; The Honeysuckle, sympathy, Your souls from this blest manfion four away, Distilling dewy tears, And towards their native regions take their The Pillion-fiuller, brevity, flight.

Source blown, it disappears, To this Heaven-sculptur'd reck, and yc good The Tulip is variety, men,

Thatchanges with the hour; Reluctantly the bard's adieu is given ;

The Primrose is fimplicily, With heavy heart he joins the world! again,

Aud llora's favourite flower. For Vojerrate is but ove siepirom bilavin. Thus in each plant ( me lesion we may find, From the SPENISU of CHRISTORAL DE Which servest' improve while it corrects the CASTILFIO.

mind; By John Gifhorn, Erg. And flowers and weeds are an exhaustless{tors O" H! hapleis mortals ! bom to woe! Of pleafure, profit, and intriosic-lore: Deitin'd from Infancy to prove

In Thori, each object to a grateful heart, The complicaied ills that fi ev

However humble, muft delight impart. From fortune and from lure,


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